Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 86

Chapter 86 – Accumulated Fortune



A few days later, we arrived at the destination.

The 200 slave soldiers that guarded Fiona and the rest, it just shows how Nana trained them, their movements are very uniform.

Is it because their equipments were complete, although they were all women, they even look imposing.

Compared to that, the Siracuza’s encampment that we arrived at was the worst.

Describing them with a few words, they’re remnants of a defeated army.

Their swords broke, arrows run out, their eyes show no life as if it was all over.

They scattered here and there, laying on the ground.

Their numbers are far more than the 200 slave soldiers, but they’re a hopeless group that wouldn’t show any piece of morale.


『It’s a typical look of remnants of an army』

「I think so too」

『It’s like what you call it again, was it being on the top of a chopping board. Another one is, they’re just bait waiting to get eaten』


Those words are quite fitting.


Their numbers are huge, but if it’s like this, even Nana alone……no, at worst, even just Io’s party could wall all over them.

They’re just that hopeless.

We reached deep within the encampment, and stopped marching.

There’s the biggest tent there, and a man wearing a general-like clothes welcomed us.

It’s a middle-aged man in his forties, this one looks a little more decent.

I made a sign towards the slave soldiers.

The first platoon captain, Nikki, raised the carriage’s curtain.

Fiona and Marie went off the carriage with worried expressions.


「We have been waiting for you」



Fiona was puzzled.


「First, please take this your highness」


The man kneeled, and reached out an emblem accessory.

It’s the magic item that confirms the bloodline of the royal family that I saw before.

Fiona received that, the accessory released lights.


Sparse cheers rose from the remnants of the army.

It looks like because a flag-bearer that has the blood of the royal family appeared, they had a little hope.




Suddenly, a soldier appeared with a shout.

His appearance is the worst even within the remnants of the army, his whole body is covered with bandages, and they are dyed red.

His gaze is sharp, and glared at Fiona and Marie showing his anger.


「I-I will not accept that!」


He shouted with a trembling voice, he pointed the edge of his weapon, the spear, towards the two.


「Blasphemy! What are you doing!」


The general shouted.


「Shut up! I’ve had enough of fighting! In the first place, why does a princess come this late! Nothing will happen even if one or two of them appeared anyways! It’s already over, it’s already over for this country!」

「What are you saying!」

「I will not die for something like that, I will not charge to my death!」

「You bastard……」


The general had popping veins on his temples.

He’s enraged, well, I get how he feels.

His long awaited blood-kin of the royal family finally came, and when he feels something like “Shall we fight!”, some nagging bastard came.

And to that general’s anger, a soldier that should’ve faltered raised his emotions higher.


「Shut up! If it’s like this, I don’t care anymore! I’ll kill them and I’ll die!」


The soldier charged towards Fiona.

“It can’t be helpedーー”, I placed my hand on Eleanor.


『Wait, leave it to me here』


Eleanor said.

An instant later, a dark aura rose from my body.

That was a higher density aura compared to up until now.

The aura moved like tentacles, and entangled the soldier’s body.


「I-I can’t move」


The aura restrained him tightly, he can’t move at all.

I looked at Eleanor.


「What’s this」

『My power』

「You didn’t have this up until now though」

『You’re going to use me completely right? Try controlling this, if you can, you will see something greater than 100%』


She said more than 100% so easily.

Well, whatever, it’s something that I said first.

As she wish……I will use her completely.

I took a deep breath, and sent my consciousness to Eleanor’s dark aura.

I imagined……I was clad in it, as if I wore a jacket.

I put my arms inside that jacket, and moved it.




I strangled the man using the aura.

The man whose neck is being strangled struggled.

And while doing that, I approached the man.

I pinched the tip of the spear that he’s holding, *Paki!*, I broke it, and threw it away.

The surroundings got noisy because of what happened.


「What is that……」

「Is he even human?」

「I know that, that’s the Demon Sword Eleanor」

「You’re saying, it’s the Demon Sword Wielder?」

「It’s the Red Dragon Killer……」


Mixed with different kinds of voices, I could feel their fear and awe.

While restraining the man with the Aura, I talked to the general.


「I am Yuuki Kakeru. I came here to make the two, Fiona and Marie queens」

「I-I am Theo Customas. I thank you, Your Excellency Baron Yuuki」


He called him like that. It’s just right since I’m a baron in Siracuza, so I guess he knows about me.

If so, that makes it much easier.


「This is my suggestion. It’s going to get troublesome if this kind of guy appears again from now on. I’ll do the rest, so release those guys who don’t want to fight」

「But then, the numbers of soldiers will……」

「I said, I’ll do the rest」


I said that, and consciously moved the dark aura.

The aura spread, its area doubled.


「It wouldn’t even take me five minutes to kill all of these guys. Numbers this much, it doesn’t matter if they’re around or not」

「……I understood, I will obey」


Theo said that, and sent orders.



We entered Theo’s tent, and Fiona and Marie sat on the highest seat.

Theo approached the two, and kneeled in front of them.




Because of the sudden thing, Fiona panicked, and almost stood up.

I stopped her by raising my hand, and gestured with my eyes.

Fiona sat down again.

While kneeling, Theo greeted them with how they do at Siracuza, and stood up again.


「I am very delighted that Your Highness the Princess has come. This Theo Customas, he shall use his life to revive our Kingdom」

「U-Un. Please do」



Seeing there was a pause, I stepped between them.


「What’s the current state of the war?」

「Embarrassingly, the Siracuza army is everyone that is here. Right now, all of the Siracuza’s territory is conquered by the Barbarian King Thioza. According to rumors, he has also sent messengers to the four other kingdoms」


Messengers? What for.


『He probably wants to say “I conquered Siracuza’s whole territory, let’s get along from now on”, or something similar to that』


I see.


「If the four other kingdoms have approved, no, even if they acquiesce. If they were recognized as a country, we shall lose all our hope on reviving Siracuza. First, to repeal that, we must show that the main army of Siracuza remains, we must counterattack somewhere」

「Rather than that, I have a better way」

「What is it?」

「Just wait」


I left everyone, and warped.

From the small tent in the remote region of Siracuza, I warped to Calamba Kingdom Capital, Meteora.

I caught a maid that I know and asked Rica’s whereabouts, and from there, I warped to the queen’s room.

And there was Rica.




Seeing me, Rica stood up with full of happiness, she ran to me with small strokes.


「Did you come to play? I know! I have chosen the girls for Kakeru, will you meet them?」

「I’ll do that later……I’ll come again tonight. Rather than that, I came today because I have something to ask of you」

「Ask me?」

「How much do you know about Siracuza?」


The instant I asked that, Rica’s expression changed.

From an expression that’s like a puppy dog wagging her tail to her owner’s return, to a queen’s face full of dignity.


「Thioza has almost conquered the whole territory of Siracuza, in the near future, a messenger shall come to our country」

「I see, if you know that much, then it makes it easier」

「You mean by that is?」

「I decided to go with the remnants of Siracuza. The royal family there has some survivors, so I would be supporting them. That’s whyーー」

「I got it」


While I was speaking, Rica said.


「I will try to buy you some time. Let’s see. I should tell them something like, “Since there are still survivors of the royal family, come again after you pull out all the roots”.」


Rica understood quickly, and her suggestion is the best one that fits my situation, she completely believes on me.

I kissed Rica.


「You, you’re really a good woman」


Rica looked down, her cheeks were flushed.


「So I’ll go back to make some progressーーI’ll come again tonight」



Rica got very happy.

I brought the same story to Helene and Aura.

The two of them both readily consented just like Rica did.

For the meantime, this should be enough to buy some time.








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