Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 82

Chapter 82 – “Former” Princess



Afternoon in the mansion’s yard, I’m watching Hikari and Chibi Dragon playing under the warm sun.

The one who is with me is Althea. She had rejuvenated with my vigor right now, and she’s in her peerless beauty appearance.


「How many percent is it of your prime?」

「It’s 100% for my body」

「I see」


It’s not after a fight, so I don’t feel like doing anything after my vigor getting sucked up, but I think that’s good as well, since she’s beautiful.


「By the way, it seems like a war has occurred in the Siracuza Kingdom」


「The demon race who were active for many long years within their country became quiet, and when they moved soldiers to put an end on them completely, they were attacked by barbarians then」

「Looks troublesome」

「It is troublesome. After all, the army of Siracuza Kingdom has consecutive defeats, most of the royal family had been killed, and even if they want to make a comeback, they don’t have a flag to raise, their situation is one that doesn’t have the cause to fight. The four countries around it doesn’t meddle but instead, they are watching closely, there are even rumors that a new country would be created」

「That really seems troublesome……how’s Delfina?」


When I asked that, Althea smiled pleasantly.


「She’s in high spirits」

「I guessed so. She said before that the best time would be just before the tree falls down」


“I’m sure that she’s having great gains because of the incident this time”, I thought.


「What would you do? Want to interfere」


「Yes, fishing in troubled waters. If you interfere right now, you can create a new country there, and become a king yourself」

「I can do that?」

「Yes, if it’s you」


Althea said with a smile.

Her eyes were serious, her eyes were saying that if I would say “Un”, she plans on doing something with all of her powers.


「U〜n, pass. I don’t have interest, being a king or something」

「Is that so」


Althea easily withdrew. Her serious eyes softens.

And then, she brought her body to mine.

She didn’t do anything, she just let our bodies closer.

And just like that, the two of us watched Hikari with care.

Hikari made a flower crown, and puts it on Chibi Dragon’s head.


「What do you think, O-chan」

「Myu〜, myu〜」


Chibi Dragon tilted her head trying to see the flower crown placed in her head, and tried to touch it, flipping her short front legs.

*Zuru*, the flower crown was displaced with that, but Hikari hold it for her, and fixed it in its place.


「I can’t think that that’s the Red Dragon that spread destruction and slaughter」

「She’s spreading peace and loveliness, together with your daughter」

「Well, 90% of it is because of Hikari though」

『You doting parent』


Eleanor pointed that out as usual, but I didn’t mind.

Suddenly, I noticed that the sky became dark.

Lightning clouds came at fast speed from afar, and quickly covered the sky.

Andーー*Pika!* , *GoroGoroGoro!*

Lightning that was a little weaker than Io’s magic fell.

Not mentioning me, Eleanor and Althea, and Hikari also was fine.

And within that.


「Myu〜! Myumyuu〜!」


Chibi Dragon jumped up just as high as her height, and clings to Hikari’s legs.

She buried her face, and started to tremble.


「O-chan? Are you okay, O-chan」


「Hikari is with you, it’s okay」

「Myu〜, myu〜」


She closed her eyes tightly, and while clinging onto Hikari, she shook her head.


「……she spread destruction and slaughter, right」

「You can say that only loveliness remains」

「Hikari’s loveliness fell to 80% now, huh」

『The total just increased, but it’s still 90%!』


……Eleanor is quite a doting parent as well.



Under the rain, I came to the Purosu’s Diner.

The poster girl Fiona welcomed me with a face full of smiles.


「Welcome〜. Are you by yourself today, Kakeru-san」


「Your order is?」

「Mountain cow’s full course」

「Oh really! Kakeru-san knows that the mountain cow’s price increased since you stopped hunting it right. A small store like ours can’t use them」


Fiona sulked with a smile.

A bright smile, I think that more than 50% of the reason that Purosu’s Diner is popular is because of this poster girl’s smile.


「Then, just give me anything」

「Yes, then, please go on to your usual seat」


I was guided, and sat in my usual seat.

I sat on the seat that was cleaned to a shine a level more than other seats.


「H-Hello, Kakeru-san」


And as if to exchange, Marie came this time.

She’s Fiona’s little sister and their face is similar, but she has a slightly timid personality.


「Yeah. How is it」

「Thanks to you」


While saying that, Marie took a glance on my waist.

I put Eleanor on the other side. Because Marie was once possessed by Eleanor, it seems like she still has a trauma about it right now.

Doing that, Marie seemed a little relieved, and at the same time, seemed sorry for it.


「Kakeru-san, you come a lot of times recently right」


「Do you have plans on going somewhere」

「Going far away you mean? U〜n, I don’t think so」


I thought while looking at the ceiling.

The time that I went far away recently is when I went to Calamba to save Rica, and when I saved Aura in Comotoria.

I can warp to places I had gone to once, so I don’t have any plans to go anywhere right now.


「Uhmm, the-then」


「We’re creating a new menu, so, if it is completed, can you come and eat?」


「ーー! Thank you very much」


Marie said that, and happily went back to the back of the store.


『Come to think of it』


『Those sisters, you haven’t made them yours yet huh. You’ve been acquainted with them longer than any woman you have, why』

「It’s because Marie is still afraid of you of course」

『Don’t make it as if it’s my fault』

「Making it or whatever, it’s completely your fault right. She was almost possessed to death you know」


*Pin*, I flicked Eleanor with a finger. I flicked her to the place that seemed to be her forehead.


『I told you, don’t treat me so roughly. Even though you say that, don’t you bring me with you when you come here』

「I’m taking you with me anywhere I go right. If I left you alone, who knows how many people would become your victim」

『Don’t worry』


Eleanor’s voice that seems to be proud echoes in my head.


『I’ll possess all of them to death in an instant, if I fall into someone else’s hands. ……especially men other than you』

「You’re the Demon Sword of Relief and Trust, Eleanor after all right. Un? Did you say anything at the end?」

『I-I said that you’re a bad man, you doting parent』

「Doting parent goes the same with you」


I replied with that, and watched the town through the window.


The raining town has its uniqueness, and with only the sound of the rain falling, I rather feel like its quiet.

While resting my chin on one hand, I silently stared at that.

And there, Fiona came with the food.


「Sorry to keep you waiting. Did Marie say anything? Somehow, she seems fired up though」

「I just said, I’ll eat her cooking」

「I see, it’s because of that huh」


Fiona got convinced.

“Why did she became convinced with that”, it was when I was about to ask her that.

One man entered the Purosu’s Diner.

He is drenched with his raincoat, and looked around the store while catching his breath.

While the other customers think of it strangely, Fiona approached the man.


「Welcome〜. Dear Customerーーare you by yourself?」

「I-I heard that Fiona-san and Marie-san is here」

「I am Fiona……and my little sister is in the back」



The man grabbed Fiona’s shoulders.



「Are you really Fiona-sama?」




「P-Please wait. It hurts」


Fiona who was being grabbed by the shoulders says that she’s in pain.

I approached, and removed the man’s hands.


「W-Who are you」

「For the meantime, calm down. What do you need from Fiona and Marie」

「Let go! We are going to make Fiona-sama and Marie-sama our leader of confederacy」



I looked at Fiona like, “What does this mean”. Marie showed her face from the back of the store, and was clueless.

Fiona shook her head. I asked the man furthermore.


「What do you mean, explain it that we could understand.」

「I want to ask the two who have ties with the royal family, to become our leader, the army of Siracuza Kingdom’s leader. The two of them are the illegitimate children of His Majesty the King」



Fiona and Marie were surprised. It looks like they didn’t know it themselves.

E〜to, illegitimate children means…….


『Children that the King have with a commoner woman』


Eleanor explained.

E〜to……somehow, it became something serious?










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19 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 82

    • Was there any event in this novel that was not forced?

      Having a lottery with those kind of prizes sending him to another world…. pretty forced, I’d say.
      The first encounter he has in that world: a princess being chased by enemies and he naturally appears in that world just on time to save her… pretty forced again.

      This whole novel is based on “forced” events.
      But that’s just exactly what makes itg so interesting cause you will never know what is gonna happen next.


    • In that case he’s already king since he got the Queen of Calamba and Princess of Comotoria and Princess of this kingdom he is currently living in. All of them would greatly welcome him as the king.


      • He’s kinda walking the path of an emperor with his dick, huh… Even if he doesn’t get involved in governance, his existence is going to change a lot.


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