Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Making the Slaves Give in



「There are 200 slaves in total, I have collected young and clean ones from all over the lands. As you wished, they are “yet to be trained” so their hearts do not have problems, but there is about 20% of them suffering from malnutrition」

「I only need to make them eat right?」

「Frankly speaking, yes」


Delfina promptly answered.


200 girl slaves who have lined up in the open space twenty meters away from the mansion. I, who is looking at that, and Delfina who is reporting the specifics.

It’s the third day since I decided to buy, Delfina collected the slaves that I chose.

As a merchant, she’s good as usual.




「For a while, make them food, make them eat all they want」

「I understood」

「From today’s part alright」



Miu answered quickly, and is it for preparation, she returned to the mansion once.





This time, I called Nana. Not wearing her usual armor, she answered with a dignified expression while wearing light armor.


「Can I let you handle the training? Make them follow my and your order. The priority of the order is respectively what I said」

「Aruji, next is me」

「That’s right」



Nana nodded slightly, and went towards the slaves.

While looking at them taking about something, I continued to talk to Delfina.


「The place that they are going to live in is under construction. I am making them hurry, but would probably take two weeks」

「Can it be build within two weeks?」

「I will make them」


Delfina declared clearly. It somehow feels like she had some pride or something. I’m sure that she really will make them build it.


「I am making them create the weapons and equipments, this one, it would be ready right away」

「I see. Sorry for troubling you all the way」

「It is business after all」

「Take the payment by yourself. The money is in the treasury, you know it right」


Recently, my assets, especially gold, silver, and treasures had increased, so I made a room called treasury inside the mansion.

I’m leaving all of my money there.


「Can I take it by myself?」

「Yeah. I trust you when It comes to money」

「Thank you very much」


With her usual quiet, and work-like tone, Delfina said.

But looking at her carefully, her lips seems to be a little happy.




Nana returned.


「What happened」

「Can Aruji cooperate for a while. There are some who have strong will, so I want to start from breaking them」

「I got it」


I nodded, and went towards the slaves with Nana.

I stopped in front of the slaves, and observed them.

As Nana had said, some of them are glaring at me, there are some who had strong will.


「This person is your master, Demon Sword Wielder and Goshaku-sama, Kakeru Yuuki-sama」


Demon Sword Wielder, the slaves clatters with those words. Their looks concentrated to the swords in my waist……especially the long one.

Even within the slaves, it looks like Eleanor is famous.


「Aruji has all the rights taking your lives. If you want to say something, say it with your own mouth」


When Nana said that, one of the slaves went forward, and said.


「Is it true that we will be released if we defeat you」


I looked at Nana, she nodded with a slightly sour expression.

I see, it became like that huh.

Well, if that’s the case, then there’s no problem at all. There is no, problem at all.


「Ahh, that’s fine」

「Really? You won’t turn back on your words after we win right, or deal with us badly if you get injured」


Who would do that……no, would someone really do that?


「It’s alright. So, are you the only one who would challenge?」

「I-I will also」

「I’ll also do it!」

「If we aren’t going to be punished, then I will also……」


One next to the other, they named out themselves.

As a result, there are about ten of them who challenges me.

And, I need to crush their will right.

If that is so, it can’t be helped that I would win.

I thought of something, and pressed both of my feet.

I pressed my feet on the ground, and half of my shoes sunk to the ground.


「Aruji? That is?」


After smiling pleasantly to Nana, I said to the slaves.


「From now on, I won’t move from here. The challenge is simple. You can attack however you want, if you were able to make me move from here, then it’s your win」


The slaves buzzes.

It means, I’m looking down on them. It’s a strategy that I’ll win while looking down on them, and show my strength.

I did an additional thing.


「This is the only weapon that I’d use」


I said that, and drew out Hikari.

Not Eleanor, but Hikari.

For me, both of them are Demon Swords, but in public, it’s not.

If you say Demon Sword, it’s Eleanor who has been famous for hundreds of years, and the other shorter one is currently in “what is that” situation.

That’s why, they should be feeling that I’m looking down on them.


「Uhm……can we, participate from now?」


More of the slaves started to join.

They probably felt that there’s hope if I’m looking down on them that much.


「Yosh, let’s do it. Nana, lend them weapons」



One of the slaves received a weapon from Nana, and checked it carefully.

It’s the red-haired girl that stood up from the start.

She challenges me first.




She swung up the long sword, and charged.

She slashed without hesitations. The blade attacks while slashing through the air.

I held Hikari backwards and received it. The sound of the swords clashing echoes.




She pushes through with her long sword using both of her hands. I pushed her back with one hand, and parried.

She continued to attack.

She attacked with all of her wills.

It’s good that she’s decisive, but that’s all.

After I had made her do what she want for a while, I slapped her wrist after receiving her sword attack, making the long sword fall.

And I stuck Hikari towards her throat.


「Finished, right?」



She felt frustrated. But I defeated her thoroughly that she couldn’t say anything back, so she was more frustrated with that.

I received the challenge of the slaves one next to the other. I crushed all of the slaves soldiers that were yet to be trained.

First, they thought that they might normally win, next, they thought that they might win because I would get tired, lastly, they thought that they might win luckily.

The feelings of the ones who challenged me, I dealt with their interesting expressions where I can easily read their feelings.

And while doing all of that, I didn’t take a step.

I stuck my feet on the ground, and not moved while rooting on the ground.


「She’s the last one right?」


After I had taken care of the last one, I looked at the slaves.

All of them had a dark expression, they had a face that all of their hopes were gone.

That’s probably good right nowーーbut when I was thinking of that.




Fissures flew from my side.

It’s not the same up until now, it’s a blade slash showing its might. I received it hurriedly with Hikari……I was forced to take a step.





Drawing her long sword, Nana slashes at me.

Freely slashing attack, slashes that make me remember the time when we first fought.


It’s dangerous looking down at a serious Nana. I took out my feet from the ground, and countered with both of my Demon Swords.

The consecutive slashes echoed, I received and dealt with Nana’s attacks.


「You got stronger, compared to before」



I received the three consecutive slashes from the side, and parried Nana’s long sword with my returning blade.

Her long sword spins up in the air, and finally fell to the ground, deeply sinking its blade.

And, I placed my blade to her throat.


「Match finished, right?」



Nana’s expression was very carefree.

Even though she suddenly attacked, and easily got defeated, her face was very radiant.

In the first place, her attacks were serious, but there wasn’t a killing intent.

I wonder what was that right now.



「That person was also amazing」

「Idiot, it’s an act, an act」

「Aren’t you the one who’s an idiot? Even if those attacks was an act, it’s still ten times better than you」


The slaves buzzed.

Hearing what they were talking about, I somehow understood what Nana wanted to do.

“I’m stronger that you, but Aruji is far more stronger.”

She probably wanted to show that.


「Is there no one else? Someone who would take the challenge」


I looked at the slaves, and asked.

There was no one who challenged. Rather than that, some of them even looked at me with admiring eyes.

For the meantime, this much is good huh.


「Nana, take care of the rest」



I left the rest to Nana as I’ve said, and returned to the mansion.










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  1. I can’t even fathom what I read it made me what to throw my eyes out of my skull. I just feel like he didn’t need to take that step back in don’t think she’s that strong at all. He was fighting that red dragon equally and from what I gather nana is probably low below power of that dragon so if mc was able to fight that strong as dragon some attack from a (basically little) girl is b.s
    And the whole thing with the slaves just seem stupid as hell to easy hella easy like I doubt there loyalty to the core


    • Cause she attacked all of a sudden when he was focused on the slaves and the attacks didnt have killing intent


  2. What a Jerk. “Hey Miu go make food to feed 200+ people..” Also where is he getting all this $$? It sure isn’t Mt. Ox, I guess he can mine now without having fight, but still He has no taxes coming in, now he has to feed 200+ people, build accommodations.. How is his mansion’s kitchen going to cook enough food daily for 200 people.


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