Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – The Wall of Probability



Afternoon inside the living room, I am sitting facing Delfina, and Hikari is looking at us while hugging Chibi Dragon.


「You know that I got a land in Comotoria?」

「Yes, that your land also increased again」

「As expected of Delfina, your ears are fast」

「Information is the basis of business desu wa」

「That land, I’ll leave that to you」



The back of Delfina’s eyes shined.

As if they were eyes of a predator, when it is looking at its prey.


「Will you leave it to me?」

「Yeah, I’ll leave it all to you」

「The taxes too?」

「I’ll give you all authority」

「To be sure, I will ask this; does Yuuki-sama know how much land you have」

「I don’t know」


Delfina laughed. It’s a laugh that was saying, “what a guy that couldn’t be helped with”, and not sure if she was amazed or what.


「If soーー」

「Whatever it is, I’ll leave it to you」



Delfina got surprised. She made a face that was caught by surprise.


「Whatever it is, huh」

「Ahh, I’ll leave everything to you. Manage it well. Also, if it has profits, I’ll give it all to you」



Delfina got more and more surprised. She was surprised that can’t be compared from earlier.


「W-What are you plotting? Doing that, Yuuki-sama will not getーー」

「My woman would become stronger」


I interrupted Delfina’s question.


「Is there a greater gain than that?」

「……you, you are always like this」




Delfina sulked a little bit.

Her face when she sulks was cute, but I should leave that during the night.


「Would you do it?」

「I will do it. I won’t let you say anything if you regret later on」

「What would I regret」

「About me, you did not forget about your promise that you are going to buy me right」


I got glared at intently. What, about that huh.


「I haven’t forgotten, about that. Also including that. Become a woman than cannot be bought by anyone in this world other than me」

「……I understood」


Saying that, Delfina left the room.

When she was leaving, there was a smile on her lips.

Well, I can leave something like the lands or territories to her.




Hikari came to me while hugging Chibi Dragon.

She was smiling, and walked with a trot.

She was so lovely I can’t help it.


「What is it〜, Hikari」

「Uhmm, Otou-san, are you free right now?」

「Yeah, I’m freeーー」


*KonKon*, there was a knock.

The word “Ah!” came out of Hikari’s mouth.


「Who is it」

「It is Nana」



The door opened, and Nana entered.

She appeared in her usual armor attire, having her long sword dangling from her waist.

Unlike Delfina, Nana started talking while standing in front of me.


「Is your time free right now」



I took a glance at Hikari. While hugging Chibi Dragon, Hikari went back to where she was standing before with cute steps.

“I should make it up to her later”, I thought of that, and looked towards Nana.


「What happened」

「I have come to report about the training of the slave soldiers」


「14 of them are injured in yesterday’s mock battle, and one of them would only be completely healed after a month. I think that training would be bad for a while」

「What about the training itself?」

「It is going as planned. If Aruji led them, they would be able to fight against enemies with the same numbers」


It means they’re still not that much huh.

The number of slave soldiers right now is 200; if they would be able to fight against 200 with me in the vanguard, they’re still too bad.


「Please continue to do it」


「Ahh, also」


I opened my different dimension warehouse. I took out one white magic ball from there.


「Use this on the heavy wounded one. She would be healed in an instant」

「I understand」


Nana received the magic ball, and left the room.




Once again, Hikari came.

She stood in front of me, looked at the door for an instant, then started talking.


「Uhmm, recently, we haven’t drawn lots right」

「Ahh, come to think of it」

「When are we going?」


It’s not like I purposely didn’t go there. It’s just that I go there alone everyday to gain the login bonus.

It’s just, I didn’t go there with Hikari to draw lots.

I see, she wanted to go there so she was waiting for the chance huh.


「Yosh, let’s go today」



A smile bloomed on Hikari’s face.

Hikari who is on her very lovely age, she let me see the most cutest smile in the world.

And then, *KonKon*, there was a knock.

Hikari obviously made a disappointed face, and Miu entered from the opened door.


「Master, messengers from the Calamba Kingdom came. They are saying that they are the Queen’s envoy」

「Envoy, Rica’s huh」


Hikari made a sad, but a mature face that listens properly, and tried to return to where she was before.


「Hikari, wait a minute」


「Miu. Make them wait」

「Y-Yes, I understood」


Miu left the room. I could hear her hurried footsteps going away.



「Let’s go」


I took Hikari’s hand, and smiled at her.




And, started walking. Invoking that I want to go to the lottery place, we took a step together.

The scene changed in an instant, and we came to the lottery place.

Just exactly, I saw the man before going out.

The man who came to the same world that got tentacles skill after drawing lots the same time I did.

Because of always having a lot of lottery tickets, the man that left quite an impression on me.




The lottery place staff welcomed us with her usual smile.

Me, Hikari, and Eleanor.

Eleanor who for some reason changes to her human form here; Hikari immediately clings to her.

I asked the staff.


「The guy earlier, what was his results?」

「Well, quite decent. He brought about 120 lottery tickets, and hit rewards quite decently」

「120 tickets!  He’s so crazy as usual huh, that person」

「He’s always amazing」

「In my case, it’s this」


I took out the lottery tickets. After collecting slave soldiers and some things; the 20 lottery tickets that I got from using money.

And then, I noticed something.

Behind the staff, the lottery prize list has changed.

I stared at that intently.


・Participation Prize  Magic Ball(White)

・Fifth Prize  Magic Ball(Black)

・Fourth Prize  Additional Attack 1%   3 Times

・Third Prize  Additional Attack 3%   3 Times

・Second Prize  Additional Attack 10%   3 Times

・First Prize  Additional Attack 100%  not included in the 3 times


The prizes had changed a lot. Similar things were lined up.

This pattern, I feel like I saw it before.

I stared at the staff, and asked.


「The prizes changed huh」

「Yes. Recently, a new king reigns the Comotoria Kingdom. Because of that, the national affairs of Comotoria have been normalized. A huge event had happened, so as the memorial for that, there is this limited lottery」


As I’ve thought, it’s like that huh.

It’s the same with the ability lending before.

It’s the same pattern when the paper money was introduced by Mercouri; since the king of Comotoria changed, they did a limited lottery to commemorate that. It’s the same.

By the way, looking at the prizes carefully, the position of the black and white magic balls changed, I wonder if this is also limited.


「And, you would not believe this, right now, from the second to the fourth prize, they have three times probability to come out!」

「There’s nothing for the first prize」

「There is nothing for the first prize! It is the first prize for a reason」

「I see now」


I nodded, and gave the lottery tickets to the staff.


「Yes, with 20 tickets, it is 22 times. Who will draw it?」



I turned around, and asked Eleanor and Hikari.




Hikari thought for a moment, and said while clinging to Eleanor.


「It can’t be helped huh」


The two stood together in front of the lottery machine, stepped on the stepping stand that the staff prepared, and held the handle of the lottery machine.




They turned the lottery machine.

*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.

White, white, white, black, white, blackーー.


Most of them are misses, and fifth prize comes out sometimes.

I didn’t care for the usual lottery.

I looked at the prizes list, and imagined their effects.

I could somehow imagine them; I want to gain one of them, and try to test it.

I thought, “Can’t the fourth prize come out”.


The 22nd time, the last ball.

A golden ball came out.

The hand bell rings, *Garan*, *Garan*, the sound echoes in the room.


「Congratulations! It’s the first prize!」



I got surprised.

I looked at the prizes list. The words ‘3 times, not targeted’ was dancing quite largely.

Surprisingly, the first prize surpassed the wall of probability.










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