Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Cheat Paper Money



I looked around the room, took a paper and a pen.


I split the paper into a rectangular, there I wrote”1000″, and gave it to Princess Iris.


「This is?」

「Right here, can’t you enchant the same thing with the fan? With magic」

「……What that does that mean?」

「In short, you’ll make that this is “issued” by the Royal House. Then, use this as a new currency」


In short, its paper money, I said.



「The crest can only be applied by the Royal Family, when consciously applying it, it would remain as it is」


「Meaning, nobody can counterfeit this, becoming money that has worth destroying」

「I see」

「That’s disrespectful! You!!」


A knight from those who are aligned on the wall, the knight that introduced Princess Iris when I came to the room shouted angrily.


「That crest, the things that have the Royal House’s proof attached in it are used as bestowed goods. From the country’s foundation, it is something that maintained its authority!! Using that on a currency……That is not something that should be scattered everywhere!! You, receiving from Helene-denka, should know it’s weight!!」


It’s about the fan.

It is true that receiving it from Princess Helene made me happy, but having a crest or not doesn’t really mattered.

I looked at the male knight.

A hard-headed man, that looks serious.

Though he is angry, it’s not like he means bad, he is only obstinate.

……It makes it more difficult with that, though.

I thought of ways how to persuade him, but.


「It’s fine」


Princess Iris answered first.



「Kakeru, you taught me a good thing. Umu, I wonder why that wasn’t thought about until now」

「Denka? Are you sure? That shouldn’t be done, that would lead to losing the royal family’s authorityーー」

「The country stabilizes」


Iris declared clearly.


「It is a currency impossible to counterfeit, it is not like you cannot understand the merit of that」


「Currency stabilizes. The remaining silver and copper can be used as a resource. and also」


Iris smiled.

It was different to what I’ve expected, but it’s an excited smile.

This is also beautiful in this way.


「It becomes easier to do business. This one sheet of paper has the same value of 1000 copper coins. Peddlers especially would find it useful. Until now, they were carrying heavy currency, the only the promissory note was that of a Merchant Company was being used as a guarantee. If this is used, the country will have trust, it would be possible to have deals at ease」



The knight fell silent.

He was serious about his work, but not stupid.

He understood right away the large merit Princess Iris talked about.

However, this can only be called as a cheat.

In the real world, any country is fighting against counterfeits of paper money, for that counterfeit prevention technology was used.

According to that technology’s level, paper notes……money would have a steady value.


「That magic, only the Royal Family?」

「Right, only the direct line」

「Then, it is impossible to counterfeit then」

「It is not “then”, it’s completely impossible」


Princess Iris asserted, as I thought, it is a cheat.

A paper note that is impossible to counterfeit, the only thing you can call it is a cheat.

Compared to that, my idea……an idea that came from living in the real world seem trivial.

When I was thinking in such way.


「Thank you, Kakeru」


Princess Iris said.  And……softly smiled.




That is, the smiled that I had expected.

Not like “Hm!……” or “Ha!”.

It is a soft, charming smile.


「Thanks for teaching me this. On Iris Teresia Mercouri’s name, I will surely give back this gratitude」



While smiling softly, Princess Iris said repeatedly.



At home, in a mansion.

I was dazed in the living room.

Sitting on the sofa, I remembered Princess Iris’ smile.

Remembered, ruminate, and got absent-minded.

It is a really, great feeling.

When I was ruminating, there was a *KaKaKa, KaKaKa* sound.

The entrance door’s, door knocker sound.


「Excuse meー, is anybody homeー」


Together with the door knocker’s sound, a boy’s voice was heard.

Though the voice was being raised it was through the door, so it sounded small. It’s possible that it was not heard.

I stood up, and went towards the entrance. When I open the door, there was a simple-clothed boy standing.


「Are you Yuuki Kakeru-sama?」


「It’s a message from master. There was a happening about the maid, so “Please come anytime you like” master said」

「Master? Maid……Ah, Samaras-san huh」


「I got it.  Thanks」



Entering the Samaras Merchant Company, having his belly protruding as usual, Samaras greeted me.


「Welcome, It’s good that you’ve come」


Though his looks haven’t change, I wonder why, he looks like he’s in a good mood, more than usual.

A good smile, a surprisingly good smile.


「Did anything good happen?」

「No, no. Rather than that, I heard the rumors you know, solving a case as soon like that. Well, the lack of copper also bothered us you know」

「Ah, that thing」

「I guessed that you had an important mission having Helene-denka’s fan but, Well well, I didn’t think it would be this soon. As expected of Yuuki-sama I could say」


Samaras exaggerated, and showered flattering words.

Though it feels good, it feels disgusting.


「Rather than that, I heard you found the maid」

「Yes, we found some」


「Your hope was a slave maid that can do work so, we didn’t know what you demand more than that also, so we picked up three people」

「Three people」

「Every one of them can do work, and they’re all slaves. You can choose among them later」

「I see」


Choose among the three, it means.

That certainly isn’t bad either, rather than pressing on one person, having options makes someone he feel the sense of selection.


「Well then, I’ll make them enter the room one by one」



When I nodded, Samaras clapped his hands.

The door opens immediately, and the first person entered.

A beauty that is about in the latter half of her twenties. Looking calm, she the type that has healing atmosphere within her.

She worked as a chief maid in the place before, but she was fired when there was a change of ownerships.

She’s a good person, and she looks like can do her job properly.

The second person was a little younger, a woman who’s about 20-years-old. This one’s the cutie type, she looks like a girl who is friendly and fun to talk with.

She hasn’t work experience, but really good in cooking, she learned housework so she can do anything in general.

This one doesn’t look bad too.

And lastly, the third person.

The door opened, and as soon as she entered.


「This girl!!」


I sprang up to my feet.



「This girl is good!! I choose this girl」


As soon as I saw her, she was the only choice.

Cute, and pretty.

And above all.


「Beast-man huh……are you really sure?」


That was the conclusive factor.











Chapter 6 <-> Chapter 8

Translator Notes:

Denka(殿下) = a name honorific like -sama/-dono/-chan/-san. Mostly used as an honorific for son/daughter of the house of nobles or royalties.

18 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 7

  1. Changes for a better english, lgpmhr chapter 7:

    “becoming money that has worth destroying” -> i don’t really get it “money that is worth destroying?” (you’d want to destroy it) or “becoming money that has no worth destroying” or “isn’t worth destroying” (destroying it is useless)
    “but having a crest or not doesn’t really mattered” -> “doesn’t really matter” or “didn’t really matter”
    “the only the promissory note was that of a Merchant Company was being used as a guarantee” -> “the only promissory note was that of a Merchant Company that was being used as a guarantee” or “only the promissory note of a Merchant Company was being used as a guarantee”
    “an idea that came from living in the real world seem trivial” -> “seemed trivial”
    “That is, the smiled that I had expected” -> either (depending on the original text) “That is, the smile that I had expected” or “that was the smile I expected”
    “Remembered, ruminate, and got absent-minded.” -> “…ruminated…”
    “we didn’t know what you demand more than that also,” -> “we didn’t know about your demand more than that” or “we didn’t know more than that about your demand”
    “makes someone he feel the sense of selection.” -> “makes someone feel the sense of selection.”
    “she the type that has” -> “she is the type that has” or “she is one of those that have”
    “She worked as a chief maid in the place before” -> “chief maid somewhere before” or “chief maid at that place before” (specific)
    “She hasn’t work experience” -> “she hasn’t got…” or “she doesn’t have…”


  2. Fking retard… Paper money without anything to back it up is just that, paper. You just beat up some thugs who aren’t really doing that much damage, then go and gave all the power to a single family to use and abuse? It may not be a perfect system, but atleast the money had real value. Now Royal Family will have monopoly over the value of paper. They can print money all they fking want without anything to back it up. Just look at USA and you can see the problem. Even then, how dafuq would they even print enough money to replace every goddamn coin in the kingdom? How would they even mark their crest on every bill? How many people from the royal family direct line are there anyways? Like 5 at most? So you expect King and princesses to sit and print their magic insignia on millions of paper bills? If anyone can print it, it would be useless anyways. So only they can do it personally! Are they gonna print millions of bills one by one? Dafuq? That princess is also a retard huh? Also, how would the other nations accept the paper money? THEY WOULDN’T! The world didn’t just turn to using paper bills in a day. Before it become worldwide, it was used privately. Banks started issuing bank notes for their depositors. These notes could be used in the branches of the banks and also be used to trade with others. The world eased into it. Money didn’t just turned into paper in a day just because one kingdom decided it. People were already using bank notes of trusted banks before government even came into the picture and put their hands in it. It’s pretty much 400 years of progress and world easing into the idea slowly!


    • Was going to say the same thing (a little more politely) and also the fact that they can erase the crest’s magic remotely so they could bankrupt someone easily just by making his money “fake”…


      • 1) Where did you get the information that there does not exist a crest magic that can’t be removed remotely?

        2) You understand that money is based on the trust you have in your government, right?

        3) You do understand that the government can freeze your assets in your banks, right? Better not use banks anymore.

        4) You also understand that the government can just come to your house, and physically arrest you and confiscate your belonging, right?


    • You aren’t very smart, are you?

      First of all, pretty much no developed country in the world is on the gold standard anymore. And the US currency market works. So what the fuck do you mean “look at the US and you can see the problem”? I see a perfectly fine system.

      All money is worthless. Do you not understand that the basic value of the currency is the value people assign to it? Your money has value because you trust the government to back it up. And that is exactly what is happening here. The royal family (aka the government) is backing this shit up. And what the hell is up with you acting like giving this power to the royal family is a bad choice? Who else would you give this power to that wouldn’t abuse it and could implement it?

      Of course you’d give this to the government. And of course the royal family has to back this up. It’s their authority that the whole system is based upon. And you talk as if this would give the royal family some unprecedented power that would lead to tyranny? Who do you think ultimately mints the currency?

      Your own arguments contradict each other. You first say that paper is worthless without anything backing it up, then you claim that this somehow gives the royal family unprecedented power. You also even said that it would be impossible for them to print too much money! Utterly ridiculous. How are they going to abuse this power? Destroy their own country’s economy? Make their own people lose trust in their authority and stop caring about the currency they’ve made?

      Also, you know nothing of history. Stop bullshitting your way and teaching others wrongly.

      Now, to the “how can they print enough money on millions of bills” and replace all coins.

      1) Why the fuck do they need to replace every coin?

      2) Others can print it, and they can use magic to mass-confirm their insignia. What? Did you think the princess personally made that fan?

      3) Why does it have to be direct line?

      4) Other countries will accept it because it is guarenteed by the royal house of this kingdom.

      5) Why do you need other countries to accept it anyway? Can you use US dollars in other countries? No. No you can’t. They can simply use it inside the country.


    • Nevermind, it just wasn’t posted. Still, my previous comment wasn’t posted and now I can’t copy it to paste it again and change whatever needed to be changed because this commenting system is garbage and won’t tell you when something’s wrong.


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