Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 88

Chapter 88 – Human’s Strongest


After the town of Gihon was occupied, Siracuza’s remnant army that Theo leads entered the town.

And those guys were welcomed by the townspeople.

They were welcomed by all, from the elders to the children.

I’m calling them a remnant army, but the flag that those guys are raising is the flag of Siracuza Kingdom.

For the people, it would look like the regular army chased away the barbarians.

It couldn’t be helped that they would get welcomed, huh.



Inside a government administration building, I came to see Theo.


「Your Excellency」


Theo who was giving orders to his subordinates while sitting on a chair stood up.

After waiting for his subordinates to go out, I spoke to Theo.


「How’s it, did it go well?」

「It is originally our kingdom’s town after all. Even though it was occupied by the enemy, it has not yet reached 10 days, and although there were damages caused by plundering, that instead made it easier for us」


We were welcomed for recapturing the town because they plundered huh, I see.


「Is that so. With this, we cleared the minimum requirement huh」

「Yes. We are planning on sending declarations towards those who have scattered all over the kingdom」

「I’ll leave those things to you. Where will we attack next?」

「I am thinking of deciding according to the reactions from places in the kingdom」

「I got it, just tell me if you decided」



Being seen off by Theo, I left that place.



I came to the outskirts of Gihon.

There are more than ten tents erected.

The regular army soldiers are using Gihon’s barracks, so my subordinates the slave soldiers are staying here.


「Sir, thank you for your hard work, sir!」


Nikki who was just outside saluted to me.

She’s a woman of mine that I embraced, but since it’s still noon, she’s acting like a soldier right now.


「Ahh, hey. How’s the situation of the injured?」

「They are resting inside the tent.」 As you have ordered, we have used the magic ball on those who were heavily injured. Only those who are lightly injured that could heal with natural recovery are left to themselves」

「Ahh, that’s good. What about the stock of the magic balls?」

「Our first platoon has a consumption rate of 10%. I believe that as a whole, we have used 30%」

「There shouldn’t be any problems 2-3 times huh」


I simulated inside my head.


「I got it. I also told you this before, but just use it anytime if you think it becomes dangerous」


The sickness of being cheap on using elixirs isn’t good, so I say that every time we talk about the magic balls.


「Sir yes sir!」

「Especially you. You’re my woman, don’t die in a boring way」



She couldn’t act like a soldier in the end.

Nikki couldn’t help but look down with flushed cheeks. I should take care of her kindly next time.

I separated ways with her, went deeper, and stood in front of a small tent.


「Are you here?」


When I said that, the tent opened.

Nana opened the tent from inside.


「Can I go in?」



I passed by Nana who stood on the side, and entered.

I looked at Nana deeply.

She is not wearing armor.

A slim and smooth body, black hair that flows like a waterfall.

The dignified air that she has is just as usual, but in this appearance of hers without armor, her feminine beauty is emphasized.


「What were you doing」

「I am taking a break at the moment」

「I see. Were you alright? You jumped into the place where the enemies concentrated most. Do you have any injuries?」

「Please do not worry, Aruji. That is my job after all」

「I see」

「I am always thankful to Aruji」


「You trust me, you trust in my abilities and let me go to the most dangerous places, I am very grateful for that」

「That’s, good then」


Well, Nana should be good just like that.

Looking at her, I got a little itchy.


「Nana, take your sword and go out」

「……? Ha!」


She had some doubts, but even so, Nana abided.

Seeing her holding her long sword, we went out of the tent.

I drew out Eleanor, and faced Nana.


「Kakeru-san? What are you doing?」


Io came.

She made an expression, thinking that it was strange seeing me and Nana facing each other with drawn swords.


「We’re just having a match」

「Eh? Why?」

「Because I felt like it」



Io had a face that she couldn’t understand at all.

Well, that should be the case. After all, even I don’t know why I wanted to do this.

Sometimes when I’m talking to Nana, I would suddenly want to do it with her.

I would have unbearable feelings, but I would feel that I would want to exchange blows with swords first.

Nana and I faced each other.



「Well then……please excuse me!」


Nana attacked.

She launched herself fiercely, and triple attacked from a low position.

I received it using Eleanor. It had six sword sounds.

My hand got a little numb.


「Nice move」



Drawing a beautiful circle, this time she consecutive attacked from above.

She slashed with untraceable movements, and her sword light covered my upper body like a net.

From how I saw it, there was 9 vertical slashes, and 9 horizontal ones.




I braced myself and slashed back with the same numbers.

Thirty six sword slashes echoed like an explosion.


「It’s my turn now, try receiving it」


I released an aura, and slashed down from above.

Nana received itーーor not, she attacked head on.

She’s not a defending woman, but an attacking one.

Towards my one attack, she returned five lightning fast slashes head on.

Number of tricks and power, it was five consecutive attacks that had broke through the limits of both.

Adding the special ability of adding 100% attack to that, she completely received my attack, and pushed me back head on.

I started to get worked up.


That’s right, it’s this.

Nana has this.

High basic abilities and adaptability, and the decision-making ability that would be effective at staking everything in the most important place.

Arriving at this world, the strongest human that I thought is Nana.

And that Nana is also evolving.

That’s why, it’s so fun, it’s so fun doing it with her.

It’s because she has this that I want Nana more and more.

The sounds of the swords continuously echoed.





Both of us released our strength, and met our swords.

*Dogoーn*, a huge explosive sound echoed.

Using the recoil very skillfully, Nana fell back just like a bird.

I released my strength, completely receiving Nana’s attack, and didn’t move a step from my place.

Our match ended.


When I noticed it, all of the slave soldiers had left their tents, and was clamoring about.

I had a glimpse of that for an instant, but I immediately removed them from my sight.

No, they disappeared.

My eyes could only see Nana. My thing that is invigorating inside my heart because of the match made it that I could only see Nana.  

I stomped, walking towards her, put my arms behind her knees and back and carried her.


「Let’s go」



Nana embraced me back.

Strongly. She hugged me strongly that it’s painful.

Her breathing is rough, her skin is flushing, and I could smell her sweat.

All of that brought me excitement.

I took Nana into the tent, and pushed her down on top of the bed.



When I went outside after seeing Nana sleep after it ended, I encountered Io’s group who came back from somewhere.

Agnes and Julia was avoiding me and wouldn’t approach, and only Io came near me.


「Hello, Kakeru-san」


「Really, you really surprised us earlier. You became like that so suddenly」

「Suddenly? Didn’t I tell you before we started?」

「I’m not talking about that you know. Didn’t the two of you became serious half-way. It was so scary you know? The two of you were slashing towards each other while laughing」



Io clearly nodded.


「Un. You were like “Fuhahahaha”. Or, “Fufufu”. The two of you were laughing out loud, it was so, so scary」

「We laughed out, huh」


I wasn’t aware at all.


「Look, because of that, the girls are afraid」


She said, and pointed to Agnes and Julia.

Just like she had said, they were terrified. Before, the two of them just hates me, but now fear was added to that.

I see, that’s the reason why they aren’t coming so frequently now.


「But, but, it’s the first time I saw Kakeru-san fight so seriously. You aren’t usually fighting that serious huh」

「There’s no need after all. ……the last time was with the Red Dragon, I think? The time when I fought so seriously」

「A-re? What about Sandros?」

「Didn’t I insta-kill that? I see, Nana had exceeded Sandros huh」


I remembered the match with Nana, and compared them.

She’s completely over that.


『Umu, she exceeds him』


Eleanor who is the previous owner of Sandros guaranteed.


「Nana-san’s amazing〜」

「Yeah, she’s amazing. Isn’t she already the strongest human? I think」

「Ne〜, ne〜. Then, how amazing is Kakeru-san? You’re so much better than Nana-san right」

「Let me think……」


I compared us.


「Around ten times, I guess」

『Umu, that’s a good comparison』


I gained Eleanor’s guarantee again.


「Ten times of that huh〜, so amazing〜」


Io was honestly impressed.








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  2. You know. I think that if he is only 10 times nana. And he has 777 times his basic abilities at all times. Then she is 77.7 times as strong as his base form. Meaning he needs to upgrade his base stats in all categories to nana’s level before his true power will even begin huh. Interesting.


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