Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – The Lurking Shadows





Chibi Dragon cried, and looked outside of the carriage.

Thinking “Again?”, I looked outside. And then, this time, bandits who were riding horses came, and surrounded the carriage I’m in.

One, two, three……there are six of them in total.

Numbers that can’t be called as a threat.

To that, Aura was frightened, Melissa’s face got stiff.


「Leave it to me」


I said only that, and went out of the carriage.

I looked at the bandits who were riding horses.


「What the hell are you」



One of the men extends out the blade of the spear he was holding to the curtain of the carriage without answering.

He was probably trying to see what’s inside.

I drew Eleanor, and cut that away.


「What the hell are you」


I asked the same thing.


「n〜? What is it again, you know」

「Ah〜, it’s that right, it’s that」

「Yeah, yeah, that’s right. 『Take out your money and leave the women behind』」


The men grin, and said words that were quite common.

They were only lines, it’s not the truth, only words that are said.


「Are you also aiming for Aura’s life」

「If that’s so, what would you do」


The man asked back while grinning.


「For what」


It’s annoying, but I held back and continued asking.


「Hehhe……I can’t tell you that」

「It’s just, there are plenty of people that would be troubled if that princess is still alive」

「A person of high status, you know」

「Oi, idiot, you’re saying too much」

「Don’t care. After all, we’re going to kill them all」

「Well, that’s true」

「I know right」


The men laughed out at the same time.

They continuously laughed together with a sick face that almost made me wonder what was interesting.

More than this, nothing could be done if I asked them right now.

I placed my hand on Eleanor and Hikari.


『Leave one』


『If the situation changes, they might speak fluently right』

「I guess so」

「O, are you going to try?」


The men readied their weapons with a grinning face.


「I’ll tell you this, we areーー」


I raised a dark aura, swung the Demon Sword, cutting off the head of the nearest man.

Fresh blood spurts out like a fountain.


「Too slow. Do it before you say stupid things」


I said that, and looked at the other men.

Their expression changed in an instant, from the expression of messing around to an expression filled with murderous intent and animosity.

But, it’s too late.

All of it is too late.

I left one, and cut off the others.

I made that one lost consciousness, and decided to leisurely interrogate him later.


『Otou-san, what’s that?』


Suddenly, I heard Hikari’s voice echo in my head.



『Un, there, that black thing that is flying there』


Black thing?

I looked at the direction where Hikari said.

It was diagonally upwards in the air.

It was true that just like Hikari said, there was a black thing there.

When I focused on it, my eyesight that was increased by 777 times saw it.




The thing that was there, was an eyeball that has wings like a bat.

The eyeball……it was playing around with the dark aura that I raised.


「What the heck is that」

『Evil Eye. It’s a monster that sends the things that it sees to its owner. It normally wouldn’t move in the wild, normally, it should be moving by someone’s order』

「Monster? Order……?」


The eyeball monster flew there for a while, but finally, it flew away.



When I interrogated the bandit, he said that they aimed for Aura’s life with the order of the king.

Aura who heard that wailed, but I told her about the existence of the eyeball monster.


「Are you using something like that in Comotoria?」

「U〜un, there’s nothing like that」

「It looks like the circumstances became complicated」

「What do you mean?」

「Monsters are involved. Maybe, the things up until now might be the order of King Comotoria, but it might have been not the true intention of King Comotoria」

「You mean, he’s being controlled?」


Melissa asked.


「Is there the possibility of that?」

「……un, there is」


Melissa thought for a while, and nodded.

Widening her eyes, Aura was surprised.

A light shone in her eyes.

It was the light of hope that, maybe.


「……let’s hurry towards Krades」


When I said that, Aura and Melissa nodded strongly.


『If it’s not you, it wouldn’t have noticed that eyeball』


While we were hurrying ahead, Eleanor said that.

Since it became easier to see because of it playing around with the dark aura……with some meaning, that might be true.











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