Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – The Mastermind Woman



Comotoria Kingdom capital, Krades.

With the two of us, Melissa and I came to the palace.

I’m in my usual appearance, with the two Demon Swords Eleanor and Hikari in my waist, and Melissa was in her Solon Church formal dress, she is wearing the saint’s vestment.

Guided by a lady of the court, we went to the audience hall.


「It somehow feels gloomy」


I silently said.

The structure itself is as expected as the palace of a kingdom, it was quite splendid. The way its built and its wideness, the decorations are also of a high quality, they all seem to be expensive.

But, gloominess that overwhelms that were floating around.


「It’s very different from the last time I came here」


Melissa was also confused.


「Also, it’s not only the structure, the people too」


I said, and Melissa nodded.

Even the lady of the court that is guiding us, also the guards that were standing here and there.

For some reason, they all seem gloomy.


「Let’s be careful」



We said with a soft voice, and nodded at each other.

Guided by the lady of the court, we arrived at the audience hall.

We waited there for a while, and from the side of the throne, one old man appeared.

Wearing the king’s clothes and a crown, it was a wrinkly old man.


『Looks as if a zombie』

『It’s scary……』


The mother and daughter Demon Swords’ voice could be heard in my head. Eleanor had a heavy tone, and Hikari, just like she said, feels frightened.

The old man that appeared was the person who had the most gloomiest face in the palace in the ones we met.

He’s not only gloomy, but life couldn’t be felt from him at all. As if a dead person, he had paper-like complexion.


「Forgiven by the heavens, we are very extremely delighted」

「Ohh, ohh. It has been a while, Melissa-sama」

「It is an honor, Your Majesty the King」


The king and Melissa, the two talked with formal greetings.

Melissa’s usual rough way of speaking, with her saint-mode, she looks extremely holy.

On the other hand, the king was speaking with a highly tone, he seems to be dying anytime.


「Well, well, who is it there」

「I am Yuuki Kakeru」

「Yuuki Kakeru……well, what an unusual name」

「He is the one introduced by Althea-sama」


There was a woman’s voice, and she appeared from the side.

A glamorous bewitching woman. The woman had the face with the most life within the people we met in the palace.

But, her eyes were cold. When our eyes met, her eyes was so cold that I almost trembled.




Melissa moaned a little on the side.


「Ohh, Aerine」

「Your Majesty」


The woman called Aerine stood at the king’s side, and held his hand.

An old man who was already over 70, and a beauty on her late twenties.

The two looked like they had “that” kind of relationship.


「And so, Aerine. The Sage-sama you say?」

「Oh what is it, Your Majesty. Did not Althea-sama’s letter come from a while ago. Saying, he wanted one man to have a baron’s title」

「Ohh, that is right, that letter came. I left it to you」


「That means」


The old man looked at me.


「You are Baron Yuuki」



I nodded. I got confused with the king that was as if he just heard about it right now.


「If Sage-sama says so, it should be one who is qualified. Continue to word hard for our kingdom」


「Your Majesty. According to rumors, Baron Yuuki is a matchless warrior」

「Ohh, is that so」

「On the other hand, there are ones who say that they are only rumors」

「Oh. Which one is the truth?」

「Since he had come here, for once, what about we test him. Rather than rumors, it would be better to test him」

「How will we test him」

「Is there anyone. Bring Grodo here」


Aerine called guards, and ordered them.

After a while, one man was taken here.


「What……is that」


Melissa held her breath. She couldn’t be blamed.

The man that was obviously not human.

Having height of more than two meters, he was wearing restraint clothes.

He was letting out ominous breath from his mouthーーmost of all, he didn’t have eyes.

Rather than a human, he is a monster without doubt. It was a man like that.


「That is?」

「A death prisoner. He is an evil prisoner who had killed more than a hundred with his bare hands. It is true that he is evil, but his strength is also true, most of all, a man that does not have problem to die. He is best for testing the Baron’s strength」

「Ohh, I see」


The king getting convinced.

No, wait a minute, don’t get convinced with that, are your eyes full of holes.


「Baron Yuuki, you agree with that right」


Aerine looked at me.

I understood.

This woman is using this, to try and kill me.

At the same time, I was sure.

That eyeball has something to do with Aerine.


「……yeah, there’s no problem」


A fight cannot be avoided.


「Kakeru, is it really okay?」


Melissa was worried about me.

I smiled at her.


「Alright. Anyone, give a weapon to Grodo」


When Aerine ordered that, this time, a weapon was brought in.

It was a nata-like weapon, its length was long.

It was a huge and heavy nata that five guards could barely carry.

That was put in front of Grodo, and one of them removed the restraints.


「Boy, pick up that weapon」


Aerine ordered……where did the death prisoner thing go.

Grodo picked up that nata, he easily brought it up with one hand.


「Ohh, how strong」



The king getting impressed, and Melissa getting worried.

Towards Aerine, I asked.


「That thing, he’s a murderer and a death prisoner right」

「Yes, that is right」

「I see」


Then, there’s no problem.

I drew the Demon Sword, and looked towards Grodo.

The man who only look like a monster however I looked at it, it was sending hostility out.

I don’t hate that.

Inside the palace that is gloomy including the king, this thing that releases “heat”, I don’t hate it that much.

I don’t, but.


「If you’re hold a grudge, hold it to your master」


I drew the two Demon Swords, and made a stance.




Nata that is swung from above.

I stopped it with Hikari, and broke it with Eleanor.

With the two Demon Swords, Grodo was cut in a cross.





The king that was simply impressed, and Melissa who got relieved.




And, gritting her teeth, Aerine who had the face frustrated to death.

The mastermind, it looks like it was this woman after all.

So, I need to remove this woman then.










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