Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – Evil Does Not Flourish





The lizard roars and flung its tail. It’s a roar that’s unimaginable from the bewitching beauty a moment ago.

I dodged to the side. The tail hits the ground where I standing before.

The ground breaks, the building shakes.

With that power, normal people wouldn’t be unscathed from that.


「Here, here, here!」


*Dogoーn!*  *Dogoーn!* , it echoes, consecutive attacks from the tail flew.

I tried to take it.

I received the tail that was flung from above by crossing the two Demon Swords.

Heavy, it felt.

*Mishi*, the ground I’m standing on cracks.


「Quite strong. It’s just like how you look huh」

「Kukuku, you can’t do anything even if you knew that」

「I only need to dodge. It’s nothing if it doesn’t hit」


I said that and dodged the tail. The sure-kill attack of the tail continuously hits the ground.


「Tch, how agile. Then, how about this」


Aerine said that, pulled out her own scales, and scattered them.

The scales transformed mid-air, and changed into a small Aerine.

Small lizard appeared in bulk.

They grabbed my feet, and literally stop me on my feet.


「Your feet stopped, now die!」



I heard Aura’s scream from behind.


『It’s not that dangerous as she says so』

『Un, it’s Otou-san after all』


I heard the mother and daughter’s conversation inside my head. They talked as if there were no danger at all.

As they said, there’s nothing dangerous, there’s no way there would be.

The tail that was flung downーーI received it this time using Hikari.

I stopped it using the shorter Demon Sword.




Aerine getting surprised.




A focused slash. I swung Eleanor.  




The scream roars. It was a scream that even shakes the building.

Aerine’s tail was cut off from the middle.

Squirming tail that was cut off; a dark aura coming out from the wound.

Aerine hugs her tail, and agonizes.


「R-Ridiculous. For a blade to get through my tough skin」

「Ahh, is your toughness something you’re proud of? I did a bad thing then」


While saying that, I charged, this time, I slashed using Hikari.

The tail that was cut, another attack to cut off rings.

The tail that was like a sliced ham flings in the air, and falls to the ground.


「Guo, uoooooo………」


The quality of the scream changed.

The parts coming from pain increased, and it didn’t shake the building anymore.

I stabbed the tail that fell down with Eleanor, threw it into the air, and cut it into pieces.

The meat chunks are scattered.


「You bastarddd」


A voice of hatred. With blood-shot eyes full of hatred, Aerine glares at me.


「Is that all you have?」



Aerine jumped, jumping back.

The summoned mini lizard that changed from scales came in between us.

They were protecting Aerine.

I cut them off.

One kill, one slash. I cut off all of them, and went towards Aerine.

I chased her down. Aerine lost all the might she had in the start.

Hatred was only there. She looked at me with eyes filled with a hundred percent pure hatred.


『Don’t play around, hurry up and take her last breath』


Eleanor scolded me. I guess so.

She’s annoying so I’m punishing her, but I probably should kill her now.

I thought of that, and readied Eleanor.


「Ku, kukukukuku」


Aerine suddenly started laughing.


It was sudden; with an expression full of confidence.


「What are you laughing at」



Aerine didn’t answer; *Pachin*, she snapped her fingers.

A monster eyeball that has wings of a bat appeared.

As if it was a projector, the monster’s eyes released light, and showed a video.

What was being shown was a bedroom from somewhere, a middle-aged woman was sleeping on the top of a splendid bed.

Around her, she was being surrounded by mini lizards.

Sounds could also be heard, the mini lizards raised monstrous voices.


「What is that」



I heard Aura’s scream.


「Okaa-sama? Is that person, your mother」

「Un! Okaa-sama, what are going to do to Okaa-sama?」

「That depends on your attitude」

「A hostage huh」

「I knew that Aura was connected to you, you know, I made planned it from the beginning」

「……how despicable」


I whispered, and hesitated.

It’s easy to kill her just like this.

For me who had fought against the Red Dragon Olivia, this thing’s strength is like an insect’s.

It’s only a hundredth of Olivia.

That’s why it’s easy to kill her, but if I do that, it’s easy to imagine what would happen to Aura’s mother.

She’s going to be killed for sure.


『What would you do?』



I wonder. Aura’s mother, the place she is in right now, I can’t warp there since I had not been there.

A hostage……it’s annoying, but it’s effective.

It can’t be helped, huh.

But, when I was thinking of that.




I heard a voice from the eyeball monster.

It’s a voice that I’m familiar with, it’s my woman’s voice.

Soon after, Melissa appeared beside Aura’s mother.


「Melissa?! Why are you there」


I asked, but a reply that’s a little bit off came back.


【If you can hear me, don’t worry! I’m here after all】


It looks like it isn’t a video call, but is only being sent on one side.

But, I understood the situation.

And, there are no more worries.

I readied the Demon Sword, clad the usual dark aura, and went towards Aerine.


「What are you going to do?」


Aura got surprised.


「You bastard, do you not care about the hostage?」

「Do what you want」


I answered promptly. Aura and Aerine got surprised.


「A bluff, huh……alright, look at this and regret」


*Pachin*, Aerine snapped her finger.

Across the screen, the lizards attacked Aura’s mother.




Aura raised her scream. But, I didn’t move.

Blood splashes out from Aura’s motherーーnot her, but splashes out from Melissa’s body that was beside her.

Immortal Saint Melissa, her powers are to receive damage behalf someone, and immortality.

As long as she’s there, Aura’s mother would not die. She wouldn’t even get injured.

Blood spurts out of Melissa. Her appearance was suitable for the name of a saint, it feels very dignified.


『Make it up to her later』


Eleanor said. Of course, I’m planning to do that.


「W-What does this mean?」


Aerine panicked.

I took a step forward; Aerine flinched.


「Well, well, is that your last card?」


「Is there anything left?」


I said, and narrowed my eyes.



Aerine turned around and runs.


Along the way, she kicked off the king that couldn’t understand the situation, and ran.

Of course, I won’t let her get away.

Inside the room, I warped in front of her.



「Die already」

「Damn it!!!!」


Getting desperate, Aerine attacked.

A slash using Eleanor.

I cut off Aerine’s head.

Shaking her huge body, Aerine collapsed.


Here, and also across the video. The mini lizards returned to scales one next to the other.

Melissa was very dignified even being soaked in blood. Aura’s mother was completely unscathed.

In this side, Aerine’s corpse collapsed, Aura got relieved, and the king started trembling.


“For the meantime, everything’s clear”, I thought.










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    • Eh, she had a human form. Isn’t like things like a romance with a dragon with a human form are rare in fiction, so not a big deal.


  1. I just thought of something so he can multiple anything by 777× right? So like how he made Helen proficient in dagger techniques couldn’t help do that to himself? And do other things? Seems prettyl dumb he doesn’t do anything of that stuff like making him self 777× smarter. And another question is (if kind of have a answer in my head but I could be wrong) but is everything always at 777× like passive mode sorry of thing or does he have to trigger it? Because when he saved the little girl (princess it something about him having eyesight of 777 so I’m questing he had to turn it on right? Because seeing 777× of his normal sight is fucking insane thats like seeing the surface of the moon in high-def


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