Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 83

Chapter 83 – Princess Maker



「Please! Please become our leader!」


The man did a dogeza in front of Fiona and Marie. The two panicked.

The man seems desperate, and doesn’t seem to be lying, but.


「Do you have a proof?」



The man took out something from his waist.

It was an exalted emblem with a glance, an accessory with a gemstone.

And with that, he emphasized.


「This is the proof given to the generations of the royal family. It is an object that would react if one who has the blood of the royal family touches it」

「Fiona, Marie. For the meantime, try and hold it」

「Eh? But, Kakeru-san……」


Fiona made a troubled face, Marie looked so troubled that she didn’t know anything to say.


「He might have just mistaken you for another person, if so, that’s good too. ーーyou will leave if she’s not the person you’re searching for right」


I asked the man.


「Of course!」


The man nodded. He had an expression that was saying something like, “something like that is impossible though”.


「And, so. Here」


I passed it to Fiona and Marie.

The sisters looked at each other, they were still having troubled faces.

But finally, they slowly nodded at each other, and the elder sister Fiona took it.

The instant she held it, it lit.

Not just the emblem, but Fiona’s whole body lit.


「No way……」

「How about Marie? Try holding it」


I urged Marie. Marie timidly and cautiously received the emblem.

It lit just the same, and Marie became stunned with that result.

I took away the emblem from her handーーthe light disappeared.

It won’t light with me holding it huh, just like the man says, it seems like it reacts to the blood of the royal family.

I returned it to the man.


「Fiona-sama! Marie-sama! Please!」


While holding that, the man rubbed his head on the floor in a dogeza position.

The surroundings became noisy.

The customers that were originally inside the store, and the townspeople who heard the commotion who were taking a look from outside.

Looking at this situation, they were buzzing.


「Onee-chan……what should we do」

「Even if you ask me that……」


The two became more and more troubled, it seems like they don’t know what to do.

Looking at them, I said to the man.


「Can you return for today」


「Give them time to think of it carefully, time to have their resolutions. Or is it better to let them be like that, but say something like “I don’t want to do it” when the war starts?」



The man raised his head and stared at me.

He probably imagined that scene that I told.

The war had progressed very well for them, and it was only a little bit until the revival of the kingdom, but there, the two hesitated.

He probably imagined that and got convinced.

The man looked at me, and looked at the Fiona sisters.

And finally, he nodded, and stood up.


「I understand. I will come again」


He said that, and left the store.



Inside the closed hours of Purosu-Diner.

It was only Fiona and Marie who was facing each other troubled and me.

After a long silence, I started the conversation.


「Fiona, do you have any clues about what it was about?」

「U〜un, not at all. Marie also right」


「Did your mother tell you something?」


If they are the king’s secret child, then their mother should be a person concerned.


「U〜un, Okaa-san didn’t tell us about that at all. Even when she died, she only said “get along with each other, the two of you”」

「I see」

『Who is the owner of this store?』


Eleanor said inside my head.


「Who’s this store’s owner?」

「I am. It inheritance from Okaa-san, and it is nominally mine」


Fiona answered.


「I see, it means, Fiona and Marie doesn’t know anything at all huh」

『Most probably, this store too, it was opened using the money taken from the king』


The possibility of that is high.


「And so, what do you want to do?」

「W-What do we want to do, you say」

「Those kinds of guys, they’re persistent」


I said it as if to scare the two.


「It’s about their wish of reviving their homeland, as long as you don’t say a proper reason, he’d probably beg you forever」

「No way, we will be troubled. Our lifestyle, and, our store. Right, Marie」




Marie wouldn’t answer, Fiona looked at her little sister strangely.

And that Marie, she was staring straight at me, not her sister.


「What is it」

「Does Kakeru-san……like princesses?」



What is it suddenly.


「There are a lot of princesses around Kakeru-san right」

「Around me?」


On what range is she saying that.


『Of course its within your harem』


That huh. If so, there’s quite some of them.

Helene from Mercouri.

Aura from Comotoria.

She’s not a princess but the queen, Rica from Calamba.

And also, Nana was called as the barbarian’s princess I think.

Un, there’s a lot of princesses I guess.


「I-If so. If Kakeru-san likes princesses, I-I will」

「Marie? What are you saying?」

「I, I want to do my best for Kakeru-san」

「That……I can understand, but, it’s too dangerous. It’s a war you know」

「Even so, I don’t care」


Fiona gasped, Marie looked straight at me.


『What a good girl, and what a bad man. It looks like she’s planning to be a flag-bearer just for you』


That seems to be so.

That braveness of her was very cute, I saw her in the most loveliest way up until now.


「You are sure, Marie」


I got it.


I understand her resolution.


「Then, I’ll lend you my strength」

「Kakeru-san will?」

「I can’t think that there’s a lot of soldiers left within those guys who are on the brink of annihilation. There’s no way that I’d let Marie go and die right. I’ll lend you my strength」


Nana and the slave soldiers, Io’s party, the maid ghosts.

Andーーme, myself.

With this much, it should be enough.


『Well, roughly a military strength equal to a few thousand soldiers』



Marie stared at me with moist eyes.

I stared back at her.


「……then, I will go too」


Fiona said.

When a looked at her, she had a resolute expression that was a little different from Marie’s


「Onee-chan will go too?」

「Yes, I will. ……I should’ve been the first one」


After declaring that, she whispered something.

What first?

Well, that doesn’t matter.


「Fiona, Marie」


I stared at the two, and while holding Eleanor’s handle, I declared.


「I, I will make you princesses」


When I declared that, the two’s faces became flushed in red.









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  1. He is hentai ×777!! Though ever since Kakeru saved Marie it was like confirmed that she will do something like this 🤣 but confessing before her sister! Oh man who says she is timid! Kinda like wolf in sheeps clothing!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣


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