Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – Mother and Daughter Hawks



I left the Purosu-Diner, left the town, and went towards the forest.

There might be a possibility of missing each other, so I went there not by using the warp feather, but by walking.

I walked slowly under the sunset.


『You’re name’s getting famous quite well』


『My impostor in the rumors up until now, and an impostor of yours finally appeared. It is proof that you are smoothly getting famous』

「What an annoying thing」

『Over time, Hikari’s impostor might also』



That’d piss me off seriously. I was also told that in the Purosu-Diner, but it really pisses me off.


『However, there’s nothing that you can do』


I know that.


『Also, I do not dislike it』



I heard Eleanor’s enjoying laughter inside my head.


『In times when I essentially controlled this world, humans would tremble with just my name. It’s a good thing, you know? The pleasure beyond the extremity of infamy. Eleanor and Hikari, it is also not that bad, throwing this world once again into the abyss of fear with those names』

「You idiot」


I flicked my finger on Eleanor.

Ki〜n, Ki〜n, two beautiful sounds were made with one flick. The 100% additional attack ability activated.

I went towards the forest while chatting with Eleanor.

I entered the forest, and searched for human presence.

I immediately found it. At the very back, there was a lot of human presence.

When I walked towards there, I saw Hikari, Nana, and the slave soldiers in an open space in the forest.

Everyone’s searching for something. “What are they doing”, I thought, so I stopped to a halt and looked at them.


「Hikari-sama, this is from the second platoon. Is this the right one」


Nana showed the thing she received from a slave soldier to Hikari.

It’s a weed-like flower. It’s a weed-like flower with 7 small buds.


「One, two, threeーーseven. Un! There’s seven. This one’s correct〜」


After Hikari had received it from Nana, she went to the group of slave soldiers who found it, and bowed her head with a very lovely gesture.


「Thank you very much, Onee-chan」


One of the 10 slave platoons, the group of 20 slave soldiers made a troubled face.


『What a good daughter』

「Of course」


I exchanged simple words with Eleanor.

Eleanor was slightly very proud.


「Hikari-sama, that flower, how many of it is still needed」

「E〜to, ne……Onee-chans, how many are you」

「Onee-chans, if you say」


This time, Nana made a troubled face.

Looking at an unusual side of her is fun.


「Are you talking about, the slave soldiers」


「If so, there are exactly 200 of them」

「There were that many huh〜……it’s hard, then」


Hikari looked at the flower that she has in her hand, and said that.


「Is it that, this is for the slave soldiers?」


「It was not for Aruji huh……」


Nana was surprised, I was also surprised.


It’s because when I heard that Hikari was going to search for a flower that can make any wish come true, I was very sure that it was a present for me.


『Kukuku, too bad huh, doting parent』

「Shut up, you’re noisy」


I got a little upset.


「Otou-san? It’s not like that. It’s because, Otou-san, is suーーーーper amazing, the most amazing in the world, so. Even if there are no flowers, the wishes will come true right」


Hikari said with a smile full of innocence.



『You show off』


It looks like Eleanor was a little upset.


「I thought of searching for the flower, and give it to Onee-chans. Thank you, Onee-chans」


Hikari lowered her head again.

Hikari’s appearance of making a bow that is very dynamic using her whole body was the loveliest in the whole wide world.


「If Onee-chans were not here, I could not find them. Truly, thank you very much」


She said, and showed a smile again.

To that appearance, the slave soldiers who were there, and the slave soldiers that had returned after were head over heels.


「Second Platoon!」


One of the slave soldiers, the platoon leader girl shouted.


「We’re going to find the flower! The quota is one flower each! The ones who did not find one will have no meal」

「Eight Platoon! Do everything to find it!」


The slave soldiers scattered. They became very fired up in an instant, and started to search for the flower.


「Wawa, Onee-chans got angry……they got angry?」


She almost misunderstood that their determination was anger, but half-way, Hikari tilted her head like “A-re?”.


『Hmm, she immediately caught the hearts of the slave soldiers huh』

「As expected of Hikari」

『She’s my daughter after all』

「It’s because she’s my daughter」


While arguing with something like that, I went towards where Hikari is.



I returned to the town together with Hikari, Nana, and the slave soldiers.

The 200 slave soldiers, all of them properly have a flower on their chest.

The result of searching altogether after that, they were able to somehow gather a number equal to them.

By the way, as the result of the platoon leader of the first platoon “begging”, Hikari placed the flowers in their chests one by one.

And with that, everyone was more and more fallen to Hikari.


「Mu, this is」

「What is it, Otou-san」

「It’s Marie’s cave」

「Marie’s cave?」


Hikari tilted her head.


「I see, Hikari didn’t know about it huh」


Marie’s cave, the place where Eleanor’s previous power, the hell’s army are sealed to.

Since it couldn’t be completely annihilated, the cave was sealed, and is being monitored by the guild.  

The adventurer with the role of the monitor, a young man I’m familiar with came over to me with a jog.


「Hello! It’s been a while, Kakeru-san!」


「What is it today? Did you go to war or something?」


The adventurer looked behind me.

200 slave soldiers, it can’t be helped if he could see it like that.


「No, it’s not like……」




I talked to Nana, not the adventurer.



「How’s the progress of the training?」

「If it’s against the same numbers, they could hold on to a certain level」

「They’d gotten better than last time huh. Yosh, let’s train」


This time, I faced the adventurer and said.


「My bad, but, can you release the seal just like before. I will take all of the resーー」

「I understood!」


The adventurer ran towards the cave. I was planning to say “I’ll take all of the responsibility” but he accepted without me finishing.


『That guy’s also your follower huh』

「I’m not that happy if it’s from a man though」


I shrugged my shoulders.



I watched the slave soldiers fight, while sitting with Hikari and my back against a tree.

With Nana’s commands, the slave soldiers are fighting against the undead army.

They’re losing one versus one, by cooperating with numbers they’re finally equal, and with Nana’s command, outpacing the amount they appear from the sealing point.

They were fighting like that.




「Verna! Bashira!」

「First platoon, fall back! Aruji! Can I receive the permission to use recovery items」

「The magic balls? Use freely the ones I gave you」

「Ha! Thank you very much」


The first platoon fell back with Nana’s orders, recovered and took a breath.

The slave soldiers continued to fight, then suddenly, from the defeated, disappearing skeleton, one lottery ticket appeared.

I stood up, went to it, and picked it up.

I confirmed it, and with no doubt, it’s “that” lottery ticket.




Nana thought of it strange.


「It’s nothing. Rather than that, fight more and more. There’s no better training than a real fight」



Nana returned to give commands.





I called Nana to a stop, and she turned around to look at me.


「Tell me the one who was the most active within the slaves later, I’ll give her a reward」



She said that, and this time for sure, she returned.

The tickets increased, I even thought that if I got something good from the lottery, I could give that to her.

The training with a real battle continues.

The slave soldiers were gradually tiring.

“It’s about time to make them stop, and wait until their stamina recovers”, it was when I was thinking of that.



「W-What in the world is this」

「So big……and this cold feeling……」


The slave soldiers got noisy.

“What is it”, I thought, and when I took a look, a giant that have a fierce face with unique horns and fangs appeared from the sealing point.

Hell’s Emperor Sandros, the trump card of the hell’s army Eleanor had led once, it’s a guy that changes the war by itself.

That guy came out, the situation of the battle literally changed.

With its first blow, tens of slave soldiers were blown off with its strong arm at once.

And with an additional attack, it kicked away tens of them.

The slave soldiers were routed in an instant.




Nana jumps towards it.

With her cape fluttering, she closed the distance in an instant, and attacks it.




I heard the voice of relief of the slave soldiers, and in the next instant.




Nana was blown off by its arm.

She was blown off, regained her position, and attacks it again.

She swung her sword, slashing it numerous times creating a net of lightning.

Sandros received that, and counterattacked. Nana who had guessed that used its arm as a foothold, and slashed its head straight on.


「They’re equal」

『Umu. However, that guy’s stamina is inexhaustible』

「She’s disadvantaged with a long drawn fight huh」


Nana fought against it evenly, but it is also an uphill battle.

Among the slave soldiers, some of them noticed that, and made signs of going to support Nana with their weapons.




I stopped them.


「But, with this, Nana-sama will!」

「Just stop and listen. Nana」


「Fall back」



Nana exchanged blows with Sandros, and fall back with its momentum just as she was ordered.




Sandros looked up and roared. From how he looked, he’s haven’t changed from before.





Hikari nodded, and transformed to her Demon Sword form.

I held that, readied it with Eleanor, and went towards Sandros.

That guy hasn’t changed, but I did.

It was only Eleanor before, but there’s Hikari now.

I don’t feel losing at all.



「Yes, thanks for your hard work」


I received its punch with Eleanor, and beheaded it using Hikari, then split it vertically using Eleanor.

Sandros was cross slashed, its huge body collapsed then, thinned and disappeared.  

I picked up the lottery ticket that remained after it disappeared.

When I turned back, I felt that eyes were focused on me.

The slave soldiers, they were staring at me with passionate eyes.

Most of them are admiration, but some of them had a woman’s face.










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