Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – Daughter’s Magic



The audience had ended, and we warped to few kilometers away from the royal capital.

In there, the magic cottage.

The door opened, and Aura and Chibi Dragon came out.

While we were meeting the king, she was staying here.



「I’m back, O-chan」


Hikari who changed into her human form hugged Chibi Dragon.

Aura talked to me.


「How was it?」

「……that woman called Aerine, that’s the mastermind」

「I also think so」


Melissa who is in her saint appearance agreed.


「The queen……」


Aura faced down, and bit her lips,

She had the face that is very frustrated, but not surprised.


「Did you know it」

「It’s because it is when the queen appeared, that my elder sisters had become gone」

「There’s no doubt about it then」

「Ne〜 Kakeru, that woman, she might be a demon(魔族)」


Melissa said, I nodded to agree.


「I also think so. She’s controlling monsters after all, honestly, that Grodo earlier is some kind of monster. If that is so, there’s a high possibility that she herself is a demon」

「Un, also, her eyes」

「Yeah, those weren’t eyes of a human」

「Shouldn’t we just expose that?」

「How? From how it felt earlier, the king was being controlled by her right? There’s no way that he would trust us if we suddenly say『That woman is a monster』」

「I will……no, even if it’s me, it might be useless」


Melissa regrettably said.

The king is a devout follower, and she herself is a saint.

She probably thought for an instant that it would go well with that.


「There’s a magic called “Expose”, I think that we should just use that」


「I see, there was that. Can Aura-sama use that?」


「Then, we might have a chance」


Melissa got convinced. I can’t understand the situation, so I asked.


「Hey, what kind of magic is that “Expose”?」

「Uhmm……Hikari-chan, can you change to a Demon Sword?」


Melissa thought for a second, and said that to Hikari.




Hikari returned to her Demon Sword form.

Beside Chibi Dragon, she was stabbed into the ground in her Demon Sword form.





Aura approached Hikari. She released light of magic powers from her whole body, and casted the magic.

The light of the magic enveloped Hikari.

Hikari returned to her human form.

And Chibi Dragon who was also beside her was enveloped by magic, and changed into a giant dragon.

It was the appearance of the dragon that I fought before; however, she was not releasing a red light.


「W-What is this」


Aura who didn’t know about Chibi Dragon……Olivia was surprised.

On the other hand, Melissa was not surprised, and says to me.


「It’s this kind of magic」

「I see」


If it’s like that, it might go well.



Night, in the audience hall.

Taking Aura with me, we warped here.


「T-This place is? What happened?」

「It’s a magic that makes me go into a place I had come before」

「A magic like that exists?!」


Aura got very surprised.


「But, I can’t go to the places I had not come before. From here on, guide me to where Aerine is」

「Un, I got it」


Aura understood the situation, and nodded.

We left the audience hall. We walked carefully through the vacant corridors.

Footsteps could be heard. It was approaching.


「Someone’s coming, what should we do」


Aura panicked.

I warped with her.

We’re in front of the magic cottage outside the capital.


「This place, is earlier’s……? What happened?」

「Let’s wait for a while」


I said that, and waited for about three minutes.

And with Aura, I warped to the corridor that we were just in earlier.

I could hear the footsteps leaving from behind.


「Let’s go」


I said to Aura with a soft voice.

With Aura as a guide, we moved through the palace.

When we were about to get caught along the way, we warped to the magic cottage, waited for a while, and returned again.

If you have avoided encounters using save and load in a game, it’s like that.

And just like that, we reached the room without meeting anyone.

It was the room with the most splendid door up until now.


「This place is?」


I asked Aura with a soft voice.


「Otou-sama’s room. Because the queen is either here, or in her own room」

「I see」


I nodded, and pushed the door.

I pushed it carefully, not letting it make a sound.

When space that one person could enter was opened, I slipped inside.

Aura also followed.

Suddenly, a smell was caught by my nose.

It’s a smell that I know. It’s the smell of people having an intercourse.

This smell, in the king’s room, bingo.


「Your Majesty」


I heard a voice. It’s a woman’s voice that I heard before.

I held my breath. *Shii*, I made a gesture towards Aura to be quiet.


「What is it, Aerine」

「Baron Yuuki, he’s dangerous」

「Why? Is he not a courageous splendid young man」

「Had Your Majesty not notice? That man, he is holding Demon Sword Eleanor」



*Ba!*, the sound of a body raising up suddenly could be heard.


「That legendary Demon Sword」

「That is right. I thought that there is no way for a man holding like that normal, so I investigated about him. And then, I had found out a serious problem」

「What is it」

「That man, he is acquainted with Aura-sama」



I felt a presence of someone holding one’s breath on my side. I made a gesture once again to make her quiet.



「It looks like, Aura-sama, she planning on using the Demon Sword’s power, to usurp Comotoria Kingdom. Your Majesty should know it as well, Eleanor, one upon a time, how many kingdoms she had taken, and how many kingdoms she had led to destruction.」

「Umu, that is no doubt a demon’s sword that calls upon destruction」


The king said with a strong tone.

I mean.


『Your infamy, it’s quite amazing』

『Are you impressed now』

『Don’t get proud, I’m not praising you』

「However, Aura……why have you put your hands on something like the Demon Sword.」

「Other than usurping the throne from the prince, is there any other reason?」


What an accusation.

It’s just an accusation, but the king believed that.


「Aura, how dare you」

「Your Majesty, there is no time left. We should execute Aura-samaーーno, we should execute Aura right away」


I felt Aura’s presence shaking on my side.

When I looked at her, she was trembling with a blue face.

She thought that although her life was being targeted, it was some kind of mistake.

From that, the place where that order was passed down was right in front of her, she couldn’t be blamed.




I couldn’t watch that anymore, and raised my voice.

I took a step forward.


「You are……Baron Yuuki」


After getting dumbfounded for an instant, Aerine shouted.


「You insolent fellow, where do you think this is」

「It’s true that its a place a monster should be in right」


When I sarcastically said that, Aerine’s face changed a little.


『There’s no doubt now』


Eleanor said. I also think so.


「I do not know what you are talking about; however, it is lese-majesty to sneak to His Majesty the King’s bedroomーーyou deserve death penalty」

「Is that so」


I replied without care. Nothing would happen with only words, we’re only going through parallel lines.

We need to expose her true form with magic first.

I turned around, and said to Aura.


「Use the magic」


「Oi, what happened」


Aura was petrified, and wouldn’t move.



『It might’ve been too much of a shock. She can’t be blamed』


Eleanor said that. She can’t be blamed, but, it’s troublesome for that to happen right now.


「Anyone, is anyone there」


Aerine shouted. Guards entered with flocks.


「Capture that ruffian」



The guards replied with synchrony, and turned towards me.

What should I do, what do I need to do.

It can’t be helped, let’s retreat for now. Let’s leave and come again.

When I was about to warp, taking Aura with me to run.


『Wait, Otou-san』


Hikari said that, and turned to her human form.

She turned to her young girl appearance that isn’t suitable for the scene.



「Leave it to me」

「’Leave it to me’ you say, what do you mean?」


Hikari took one step forward, reached out her hand, and used magic.




She casted.

The light of the magic enveloped Aerine.


『I see, she had inherited your ability, on top of that, magic was casted on her』


Eleanor said that, and I regained my senses.


In this world, ones who have the qualifications for it, they would learn the magic if they were hit by it.

Hikari who had gained some of my ‘777 multiplication ability’, had learned “Expose”.

Hikari who used that, and Aerine who received it.

Aerine turned to her monster’s appearance. To a huge lizard-like monster.


「Sorry for waiting, Otou-san」


Hikari said that, and returned to her Demon Sword form.

Aerine who got surprised being forced back to her monster appearance, and the kinds and guards getting confused.

I readied the two Demon Swords, clad myself with the dark aura, and walked towards Aerine.

It’s time for some punishment.










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