Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – Ghost and Demon Sword and New Army



Night, for some reason, I felt a presence and raised my body from between Io and Delfina.

I heightened my senses and stared outside of the window.

There’s nothing strange from how the air flows, my sight and hearing that are multiplied by 777 times can’t catch anything strange.

But, something’s strange.




「Kakeru-san dai〜suki」


Leaving the two, I went down from the bed.

I wore a coat, and left the room holding Eleanor.


「……above huh」

『You felt it』

「You knew it?」

『It’s rather my specialty』


Eleanor casually spoke.

Specialty, you say, what is?

I left the mansion once while still thinking of it strangely, and jumped after concentrating strength on my feet.

I jumped to the roof. In there, there was Tanya’s appearance.

A ghost who’s wearing a maid outfit with faint lights emitted periodically from her translucent body.

She was once a bound spirit within this mansion that I released, a maid ghost that is currently possessing both Eleanor and the mansion. 

Her name is Tanya Chichiakis. And in front of that Tanya, there was a girl wearing a maid outfit.

Her age is about twenty. Opposite to Tanya who is lovely, she seemed sharp, and looked like a maid that could do her job well.

But, they’re the same with their body being translucent, and floats in the air a little.


「She’s also a ghost huh……ahh, by your specialty, you mean it like that huh」

『Umu, I’ve not led undead armies for hundreds of years for show』


Eleanor said as if to brag a little. As a Demon Sword, her ability to sense things like this is probably high.

Tanya and the other ghost haven’t noticed us.

It looks like they’re talking about something, so I eavesdropped a patiently.


『Then, Peggy-chan still want to work huh』

『Yes……but even so, I got sick……it’s regrettable』

『I think that you’d better rest in peace just like this though. There’s no problem if you’d just become a ghost, but, as time passes, your head would become strange, and you would gradually lose yourself』


Tanya said. Coming from her who lost her sanity, it’s very convincing.



『I understand that you have regrets though』

『Can’t something be done, senpai』



Tanya tilted her head.

I got quite curious, so I decided to join their conversation.



『Ah! It’s Kakeru. Sorry, was it noisy?』

「No, you weren’t. Rather than that, she is?」

『I’ll introduce her okay. Peggy Addis-chan. She’s a freshly died newly born ghost〜』


What kind of ghost is that.


『S-Senpai……this person is?』

『My Master. This mansion’s owner. He’s called Kakeru』


「It’s like this」


I raised Eleanor, and invoked. And then, Tanya was absorbed within Eleanor.




When Peggy was surprised, I invoked again. Tanya appeared again.


「It’s like that」

『Can something like this be done with ghosts?』

『Kakeru’s just special, after all, the one he’s holding right now is Demon Sword Eleanor you know』

『Demon Swordーーehhhhhh!! Demon Sword Eleanor?!』


After a moment of pause, she screamed.


『I-Is it the real thing』

「You want to hold her?」

『Don’t try it, if an existence that is just a spirit touches me, at worst, she might disappear』


Since Eleanor had advised me with a very serious tone inside my head, I pulled back the sword that I reached out.

Peggy stared at me.

She stared at me intently as if to expect something.

What is it, those eyes.


『Ne〜, Kakeru』


Tanya asked from the side. With a tone that is very careful, as if to check on me.


『That Demon Sword, can ghosts still enter it?』

「Un? If there’s still a capacity you mean? How is it, Eleanor」

『Have you forgotten about the undead army』


It’s an answer very Eleanor-like.


「It seems like it can, and there’s still a lotーーahh」


“She meant it like that huh”, I noticed.


I looked at Peggy’s way.

Eyes as if to expect something, and the thing Tanya asked at the beginning.

It means like that.




Tanya asked. I thought for a while.

A certain spectacle appears inside my head.


「You, can you fight. Do you have an ability that can be used for battles?」



Peggy looked down very apologetically.


『I was able to use flame magic when I was still alive, but now……』


She said that, reached out her hand, and released a ball of flame.

But, that ball is translucent just like her body, and passed through the roof without releasing any sound.


『Just like this, I can use it, but I can’t』

「I see. Your name is Peggy Addis right. Lend flame magic powers to Peggy Addis」


【Magic Powers of Flames will be lent to Peggy Addis. Time Remaining: 29 seconds】


「Try to shoot magic once again. Ahh, this time, rather than shooting towards the mansion, shoot towards me」



Peggy got confused.


『Try it』


Tanya said with a smile as if to encourage her.

She had experience with it, so I felt like Tanya was excited because she could imagine what would happen next.




She reached out her hand, and shot the flame magic.

The magic powers boosted by lending the 777 multiplication ability, became a huge ball of flames larger than my body.


『Eh! N-Noーー』


She looked to be panicking with its size, and Peggy tried to erase the magic in a hurry, but it didn’t go well and the ball of flame flew towards me.

I swung Eleanor, clearing it away.

The huge ball of flames was cleared by the Demon Sword, bursts and scattered.



「Hmm, if I lend magic powers she can fight huh」

『Ne〜ne〜, Kakeru, Kakeru』


『You know, I feel that my magic powers had increased recently』



In this timing, Tanya told me that.

She probably wants to say that ghosts have growth too.


「Yosh, I got it. Since you’re introduced by Tanya, I’ll let you work in my place」


「I’ll place you inside Eleanor once」


I said that and raised Eleanor up, and invoked with the same feeling as with Tanya.

Peggy disappeared once, and appeared again.

Somehow, the air around her changed. Peggy who I summoned from inside Eleanor was a little different.

And, could she feel it herself, Peggy looked at her own hands very carefully.


『Welcome, Peggy-chan』

『Yes! Senpai』


Just like this, the ghosts inside Eleanor became two.


『You, are you planning on recreating the undead army』

「Well, yeah, you don’t like it?」

『I have no complains if it’s female ghosts』


Eleanor answered immediately.

She has no complaints with females? Placing men inside is badーー.

I thought up to there, and suddenly realized.

Ahh, that’s right, that is not good at all.

Even though it’s a ghost that would be inside Eleanor, it is not good putting a man inside.


「Don’t worry, I won’t put men inside」



Eleanor snorted, it seems like she’s satisfied with that.










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    • He doesn’t need to find a way for that.
      He just needs to wait until there is a prize at the lottery like [special ability “Grant human form to a non-human being for one day”] (Cooldown: 1 year – basic, can be reduced according to user’s magical powers).
      Then with his 777-times of magic power Kakeru’s cooldown will be a bit less than 1 day, so he could keep her in human-form permanently.


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