Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 89

Chapter 89 – Senpai’s Teachings


In a mansion in the town of Gihon.

Visiting there, I was passed to a drawing room.

After waiting for a while, Fiona and Marie came.




The two ran to me at once. I stood up welcoming them.


「Thank goodness, Kakeru-san came」


Fiona said with a face that showed she was relieved from the bottom of her heart.


「What happened」

「W-We don’t know what to do. It’s the first time we had such a huge mansion, so……and, the dress that was prepared is too luxurious」

「The people, the servants tries to take care of us so much, and……」


Marie said. She looked troubled like her big sister, but she was relieved after seeing me.


「Leaving aside the servants, too bad with the clothes」


The two were wearing the same kind of clothes up to now.


「The clothes that would be prepared for princesses, even in this town, it would’ve looked good」

「That is true. That’s why I’m more scared to wear it. Just thinking of how much it costs, how many days of profits in the store would it take, and what should I do if it got dirty. I couldn’t help but think like that. The profit for the whole month might not be enough to fix it if it got torn」(Marie)

「I see」

「The food too, when they asked us what we would like to eat, when I answered I don’t know, they made tens of dishes so I was surprised」(Fiona)

「Well, that’s the royalty’s food. There are many dishes, and you only need to get a little of the food you like」

「What’s that! Does all the royalties eat food like that?」(Fiona)

「That is……scary」(Marie)

「Well, just calm down. You should just get used to it, or just order them to change it how you like it. Queens can do all that they want you know? You can say something like “I want to be frugal so follow me!」

「Ehhhhh, can we also do that」(Marie)

「You’re the ruler after all. You can also order something like “All citizens must live with a lifestyle of 1 silver coin for a month!”」

「One silver coin huh……it might be somehow possible」(Fiona)

「No, no, it won’t」

「Eh〜, it will. Right〜, Marie」(Fiona)

「Un, if we do our best」(Marie)

「Well, yeah, if you do it desperately」


I talked to the sisters.

Fiona, the poster girl of the diner was sociable, and although she was confused at first, I felt like her tensions got loose after talking to me for a while.

On the other hand, Marie would participate in our conversation, but her face wouldn’t get well.


「What is it Marie, do you feel bad?」

「U〜un, it’s nothing」

「You don’t have a face that says it’s nothing. If you have some worries, just say it to me, I’ll do something about it」

「It will trouble Kakeru-sanーー」

「Tell me」


I said it strongly.

I would be troubled instead if she holds back here.

When I stared at her for a while, Marie finally prepared herself, and started to speak timidly.


「The ruler’s world……it’s scary」

「You can do all that you want you know. If you really want to, you can also be a commoner-like Queen」

「But, earlier……」



I replied while tilting my head.

Marie looked down and wouldn’t answer.

I looked at Fiona on the side. The big sister was making a wry smile.


「A Ojii-san-like person came, and told us a lot of things like, conduct ourselves as royalty」

「Ahh, the obligation or something like that」


Fiona nodded.

I see, those things had already started huh.

I had expected that, but I thought that it would be later on.

I thought that it would only be when we started winning, and progress of the war advanced that they would get cockyーーbut it happened unexpectedly so fast.


「That’s why, we thought that maybe we need to follow the rules of this kingdom, become more like a Queen」

「Hmm. Yosh, let’s go to Calamba right now」



The sisters’ voices overlapped.

Their worries and wry smile disappeared, and had a face asking what the heck was I saying.

I touched those two’s shoulder, and warped.

The lottery’s item, the Warp Feather. With that, I could go to anywhere in an instant as long as I’ve visited that place once.

The place where I warped to is the capital of Calamba, Meteora, in the queen’s room in the palace.

And, Rica was there.





Rica stood up, and runs to me, but seeing the two girls that I brought, she stopped.

If the two weren’t around, she probably didn’t stopped and hugged me.


「Those two are?」

「Fiona and Marie, they’re sisters. This is Rica Calamba. Calamba Kingdom’s Queen」


I did a simple introduction.


「Eh, eh, ehhhhhh??」

「Calamba’s Queen-sama? And this place is?」


Fiona and Marie were so surprised.

On the other hand, Rica is calm.


「Is it their first time to warp with Kakeru? Those two girls」

「……come to think of it, that might be so」


Well, leaving that on the side.

I said to Rica.


「The thing that I told you before, about Comotoria」

「Ahh, that huh. Then, the two of them has the blood of the royal family」

「That’s right. And so, soon as we won a battle, some grandpa already started to get cocky, saying things like obligations or traditions」



Rica smiled pleasantly.

Hearing what I said, she immediately understood.

The reason that I brought the two here, and what I want from her.

Rica was once restrained, but right now, she’s freely doing what she want.

She understood my message behind the lines, that I want her to give the two some advice as a senpai.


「Can I leave them, here for a while?」

「Un, leave it to me. Instead, can I ask you something?」

「What, just say it I will do it」

「The harem I prepared for Kakeru, Kakeru won’t come at all so everyone’s feeling lonely. Can you love them while we are talking?」


I got dumbfounded for an instant.

It’s not like I’m not coming here a lot. Rather, I visit frequently.

The women in the harem that Rica made for me, I’m also taking care of them a lot.

Even so, Rica said that. What does she mean?

I had doubts, but I immediately understood.

Fiona and Marie got surprised, and was staring at Rica.

Rica didn’t say that for me, but for Fiona and Marie.

It’s a message saying that a Queen can do all that she wants, even making a harem for his man is very easy.

As I’ve thought, Rica is very intelligent, she is far more intelligent even compared when we just met.


The message behind my words, she replied with a message that is just the same.


「Ahh, I’ll do that」


I should also take care of Rica later. Thinking of that, I left my seat.



Night, in the drawing room in a mansion in Gihon.

I warped, went back with Fiona and Marie.


「Thank you so much, Kakeru-san」


Fiona said her thanks.


「You talked for a long time, what did you talk about?」

「Uhmm……the first half, most of it was how she liked Kakeru-san and how amazing Kakeru-san」

「70% of it’s like that, Onee-chan」

「Un, that might be so」

「Oi, oi」


Although I was saying that, I didn’t think the same.

Rica is an intelligent woman, she understands what I want, and she’s a woman who could read what I wish behind the words that I say.

There’s no way that Rica would spend some time just to talk about that.


『She probably wanted to relieve them of their tension』


Eleanor said, I also think so.


「By the way, what did she said?」

「Uhmm……she said that she was being watched everywhere she goes at first, but that disappeared thanks to Kakeru-san」

「About that time, huh」


I nodded, and became sure.

Rica who had started to talk about that isn’t just talking about how amazing I am.


「Un, Rica at that time was terrible. She had eyes like this」


I made an expressionless face, and did my best to imitate eyes of those who had just got raped.


「She was like, “there’s no meaning of doing anything, so I won’t do anything”」


When I said that, the sisters nodded.


「She told us too. And, she tried to be brave, but in the end, it was useless」

「But, thanks to Kakeru-san being at her side, you became her strength and everything went well」

「She said that she was very thankful of Kakeru-san. Also, the harem is still small right now, but she said that she would gather more and more girls that is befitting Kakeru-san, increasing them as much as possible」

「Un. Some minister is telling her to stop in a roundabout way, but she said that she’s ignoring them」

「I see」


Hearing what the sisters said, I became sure that Rica had inserted the parts that they needed in their conversation.

And just like that, I listened to the two.

When we were enjoying like that, the door opened.

An old man appeared.

The sisters’ expression became stiff.


「You have returned, Fiona-sama, Marie-sama. Where did you go?」

「They were with me」


I looked at the man while sitting.


「Baron Yuuki……this is not good, even if it is the Baron Your Excellency, we will get troubled if you take the two graces without telling us. In the first placeーー」

「We asked him」


Marie interrupted the man’s words.

I looked at her. Although she had spoken with a clear voice, she made a fist, trying to stop her trembling.

It felt like she refuted using all of her courage.

The man got surprised, Marie immediately followed and said.


「Is it wrong for us to ask the Baron take us somewhere?」

「I-I am not saying that. I was just saying, that without permissionーー」

「Do we need to ask anyone’s permission?」


This time, Fiona opened her mouth.

Looking at Marie, she made a small guts pose gesture following her little sister, and said.


「Do we need to tell anyone to do something? Are you saying, we need your permission」

「Permissionーーno, I-I」

「Then, what?」

「Uhm……the two graces are very important, if there’s a possibility of danger, it isーー」

「Where would be a safer place other than Kakeru-san’s side?」

「There’s none, right」


The sisters attacked tagging each other.

“Good, good”, I thought.

If one would really like to point it out, it was a kind of logic that is full of holes.

But, that is also good, no, that is good.

What I wanted them to do is to say things arrogantly like a Queen does.

That’s why logic that is full of wholes is very good.


「Meaning, we need to become prisoners huh? A prisoner that is always watched by you」

「N-No, that is……」


The man bites his tongue.

It looks like he couldn’t refute to the sisters’ sharp (derivative) attacks at all.

Seeing up to this, I think that there’s no more problem.

In the end, the man could not say anything back, and could only leave the room with his tails between his legs.

After the door closed, I praised Fiona and Marie.


「Amazing, the two of you」

「Uhmm, that right now, it wasn’t from us」(Marie)


「Rica-sama told us, she told us that there would be something like this after we returned, and that it would be all right as long as we say that. I was so scared if it really would work, but it did」(Marie)

「Ahh〜, I see, I see」


Un, if so, I’m very convinced.

Rica knows about those kinds of things the most.

It’s because it’s Rica who was treated like a caged bird, she was able to predict it, and gave them advice.

While thinking of how amazing Rica was, I feel a little sorry.

I thought, it would’ve been for the best if it was made up by the two.


「And then……Kakeru-san」


Marie looked at me while fidgeting.


「What is it」

「Uhmm……can we ask you once again」


Fiona also started fidgeting.


「What, just tell me」


I nodded.

But, the sisters wouldn’t speak at all.

They fidgeted, and wouldn’t speak.

After a while, the two of them looked at each other, and with a「One-two」.


「「Please make us Queens. Make the two of us Queens」」


They said.


「The two of you?」

「Yes, the two of us together」(Fiona)

「Is it bad……to have two queens in a country」(Marie)


The two of them said, and stared straight at me.

That isーーarrogant and selfish.

It was that selfishness that I expected.

I became happy.




I grinned, and said.


「I’ll make you two queens together」


I declared.








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