Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 103

Chapter 103 – Ten Thousand Men General, Tanashi





Blood cloud dances.

In the center of the battlefield that the both army clashes.

Blood and parts of that were once a human scattered around me.

Clad with the dark aura, I swing the two Demon Swords.


「I-It’s the Demon Sword Wielder」



The pressure at the beginning disappeared without any trace,

Most of the enemy soldiers in front of me ran away almost collapsing.


「Tanya, Peggy」

『I’m here〜』



Since I became free, I called the bright and shy maid ghost pair.


「What’s the situation?」


The two flew up above and looked far away while they placed a hand on their forehead.


『The enemy in the left side’s retreating〜』

「As expected of Nana huh」

『T-The right side is lightly at an advantage. Ah! Rica-sama and Io-san started chanting』

「If so, it’s only a matter of time」


While holding the Demon Swords, I organized the situation.

It is a place named Yalcon near Chigris.

The reason why this place that only looks like a barren land from the sky had a name is because it is an ancient battlefield where big battles have been held since a long time ago.

In that place, we clashed with the barbarian army head-on.

Our side’s military force is 4700, 4500 reinforcements from 3 kingdoms and 200 slave soldiers. By the way, I left the royal guards to protect Fiona and Marie.

The barbarian army has 5000, we are almost equal just looking at the numbers.


『However, when you said that formation, I thought that you became crazy』

「About the Kakuyoku formation(V-shaped formation)?」

『I do not know that name, but, however you look at it, it is a formation used to surround small forces』

『We almost have the same number as them after all』


Hikari also participated in the conversation.


『I thought that you became crazy』

「Don’t say it twice. ……it was the right decision right?」

『It is not something that anyone else other than you can do though』


When we formed our battle formations, we divided the soldiers like this.

Left side, the Kingdom’s 2000 coalition soldiers led by Nana Kanou.

Right side, the Kingdom’s 2500 coalition soldiers led by the 3 princesses.

In the middle, me and the 200 slave soldiers.

We divided the soldiers extremely to the sides, and by me rampaging in the middle, the Kakuyoku formation showed results.

In fact, I made the enemy’s main army that is 10 times of us in the middle retreat, and the sides started to gradually surround the enemy army.


『I have already stopped being surprised at each and every action you take but, I wonder what the historians in the future say?』

「What do you mean by what?」

『History is made by the winner』

「Those are words heard frequently」

『With you doing too much, it would be written in the history of the winner with exaggerations』

「Ahh, you meant it like that huh」

『Most of the history books have written exaggerations, but in your case, exaggerating it might become on a mythological level』


That sounds good in itself too.


「Your Excellency」


I was called from behind.

It’s the first platoon captain, Nikki.


「What happened?」

「We have finished preparing for a pursuit attack」

「Pursuit attack huh」


I looked at the soldiers in front of us.

Their formation collapsed and started to rout.

It will be decided easily if we launch a pursuit attack now.


「Let me see. How much is our casualty?」

「Each platoon, the use rate of the magic balls exceeds 50%」

「50%. Of all huh」

「That is correct」


Nikki answered after she staggered for an instant.

She probably remembered when I got angry because they were the only ones who have too many casualties before.

Even so, 50% huh.

Should we stop the pursuit attack?

It at that time when I thought of that.


「Your Excellency!」


Nikki shouted. Her eyes widened and stared ahead.

I followed her visionーーblood cloud is dancing.

Something’s coming from the further back of the enemy soldiers running away.

It is heading here while slashing off the soldiers.


「Step back……you’ll be on the way」



Nikki obeyed and fell back.

From the presence from behind, I understood that the slave soldiers were taking distance.

And, that guy appeared.

It is a thin man casually walking through the garden of fresh blood that he forcefully made.

A thin man that seems to have a weak constitution, or maybe cursed by something.

Is his weapon some kind of a magic sword? Its blade is thin and shimmered with light.

He swung that and cut the running away enemy soldier into two.


「Ohh, reallyy. What useless weaklingss」


The man said with a gay man(?)’s tone and casually walked towards me.


「You’re the Demon Sword Wielder?」

「You are?」

「I’m the Banko Shōgun, Tanashi Ariadone. Nice to meet you〜」


「It means the status of being able to have ten thousand subordinates. It’s amazing you knoww, there’s only 2 in our country after all」

『It means that he’s a heavyweight huh』


I made a small nod to Eleanor’s words.


「And why the heck is that Ten Thousand Men General cutting his own soldiers?」

「After all〜, such weaklings, you don’t need them right? Such weaklings that run away when in front of an enemy. Soldiers must clash like soldiers」


「They ran away in the presence of an enemy, so I executed them. It’s logical right?」

「……who knows」


I really don’t know.

I don’t understand what he wants to say, but he’s annoying.


「On that point, you are goood. Your soldiers are also good〜 Ne〜, those girls, give them to me〜」


I felt the presence of the slave soldiers from behind getting disturbed.


「I refuse. They are mine」

「Then, I’ll defeat you and get those girls〜」


Tanashi readied his magic sword. He walked to me casually.

I reacted and held Eleanor and Hikariーー.


「You’re on the way」


In front of Tanashi, a relatively light injured soldier stood up and tried to raise his spear.

Tanashi cut him off. He cut him off into two.



「Let’s goo〜」


He raised a high pitched voice and charged.

From his movements, he isn’t something simple.

Those blood clouds that he made when he cut the enemy soldiers too, he might be the strongest opponent that I will fight up until now.


『Equal to that Nana-jou, or maybe even stronger』


Eleanor analyzed with composure.

It’s pretty much like that.

But, his personality is trash that can’t be compared.



「Ha! Your Excellency」


Being called, Nikki stepped forward.


「I’ll borrow your strength」

「Please tell」

「Lend Nikki speed」


【Speed will be lent to Nikki Cephalis. Remaining Time: 29 seconds】


「Activate Copy Plus, copy Nikki’s speed」


【Speed shall be copied from Nikki Cephalis】


The merchandise from the Lottery, the lending and copy plus combination.

The instant it worked, I felt that power raised all over my body.

I clad myself with the dark aura and swung the two Demon Swords.


Zangeki Shiren(Four slashing attacks)

I cut off Tanashi’s limbs who charged.




He did not understand what happened to himself and blown away backward with a flat voice.


I heard the sound of the chunk of meat falling to the ground.


「W-What the heck is thisss, whaaaaattt〜〜」


I heard a scream, Tanashi’s high pitchedーーscream that is disgusting to hear.


『If he can’t endure, why not put an end to him?』



I refused.

I took a glance behind.




「Protect that thing until it dies」

「I understood!」


Nikki saluted. The 200 slave soldiers surrounded Tanashi who is on the ground.

Nikki who understood my command ‘correctly’ watched the end of Tanashi properly.










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  1. Something’s wrong since the copy plus ability.

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    I mean if he and the one he lent attack together, then sure, there’s 2 pcs of thing with 800 spd attacking, but if he attack alone.. he can just use copy plus w/o lending anything 1st since it would be useless… it would be the same if he just got 1×777 + 23 (from copy plus) = 800 spd.

    Anyone got my point? or did i miss something?


    • It works differently, he lent them the 777 multiplier, and her base speed was higher than his base speed, say his base speed was 1 and then x777 that is 777, but if hers was 2 then 2×777 =1554 which he then copied, twice what the multiplier would give him alone and 1553 more than just copying her extra speed.


      • It isnt really logical an average human can run about 5 m/s that means he could run about 13986 km/h why would he need more speed


  2. It works differently, he lent them the 777 multiplier, and her base speed was higher than his base speed, say his base speed was 1 and then x777 that is 777, but if hers was 2 then 2×777 =1554 which he then copied, twice what the multiplier would give him alone and 1553 more than just copying her extra speed.


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