Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – Sly Man, Wily Man



Ahead of Yalcon, there is the town called Yufrates.

The barbarian army that lost the Ten Thousand Men General Tanashi in the battlefield was greatly shaken.

It just means that he was such a huge existence.

When I reorganized the remaining troops and advanced up to Yufrates, the man who named himself as the vice-general sent an envoy and offered a surrender in return for the guarantee of his life.

I accepted it.



In the town of Yufrates.

It is the most developed town in Siracuza’s territory and a town that has been prosperous in commerce and culture for a very long time.

Most of the merchants make their footholds here, and many cultured people also live here.

It is that kind of town.

We leisurely entered that Yufrates.

A large palanquin entered the town while protected by soldiers.

Described with a few words, that is something like a king-sized bed with a roof.

Its size is that of a bed but it is made as a sofa. Fiona and Marie are riding that.

Ten soldiers carry that in each direction in a total of 40 men.

At first, I thought of making the two ride a carriage, but Aura softly rejected it.

It is Aura who is “a royalty closer to the people” than Helene and Rica.


「This is more like a royalty」


She said.

It is an idea that would not come from Rica who was mostly confined in the past and Helene whose talents are concentrated to the military.

Of course, I don’t as well but, I can understand.

Being carried by people is more prestigious than being carried by wheels.

That’s why I did that.

Fiona and Marie who are riding that palanquin is wearing clothes for royalties.

They really seemed like it adding it with the palanquin.


「I-I’m so nervous」

「Onee-chan, get a hold of yourself」


Fiona had a very nervous expression like she reported herself.

Marie who encourages her but actually nervous at the same level.

They look fine when far away but faults might be seen when near.

That palanquin that carries the two entered the town and slowly advanced through the main street.

The citizen of Yufrates gathered at the street sides and welcomed them with cheers.

It’s the same at the time in Chigris.

The citizens are happy that people of Siracuza have returned, they are glad that the royalties returned.

I thought of why at that time, but seeing Tanashi, I understood.

The barbarian army, they have yet to capture the hearts of the people.

Probably, they have complaints.

And that turns and turns, becoming the welcome to the Siracuza related Fiona-sisters.

However, that welcome, it became pressure for Fiona and Marie.


「Fiona-sama banzai!」

「Marie-sama banzai!!」


Voices that commend the two could be heard from here and there.

And with that, it resulted to the two becoming little because of nervousness.

I walked at the side of the palanquin and looked up to the two, then said.


「Fiona, Marie. You can take it easy」


「Whatever happens, I’m with you」


Fiona had a stunned face.


「Onee-chan, get a hold of yourself」


Marie said exactly the same words as earlier, but, the tone of her voice is different.

What’s there was not nervousness but excitement?

It was not licking each other’s wounds, it is a strong tone that encourages her big sister.


「We shouldn’t put shame for Kakeru-san. Look, everyone’s looking」


Marie said that, and looked at the other side of the palanquin.

I thought that “everyone” is about the citizen, but what Marie looked at was not that.

It’s Helene, Rica, and Aura who are walking beside the palanquin.

The head of three countries, the disguised girls who are marching beside my unit.

Marie says while staring at them.


「If we become timid and uncomely here, they’ll get disappointed」

「……that is right, huh. Un, we shouldn’t behave strangely huh」



Fiona regained herself and Marie nodded clearly to her big sister’s reply.

I don’t know why Helene, Rica, and Aura has something to do with that right now.


『You’re really loved huh』


Eleanor said. It’s with a half-teasing tone.


「What do you mean?」

『Those girls, Helene, Rica, and Aura, they are people who fulfill their jobs properly as royalty. At the same time, they behave so, that they would not put shame as your woman』

「I guess so」


I somehow felt it like that.

I feel like they’re trying to do their best both at public and private.


『The sisters, they just said that they must not lose against them. A royalty but your woman as well. Their target of comparison is those three』

「Ahh, I see」


I got convinced.

It’s true that Fiona and Marie’s position is exactly that of the three.

It is normal to compare their selves to them.

Honestly, I don’t really care about that, either way, Fiona and Marie are my women.

However, while this and that happened, the two calmed down.

On the palanquin, the started to act like royalty, not losing to their clothes.



“If so, then that is good as well”, I thought.



Traditionally, the king of Siracuza places their palace on the north side and the queen’s palace on the south side.

The royal capital is exactly thrat.

Then, what if it’s with a queenーーI entered a mansion on the north side of Yufrates.

There is an audience hall that is made quickly in that mansion and Fiona and Marie lined up their throne.

Fiona on the left and Marie on the right.

I stood diagonally to the twoーーthe so-called ministerial position.


「I am called Murato Feris. I am honored to be at the presence of Your Highnesses」


A man wearing armor kneeled and greeted the two.


「It is an honor as well to meet Yuuki, His Excellency」


The Siracuza Baron greeted me as well.


「Are you the one in charge of this town?」


Fiona asked Murato with a frank tone.


「No, the one in charge, it is the Ten Thousand Men Generalーーoh, it is Tanashi who governed Yufrates. I am his aide. So, well, I am the one in charge but I was not just a while ago」



Marie tilted her head.

Murato started his supplementary explanation in a hurry.


「Yes. Well, that guy was a terrible guy. I tried to stop him many times, but he is not someone who would listen to other people. He is really acting without consultation, everything was done by that man, yes」


Murato spoke very quickly from the beginning.

His mouth had foams and spat saliva while talking.

He is a disgusting guy in a lot of meaning.


『Kukuku, he is avoiding the responsibility at all costs』


At the same time, he’s seeking favor from Fiona and Marie.

Well, I understand. I understand wanting to do that.

He’s really “that” as a human, but I’ll ignore it for now.

Compared to guys like Theo who you wouldn’t know when he’s going to betray, guys like this are easier to control.

If he’s seeking a big tree, we only need to be one.


『You’re saying better words now huh』


I’m not saying it though.

I continued talking to Eleanor inside my mind.

While that happened, Murato continued his fawning.


「So, it is not like that, please leave Hidekel to me. The guy in there is an acquaintance for a very long time, so if I persuade」



I got between his words.


「It is the name of the fortress west of Yalcon. It is in between Chigris and Yufrates. Originally, it is a place that is good for watching enemies, but right now, it is isolated instead」

「I see」


The sphere of influence was severed thanks to the entry to Yufrates huh.


「That is why, with a light〜 persuasion」


I really hear it lightly the way he said it.


「Persuasion huh〜」

「What do you think, Onee-chan」


The two thought of it deeply, and the result of that, they looked at me asking for help.

I did a light cough and said.


「As Your Majesties wish」


I stared at the two while I said that.

I implicitly said that “do what you want, I’ll take care of it if anything happens”.

And that……they understood it correctly.

Fiona and Marie looked at Murato.


「Well then, can you persuade them」

「Please leave it to me!」


Murato said while he pounded his chest.

A face full of smiles, joy from being appointed an important position by the Queen huh.


「If it fails, Kakeru-san, please」


With Marie’s additional words, his shoulders dropped that even I pitied him a bit.



I left the audience hall and walked through a corridor.

I left to Nana guarding Fiona and Marie.

And when I was walking through the corridor like that, one woman came, guided by a servant.

A black silk hat and a dress that shows a lot of back skin.

A woman who naturally releases a different kind of sexiness from the noble and royalty’s elegance.

Delfina Homers Lanmari.

A female merchant who is said to have wealth equal to that of a country.


「It has been a long time, Kakeru-sama」



We stopped and Delfina and I talked.

The servant that guided her silently walked to the wall side, taking distance to not be on our way.


「You came」

「Yes, just now」

「How was it? Did you earn a lot?」

「Yes, very much」


Delfina smiled gracefully.


「I see, good for you then」


I said that and put a hand around Delfina’s waist.

It was a movement without warning, unable to react, she landed within my arms.

And after thatーーI kissed her.

I sucked her sweet smelling lips.

I enjoyed her lips, unlike how she looks, she becomes just a girl the instant she enters my arms.

After enjoying that leisurely, I released here.


「……what is it so suddenly?」

「You earned a lot right? It’s all thanks to me. It’s my share」  

「What a wily man」


Delfina made a sulking face. I already released her from my arms but she is still lovely.

Cute rather than pretty.

She took a breath and made a serious face.

Then, she told me.


「Kakeru-sama. I wish to receive permission」

「What, permission?」

「Actually, I am thinking of profiting from selling information, not just supplies」



What information?

I thought about Theo for an instant and my eyebrows moved.


「Please do not misunderstand, What I wish to sell is Kakeru-sama’s information and the Demon Sword’s information. About the real Demon Sword, about the Demon Sword that newly appeared, and about the Demon Sword Wielder who uses them. I am thinking of selling those three」

「……will you get profits from that?」


I thought for a bit, but I couldn’t get it.

Can that be turned into money?


「I can just say, it depends on how to sell it」

「I see」


I don’t understand anything, but since Delfina says so, she would probably earn from that.

If so, that is alright.


「I can allow you, but I have a condition」

「Is it about your share?」


She said mischievously. I ignored that.


「It’s a secret that Hikari can turn into a human. It is only aboutーーDemon Sword Hikari」

「Yes, I understand」


She said with a face saying “of course”.


「Then it’s fine」


There’s no problem as long as she protects that.


『You doting parent』


I ignored Eleanor’s teasing words just as usual.

And, I started walking with my hand around Delfina.

Delfina and the servant that guided her got surprised.



「Do you have plans after this?」

「Greetings for Her Majestiesーー」

「Then, go with me」


It’s alright if it’s Fiona and Marie if I told them later.

And just like that, I pulled Delfina to the nearest room.

There’s a bed inside. Bingo.

I pulled her inside, and the servant closed the door in a panic.

And, I kissed her.

The second kiss for the day.

Delfina was quick to match the movement of our mouth and tongue.

After kissing for a while, I released her.

She had a far more feverish face compared to earlier.


「What is it so suddenly?」

「I’ll take my share」

「Eh? Did you not want it」

「I didn’t say I don’t want anything」

「T-That is true……」

「You don’t want to?」



Delfina made a sulking face.


「……what a wily man」


I embraced Delfina.

I poured the accumulated fervor that I got from the battle earlier into her.


「What a terrible man……」


It became late in the night and she whispered exhaustingly.

As I’ve thought, Delfina is ridiculously cute in times like this.








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