Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 105

Chapter 105 – Great General Kakeru



Inside a room during the night.

It only looks like a normal room with a glance, but it has a significant characteristic.

There is a wide table in the middle of the room, and there are lots of sand on top of the table.

It is not an ordinary table or sand, it is a kind of magic item in this world.

It is an excellent item that when activated using magic powers, the sand will absorb the magic powers and create a three-dimensional map.

And the ones surrounding that is me, Nana and Helene.

The General-type Nana and the Strategist・Advisor-type Helene.

I heard the route where our army would advance from now on from these two.

And then, Helene sent her magic powers to the sand table and made a map.


「This is Yufrates where we are right now, and onwards, there are the four towns, Gariraya, Kirenect, Genesare, and Tiberia. These four towns should be the next ones we should capture」

「What’s the order of priority?」


I asked Helene.


「There is not much difference except Genesare. Breaking through either of them, we can reach the previous Siracuza capital……it is now named Adoa right now, but we can go there with a straight line」

「What kind of place is Genesare?」

「It is made to glare over the road that leads to the royal capital. It is a place that if there is a decent amount of soldiers and knowledgeable talent, it can turn into a fortress for both offense and defense」

「If so, shouldn’t we start from capturing that?」


From how I hear it, I feel like we might get attacked from behind if we leave it alone.


「No, it should be enough leaving one unit of troops close there. It is alright to capture it, but there will be more damage to the opponent if we let them use it half-bakedly. Just like a poison that slowly kills them」

「I see」

「I recommend sending Nana-san there」


「Yes, there is only Kakeru-sama and Nana-san who could keep Genesare neither dead or alive that they could not retreat nor advance」

「……I see」


I understood what Helene is trying to say.


「You mean, hold back on them at full strength right?」


「We’ll capture the other three towns while Nana’s pinning Genesare?」

「No, if possible, up to Adoa」

「We’ll go up to there at once?」

「Yes. And while we do that, we should let the enemy soldiers escape to Genesare」

「……maintain their half-dead-half-alive situation, huh」



Helene and Nana stared at each other.

The two who were once enemies with the regular army and rebel army.

It’s interesting that they’re facing each other like allies just like this.


「So, it is only you or Kakeru-sama」

「Understood. I will answer with all that I have if you entrust it to me」


This was not lines towards Helene, but to me.

Nana is a modest woman in a sense.

She will obey all of my orders, but she won’t ask something from herself.

She wouldn’t even ask for orders as well.


『This is aggressive enough for her』


Eleanor said. I also think so.

She won’t say “please let me do it”, but she’s almost saying the same thing.

I haven’t experienced this that much, so I feel a little refreshed.

I asked Helene after thinking for a while.


「Is there a way to rout the enemy towards Genesare for sure?」

「There are some. We can intentionally weaken our encirclement to Genesare’s direction, we can spread rumors about the battle in Genesare being at an advantage for them, we can incite the commander in Genesare. There are those」

「I see, ahh, I won’t ask about the details」


Helene made a surprised but lonely face.

Her face is saying “You won’t ask?”.


「I’ll leave all of it to you two. Do it well」


「As you wish」

「Use me like you want too. I don’t mind if you make me run to here and there as a pawn」



Helene smiled elegantly and nodded.

I saw that face of hers more beautiful compared to the time when we first met, when she went down from her carriage.



「No, I just got mesmerized by you」

「That is……」


Helene became red like an apple.

Un, she’s really more beautiful compared to that time.


「Helene-denka is beautiful」


Nana said from the side.

She had a casual but a face that says that seriously.


「From my eyes as well, you are enviously beautiful」

「Nana’s beautiful too you know」

「Thank you for the wordsーー」

「I’m not saying it as flattery. You are the most beautiful in a battlefield」



Nana got stunned. She had a face that she did not think she would be told something like that.


「I also think so」


Helene agreed. It’s the same with Nana earlier.


「Nana-san’s white armor stands out in the battlefield, and after that, it brings upon relief and trust as well. You are the one who killed the enemies the most, but you have the least amount of blood on yourself」

「Yeah, I thought of that too. At first, I thought that it was that kind of armor, but fighting together, I found out that it wasn’t. It is being fended off, it cannot follow your own movements in the first place」


That’s right, Nana moves with the vigor that she would fend off the spurts of blood in the battlefield.

The reason why she has more moves than me, is probably because of that.


「To think that……I was thought of such」

「I thought of it ever since」

「I see, it was the same with me too huh」


Helene and Nana stared at each other and finally made a smile.

The two’s appearance of mutually recognizing each other was beautiful and blinding even more so.



I was called by Fiona, and I came to her room.

Is it because it’s inside her room? Fiona welcomed me with the same clothes when she was still just a poster girl.


「Sorry, Kakeru-san. Calling you so suddenly」

「No, it’s fine. I heard that you want to discuss something with me, what is it?」

「I want to ask Kakeru-san something」

「Say it」

「Will you please become a Great General?」



I got dumbfounded, Great General?


「What’s that?」

「It’s literally how it says. The person with the highest position that commands the Siracuza Army」

「I don’t mind being it, but why?」

「I wondered」


Fiona said that and made a serious face.


「I have thought for so long, “what should I do in this war as a queen”. I felt like only being a symbolic existence is not enough. Up until now, Kakeru-san have carried us……anyways, I wanted to do something」


「That’s why, when I heard that Kakeru-san is being rumored in the enemy side recently」


It’s probably the rumors Delfina spread.

About the Demon Sword Wielder and the two Demon Swords.


「I heard that they are afraid of that, so I thought, that should be strengthened, and」

「There’s where the Great General comes huh」

「Un. I heard many things from many people. I heard that Marie and I can appoint someone freely」

「Well, you’re Queens after all」


Of course, they can do what they want.


「So, it’s like that……what do you think?」


I stared at Fiona.

To think that she was thinking of that.


「……you, cant?」


Fiona became crestfallen.

It looks like she misunderstood my silence.


「It’s not that, I just got charmed」


「I thought you became beautiful with the characteristics of a Queen」


「That way of getting surprised isn’t like a queen though」


I poked her cheek and teased her.


「Hey, don’t say weird things」

「Fu, sorry sorry」


I looked at Fiona once again, and at the same time, I remembered Helene and Nana.


「I got it, I’ll become a Great General」


Really, there’s a lot of good women around me.





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  1. Haaa his girls are the best, they even support each other. I honestly don’t know how this will end as they won’t go to war for like 1-2 maybe 3 generations at least. As the rulers are his harem members, and the future rulers would be half siblings….


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  3. Keeping with Biblic names:

    Gariraya, Kirenect, Genesare, and Tiberia
    Galilea (Galilee), Kinneret, Gennesaret and Tiberias

    Trivia: all of the names point to the same place, which is https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q126982

    PS. That also means, by the way, that the kingdom is called “Siracusa” (Syracuse, a Sicilian town apostle Paul spent some time in when travelling to Rome)、and the name of the capital is “Adore” (falls in theme).


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