Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 78

Chapter 78 – Kakeru’s Impostor



On this day, I came to the Purosu-Diner after a long time.


「Welcome! Ah, Kakeru-san!」


A young girl wearing an apron and a hood, this shop’s poster girl Fiona came over.


「It has been a while. Oh, you have really been not coming recently, so I thought you were already fed up with us」


Fiona said jokingly. That move is very poster girl-like, she knows how to break the ice with moderated jokes.

That’s why I also replied jokingly.


「Having a child makes it harder to each outside」

『Don’t make it as if it’s Hikari’s fault!』


Eleanor got angry inside my mind although it’s just a joke. She’s always saying that I’m a doting parent, but I think she’s more of a doting parent than me.

It’s just that she can’t turn into human form from a Demon Sword in this world, that it makes it not stand out.


「Ahaha, Hikari-chan’s pitiful if you say something like that. For today, Hikari-chan, she’s not with you?」

「She went out and play. She said something like there’s a wishing flower? or something, and went to the forest’s direction」

「Ara, you let Hikari-chan go by herself」

「No? I made someone follow her of course」

「Kusu, well, that is right. Hikari-chan, she’s very lovely, so it would be bad if something happens」


『What the heck’s that「Yeah」. How can you say that after making Nana Kanou and all of the 200 slave soldiers guard her』


That much is normal right.


「I’m sorry, it looks like I stopped you for a talk. Please come to this seat」


Fiona guided me to a seat with a bright smile.

I ordered this store’s best seller, mountain cow fried rice and some other recommended dishes.

After I waited for a while, the food was brought one next to the other.

I took a bite-size, and put it in my mouth.



「Is something wrong?」

「Somehow, isn’t the taste a little different than usual?」

「Ufufu, you have noticed?」

「That way of speaking, did you change something?」

「Yes, we changed. Well, although that was said, it’s only for Kakeru-san」

「For me only?」


What does she mean?

When I was thinking of it strange, Fiona pointed to the kitchen’s direction.

And when I looked there, I met eyes with Marie who was showing her face.

Marie immediately blushed, and went back inside the kitchen.


「What’s up with her」

「Only Kakeru-san’s food, Marie made them」



I continued and picked up another dish and put it inside my mouth. I also scooped the famous fried rice with a china spoon and ate a spoonful.


「Tastes delicious」

「Please say that to that girl later. I’m sure she would get happy」

「Yeah, I’ll do that」

「I’m counting on you okay〜」


Fiona said that, and was called by another customer.

For a while, I enjoyed the dishes Marie made for me by myself.


「Oi! I’m a customer!」


Suddenly, there was an impudent voice coming from the entrance of the store.

When I looked towards the direction of the voice, a burly skinhead man was standing with a grinning face.

That guy who’s wearing a cape, for some reason, was acting like showing off that thing in his waist.


『That is……』

「It’s you」

『That’s wrong! It is not me! It is my impostor』


Eleanor got a little angry. That’s right, the thing the man had in his waste was something that looked exactly like Eleanor, the Demon Sword replica that is famous recently.

I don’t know if it’s the old version, or the new one that can create an aura, but it looks exactly the same as her in their appearance.

Fiona came over to that man in a hurry.


「Welcome, is Customer-sama by himself」


「I’m sorry, there are no vacant tables right now……are you fine with sharing a seat」

「Aann? That’s a joke right, can’t you see this?」


The man showed off the demon sword replica.


「That is……Demon Swordーー」

「That’s right, it’s that Demon Sword Eleanor. This isn’t an imitation by the way」


The man placed his hand in its grip. The next instant, a dark aura came out from the sword.


『It looks like it’s a new one』

「Seems so」



Fiona looked at my direction.

I shrugged my shoulders, and the two of us made a wry laugh.


「I won’t hide this, I am the Demon Sword Wielder, Goshaku Kakeru」



I couldn’t help but let out a voice, the man glared at me.


「What the fuck are you, you have something to say?」

「No, no, it is nothing」


To the sudden development, I couldn’t help myself to reply with a little respectful tone.


『This is great, your impostors also finally started to appear』

「I’m surprised」


I was so surprised, and got interested instead.

I rested my chin on a hand, and observed the progress.


「This great one made his way to come to a store like this, prepare something like a seat in a hurry」(TL: Ore-sama)



Fiona made a troubled face.

She’s not afraid of being intimidated, she has a troubled look like “what should I do with this”.


「Ahh, Fiona-chan, I’m finished eating here, so」


One of the customers gave her help.

Fiona hurriedly said thanks, accounted, and cleaned the table.

The man sat there while making a sound when he sat.


「E〜to, what would you like?」

「Something tasty, just bring me something tasty」

「I understood」


Fiona answered, and returned to the kitchen.

Along the way, she passed by me.


「Isn’t it amazing, Kakeru-san, it’s an impostor」


She whispered to me.

It looks like Fiona was also completely having fun about it.

Even so……my impostor, huh.

Once again, I observed that guy.

Other than the demon sword replica in his waist, he didn’t have anything similar to me.

What makes him say that he’s me, I got a little curious.

I stood up, and approached that guy.



「Aann, what the fuck are you」

「I’m sorry, actually, I’m a huge fan of Kakeru-san」



The man got obviously in a good mood.


「I heard a lot of rumors about Kakeru-san, but I haven’t met him. I didn’t think that I would meet you here」

「Hmph, say thanks to your fortune」

「By the way, are you really Kakeru-san?」

「Can’t you see this」


Fake Kakeru showed off his demon sword replica.


「No, actually, I also have that」


I said that, and held the real Eleanor.

I put some strength, and released a dark aura.

Fake Kakeru who touched the aura a bit shook his body.


「Look, isn’t this popular recently. I’m also Kakeru-san’s fan so I immediately bought it. Quite a lot of people have it you know」


「Do you have other proofs?」

「Of course I do」


The man returned to this smug face, and said.




The man showed his cape.

On the back of the cape, a mark shaped like a pentagram star was drawn.


「You know this great one right? I’m Goshaku-sama who had received noble titles from all five major countries. This family crest is the proof」



This is a little interesting.


『You had something like a family crest huh』


I could hear Eleanor’s enjoying voice.

Of course, I don’t have something like a family crest. There were a lot of talks about making one, but because of things happening, it couldn’t be helped to be put aside.

By the way, the one who’s telling me to make a family crest is mostly Nana.

For her who leads the slave soldiers, it seems like she wants something that can be used as a mark or a flag.


「That’s amazing, as expected of Goshaku-sama」

「Hmph. You, you look promising」

「Is that so?」

「Yosh, sit there. Since you’re lucky, this great one will let you hear about his greatness」


「In the first place, you know, the reason why this great one got a noble title from the five major countries isーー」


Fake Kakeru was in a great mood, and started to brag.

The things that that guy said were something that I don’t know about.

In short, it’s a made-up story, and I got impressed that he’s able to make something like that.

When I was listening to his story while giving responses.


「Ah! Kakeru-san, I finally found you」


Io appeared, and stood in front of me




Ignoring the surprised Fake Kakeru, Io looked only at me, and said.


「I searched for you. E〜to, there was a message from Calamba’s Queen and Comotoria’s princess」

「Rica and Aura huh. What did they say」

「They said the same thing. “If you have time for tonight, it would be pleasant if you can come”」

「I see. Give them a reply, tell them that I’ll take them to the mansion, so get ready」

「I understood」


Io nodded, and turned back.

She took a glance at Fake Kakeru along the way, but she only tilted her head, and immediately left.

After Io had left, Fake Kakeru said to me.


「H-Hmph, what an interesting joke, no what an act」


「Something like the Queen of Calamba, or princess of Comotoria. Did you think I’d be fooled with that made-up story. Unfortunately for youーー」


Fake Kakeru said with a somewhat shivering voice.

Cheers were suddenly raised.

It could be heard from outside the store.

“What is it about”, when I was thinking of that, the store’s door opened, and Helene entered.

Helene who was wearing her princess’ dress came over me with elegant gestures.



「Yeah, what is it, Helene」

「I have something to consult with Kakeru-sama……but, did I interrupt」


Helene took a glance at Fake Kakeru.

Not knowing the situation, she probably thought that Fake Kakeru’s my acquaintance.

Helene who places me on top, has a tendency on making the people I know like that too.

Receiving that, Fake Kakeru.


「H-Hmph, this time it’s a Fake Helene-sama huh. Unfortunately, I can’t be fooled with something like that」


Fake Kakeru bluffed. I’m starting to feel bad about him now.

I reached out my hand, and casted magic on the tiara Helen was wearing.

It’s the magic that distinguishes the royal family’s belongings. It’s magic that anyone can use, and one that even I learned.

And then, the royal house’s emblem appeared from Helene’s tiara.




Fake Kakeru was short on his words. It’s because he found out that Helene was a true princess.


「Kakeru-sama? This is」


「Yes. You, are you not an acquaintance of Kakeru-sama」


Helene made a strange face.

Fake Kakeru rapidly became white-faced.

Well, if he’s told that the real thing that he’s naming himself for was in front of him, he’d be like that huh.


「It looks like he’s also Kakeru」


「On top of that, it looks like he also have Eleanor」

「Ara, ara」

「That thing on his cape looks like it’s Goshaku-sama’s family crest」

「There was something like that huh」


Helene thought for a while, and it seems like she finally caught up.


「Is it, Kakeru-sama’s impostor……?」


When I nodded, Helene’s expressions changed.

She made a quiet, but angry face.


「In the kingdom’s laws, assuming a noble’s name is an official crime. Assuming the name of Mercouri Kingdom’s Marquis is a serious crime」



Fake Kakeru fell from his chair, and landed on his ass.


「Someone, catch this man」

「F-Forgive us〜〜」


Fake Kakeru ran away.

Helene’s subordinates who entered from outside were about to chase after him.


「Leave it alone, Helene」


I stopped her.


「But, that man assumed Kakeru-sama’s nameーー」

「It’s alright, it’s not like there was any harm. And also, I look forward to it」

「Look forward?」


Helene got surprised.


「It’s the same with Eleanor’s impostors, the thing that came out after has evolved compared to the first thing that came out right?」

『Do not involve me in this!』

「Just like that, I’m looking forward on how my impostors would evolve」



Helene made an “I can’t understand” face.


「Let’s look at that together, let’s look forward to it」

「I cannot understand very well, but……if Kakeru-sama says so」


Helene got convinced.

Well then, I wonder how my impostor look like next time? I’m seriously looking forward to it a little.


『Over time, Hikari’s impostor might appear too』


An instant death penalty for something like that.










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