Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 101

Chapter 101 – Kakeru’s Blessing



In a place a little far away from the town of Chigris, there is the fortress called Pishon.

Several kilometers far away from that, we came to a place where we could see it.


「Aruji. 204 under Nana Kanou, preparations are completed」

「Good job」


I turned around, and looked at the troops.

In front of the elite slave soldiers that Nana and I trained, there are three women standing with excitement.

Helene, Rica, Aura.

The three of them are wearing the same clothes as the slave soldiers, but they weren’t mixed within.

Even if they are wearing the same clothes, they have an aura that cannot be hidden.




This time, I heard a voice from above.

The two transparent maid ghosts landed.

It’s Tanya and Peggy.

I let them go reconnaissance in the fortress.


「How was it?」

「They’re on guard. Their numbers are……」

「531 people」


Peggy answered.

Is she taking distance from me because she’s still afraid of me or is it just her strict personality. Peggy reported more specifically compared to Tanya.


『Right, right, there’s 531 of them. About 2.5x of us huh』

「Good job」


I praised the two. Tanya became happy honestly, Peggy made a complicated face.


『500 huh』

「It’s just good enough」

『Even if you’re alone that is』

「If it’s like that, there’s no meaning」


Just like I said to Eleanor, 500 people is “good enough” numbers.

Taking into account the fact that they’re hiding inside the fortress, their numbers would only “make it difficult” for me.

However, it’s not like that this time.

I turned around, and went to my three women.


「We’re going to charge and steal Pishon’s fortress. Are you ready?」


The three of them nodded at once.


「I’ll lend you abilities. Is Helene fine with the dagger techniques like before?」


「What about Rica」

「I’m good at something like this」


She said that, and made a ball of fire.

It’s weak and doesn’t seem practical.


「Flame magic powers huh, I got it. What about Aura?」

「I learned something like this」


Aura said and pulled out one strand of hair. She then rubbed her hands together with it inside.

When she released her hand, it was cut into small pieces. As if it was placed in a mixer.


「Can you use it for attacking?」

「It’s that kind of technique」

「Hmm. Then, try using it to me」


I said that and took distance from Aura.


「Is it okay?」



I nodded casually.

Aura hesitated a little. She glanced at Helene and Rica on her sides.

The two nodded. As if two say “it’s okay, just try it”.  

Aura got resolute, she clasped her hand with the hair strand that she cut with one hand this time, and threw it.

The hair flew while raising a sharp wind cutting sound.

This is bad!

That thought entered my mind for an instant.

I drew Eleanor.


There was a metallic sound, I received the hair attack with the whole blade.

It was an unexpected attacking power.


『It’s because you’re letting your guard down……what’s with that grinning face』


It’s because it’s fun.

I got cold sweat for an instant but that made me happy instead.


「You’re quite good, Aura」

「Is that so?」


Aura as dissatisfied like her words say.


「I’ll strengthen that. On what laws do you do that? Is it using magic powers? Is it some kind of life energy?」

「It’s a practical technique using wind magic and recovery magic」

「Recovery? I see」


I don’t really get it, but knowing that is enough.


「Yosh, let’s go then. First, for warming up, let’s take that fortress」


The three nodded, their faces show excitement.


「Lend dagger techniques to Helene Teresia Mercouri」


【The Dagger Techniques will be lent to Helene Teresia Mercouri.  Time Remaining: 2 minutes 59 seconds】   


「Lend flame magic powers to Rica Calamba」


【Flame Magic Powers will be lent to Rica Calamba. Time Remaining: 2 minutes 59 seconds】    


「Lend wind magic powers to Aura Torideca Comotoria」


【Wind Magic Powers will be lent to Aura Torideca Comotoria. 2 minutes 59 seconds】     


「Lend recovery magic powers to Aura Torideca Comotoria」  


【Recovery Magic Powers will be lent to Aura Torideca Comotoria. 2 minutes 59 seconds】      


I used the lending ability that I got from the limited lottery.

There’s a lot of second prizes that I got during the double chance period, so I used those to the three.


「Eh?! What’s this」

「I feel a……surge of power?」


Rica and Aura got confused.


「The two of you, use your powers once again. It must become very different compared to before」


Helene who has experience said to the two.

Rica used flame magic.

A ball of flame appeared, it was far larger than the one earlier, it was like a small sun with flares rising.

Aura also threw her hair once again.

*BUOOON!!*, it with such a stunning sound, and my hand that holds Eleanor got a little numb when I received it.


「It is Kakeru-sama’s power. He lent them to the two of you. Right now, you are in the state of receiving Kakeru-sama’s blessings」




The two mumbled. Their looks towards me were more and more feverish.

Taking those girls, we charged to Pishon Fortress.

Raising shouts, we charged.

They counterattack, arrows fell down like it rained.

I swung Eleanor blocking the arrows.

I stole a glance to the three.

Helene who had some experience was calm and blocks the arrows with her dagger.

Rica melted the arrows using her flame magic.

Aura who defended using her hair wasn’t able to block all of it and received one arrow.


「A-re? I don’t have wounds……」


Aura thought strangely but immediately got convinced.


「I see, this is also part of the blessings」


She said and got convinced.

More specifically, it’s me but not me at the same time.

The reason why Aura didn’t get injured was because of Melissa that is full of stamina, hidden within the slave soldiers with the powers I lent to her using the first prize that would last for an hour.  

The Immortal Saint Melissa multiplied 777 times with what I lent.


『How overprotective』


Say anything you want.

I ignored Eleanor’s teasing.

Making them participate all that they want is what is important.

The fortress fell without lasting an hour.









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Helene, Kakeru, Rica, Aura

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  1. I swear, the longer this series goes on, the more he progressively looks insane.

    Thanks for the chapter XD!


    • Cause he is an idiot with no capability to think. All things that keep him progressing is Lottery and Althea telling him which hand to wipe his butt with since he can’t figure the answer to that.


  2. (Aruji. 204 under Nana Kanou, preparations are completed)
    Something was obviously wrong with numbers -200Slave soldier and 3 primcesses and 1 Melissa


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