Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – Kakeru Believer



Along the way going back to the town of Roizen.

I told Io who was walking beside me.


「You’d gotten stronger huh」



Io’s eyes sparkled.


「Ahh, pretty much. When did you become something like an A rank adventurer?」

「It was a while ago. While Kakeru-san is busy, I’m clearing quests from the guild. It’s like when I noticed, it’s already like this」

「I see」



「Did I……really got stronger?」


Very timidly, she asked as if to check my face color.




It got funny, so I couldn’t help but laugh out.


「I-I’m sorry! I’m still not yet there after all right」



After taking a laugh, I said.


「You’d gotten stronger, with no doubt. You’d gotten stronger that you cannot be compared to when we just met」




I nodded clearly.


「……I did it」


Io made a small guts pose.

That appearance of her was very cute.

She was so cute that I want to return to the mansion right away and push her down on the bed.


「And then? I’ve completely forgotten to ask it but, what was those two?」


I asked Io.

The two who’s taking about ten meters distance back after I defeated the goat head monster.

The ponytail female swordsman and clerical clothed female priest.

The two who were calling Io Ane-san and Onee-sama.


「Agnes and Julia?」

「Ahh. When did you get to know them?」

「Just a while ago. On that day, the two suddenly came and said『Please let us enter Io-san’s party!』」

「That’s something I also heard somewhere」


When I said that, Io’s face reddened.

She said the same thing to me, and pushed herself to be in the same party with me. Honestly, it’s the same pattern.


「From there, you were in the same party huh」

「Yes, when Kakeru-san’s not around. Ah! It’s alright, Kakeru-san, I’m telling the two girls that it is only a temporary party」



“What do you mean”, I asked back.


「I refused because I’m already in another party, but they said that it’s okay even if it’s temporary party. If they say that much, I couldn’t help it, so I accepted」



I didn’t get clearly how it means.

Is there something like a real party or a temporary party.

But well, from how Io said it, there probably is.


「It’s real okay? I’m in, Kakeru-san’s party after all」

「Ahh, I know」


I nodded.


「You’re in my party, and you’re my woman. Even if you say you’d want to leave, I won’t let you」


I said with a little strong tone.




Io had a more and more grinning face.


「I got the story. You’re fighting monsters here and there with those two recently huh」


「And then, you’re being admired like Ane-san or Onee-sama」



Io looked down embarrassingly.


「I’m telling them to stop, but the two wouldn’t」

「Isn’t it alright, letting them call you like that」



To Io who’s troubled, I said as a joke.


「Rather, you should win them over more and more. Io should win over them, and give them to me including yourself」


The footsteps stopped.

I looked at Io who stopped on her feet, she looked at me with a surprised face.

Mu, I said it wrongly huh.

That right now wasn’t good huh, it can’t be helped, I should make it up……


「If I do that, would Kakeru-san be happy?」




She took a glance to the two on the back, and said.


「If I win over the two, and let Kakeru-san e-eat us together, would you be happy?」


Io asked.

She stuttered, but her face was serious.

Her face was saying, if I said “Un”, she would really do that.

This reaction is unexpected.

It’s unexpected, but I don’t hate it.


「I guess so, I’d be happy」

「Then, I’ll do that」


Io smiled innocently, and nodded.


「I’d do that for Kakeru-san’s sake okay!」


Io, she showed me her best smile today.









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  1. He kind of start treating them like belonging,like slaves
    (Rather, you should win them over more and more. Io should win over them, and give them to me including yourself)


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