Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Castle Fortress Capture



「Well, then we shall go」

「W-Well be going」


Nana and Io before departing.

Nana hasn’t changed as usual, but Io was clearly nervous.

I lent abilities to that Io.


【Magic Powers of Lightning will be lent to Io Akos. Time Remaining: 59 minutes 59 seconds】


The first prize of the limited lottery, I lent her with the longest duration.

And, I gave her the magic balls that I also got from the lottery.


「Bring these, you know how to use it right」

「Un, I only need to throw them right」

「That’s right, the black ones are attack magic, the white ones are recovery magic」

「I understand」


Nana and Io returned to where Eria was waiting with the soldiers.

Commanding almost all of the army, they left the fortress, and started to retreat.

Leaving me, and the few soldiers I took with me from Meteora.

Shouting voices could immediately be heard from afar.


「Let’s do our part huh」

『To where?』


Eleanor asked.


「If it goes like this, the Comotoria army would attack us right? If we don’t show them a 『complete retreat』, they wouldn’t be able to pursue as they want right」

『Hmm, however, even though we have only a few people, wouldn’t they attack if you moved to anywhere? If that is so, isn’t it better to hide your breath inside this fortress』

「I only need to do this」


I used the warp feather, and teleported along with the soldiers.

I took all hundreds of soldiers, and moved to the mountain cow grasslands.


「Wait here for a while, return to the fortress after time had passed, and march the army from there」

『I see』


Eleanor got convinced.

On the other hand, the soldiers who were suddenly teleported were clamoring.


「Be quiet」


I said with a low tone. I used Eleanor and Hikari to clad dark aura.

Their clamors disappeared. Rather than words, it looks like the enigmatic dark aura has more persuasion.

I closed my eyes, and waited.


Time passed.


Gradually, gradually, time passed.

Isn’t it about time?

I thought of that, but I endured.

If I return to the place half-ways, the effects of the surprise attack will get thin.


I waited furthermore. Time passed.


Is it time? No, not yet.


Is it time? No, no, more.


Most probably, right now, Nana and Io are fighting desperately. Using all their powers, they are desperately defending the main troops’ retreatーーthey should be fighting to direct the situation.




『Onee-chans, are they okay』


Hikari’s worried voice echoed inside my head.


『You idiot』


Eleanor scolded me.


『Isn’t it the strategy that you made. If so, stand by it. If you’re going to believe your women, believe them until the end』



I nodded.

That’s right, I should believe those two.

I believed them, and waited.

The impatient feeling, it didn’t come out after that.

Nana and Io, if it was the two.

My feelings silently got calmed down. The time passed.


【The lending of magic powers of lightning has ended】


I heard a voice.

It was the voice I was waiting for.

I opened my eyes, checked the soldiers, and warped.

I warped into the fortress. It was completely the same place we were before.

The soldiers clamored, but it was only a little compared to earlier.


「We will attack Saria right now, everyone, follow me!」



The soldiers’ shout on my back, I held the two Demon Swords, and advanced towards Saria.



Saria can be seen as an impregnable castle at one glance.

It has high towers, and it is surrounded by deep moats.

There is only one way that connects to the castle gates, and it is a slope on top of that.

The only way of attacking it is to run up there, but showers of concentrated attacks would come when doing that.


But, there’s no way I can fall back. In the first place, there’s not much time to do it.

I ran straight up the slope.


『Otou-san, it’s dangerous』


A lot of arrows came from the castle.

It was like rain, arrows that covered the skies flew towards me.

But, it’s only arrows after all.

Eleanor and Hikari, I swung the Demon Swords and blocked them, and went up the slope.

I wouldn’t be stopped with something like this.


「Baron-sama! Look at that」


One of the soldiers shouted.

He was pointing at the castle gates, the gates were opened, and huge rocks fell from there

Rocks few times the size of humans rolled down the slope, increasing its speeds.





Screams were raised from the soldiers.

Rocks that fell down the only path. It was natural to get scared and run away.

But, it’s only rocks after all.


「Eleanor, Hikari. We’re going to do it」

『Are you going to cut it?』

「I’ll smash it」

『Leave it to me, Otou-san!』


Unlike the soldiers, I increased my speed and charged towards the rocks.

Within the screams and cheers I could hear from behind, I first hit the boulder with Eleanor.

Heavy feeling. It feels like I would be pushed back if I let my mind off of it.


「Something like………this!!!!」


I stopped it with Eleanor, and slashed it with Hikari.

*Paka*, the boulder that was cut into two, I smashed it into bits.

The rocks that became the size of a human, it got to the sides of the slope.


Without stopping my feet, I continued to run.

Arrows flew, magic flew, logs rolled down.

All of them, I cleaned them up on the lead.

Finally running through it at once, I charged to Saria with the soldiers.


The key-point of the borders, Saria. It didn’t take an hour to make it fall.



Leaving the soldiers on Saria, I warped to the relay point fortress, and went after the main troops.

I moved by myself, broke through the back of the Comotoria army alone, and reached the place where the two were being the rear guard.


「Nana! Io!」


As expected of being the rear guard, the number of the soldiers the two were commanding had decreased compared to on the start.

But, the two doesn’t seem to have any injuries.

With Nana on the lead, Io was supporting her by throwing magic balls from behind, that was their positions.




「Sorry to keep you waiting」


「Saria is?」

「Ahh, I took it」


The two’s expressions lightened. And Io was very relieved.

I turned around, and hit Eleanor to the ground.

The dark aura exploded, creating a small crater.

With its impact, it stopped the battle temporarily.

I shouted towards the Comotoria army who were making faces what has happened.


「Listen! Saria has already fallen!」

「What a ridiculous thing」


Within the enemy soldiers, the man who wore the best clothes scoffed.

And one of the soldiers, the soldier who had a telescope said in a hurry.


「General! Saria, Calamba’s flag in Saria!」

「What did you say!?」


That took the telescope from the soldier, and look afar.

There was no doubt that the Calamba’s flag were definitely standing at Saria. And after that confirmed it, he started trembling.


「R-Ridiculous, something like that. For Saria to fall in this short time……was there a betrayer」


I see, you can think of it as that huh.


「I do not know」


「Well now, decide. Will you surrender here, or will you die in an pincer attack」


I thrust Eleanor, and thrust my demands.

After he had hesitated, he surrendered.



「What an ambiguously amazing person, it was like you had gone to war by yourself」


Key-point Saria.

Inside the building for the commanders, Eria said that with a complicated face.


「It doesn’t matter if there are results right. And also, I wasn’t by myself this time」


It was because Nana and Io did their best.

The reason why the resistance of Saria was thin, was because the two guarded the rear with all their strengths, because they directed as if it was a real retreat, they were able to lure out the enemy soldiers very well.

It’s not with me alone.


「Rather than that, can I leave all of the rest to you. Things like defending this place, or reporting to Meteora, all of them」

「There would be no problem for that……what will Baron-sama do?」

「I have an important thing to do」


I said that and said farewell to Eria, and left there.

I entered another room, the room where Nana and Io were waiting.

The two were sitting, but tried to stand up the moment they saw me.

Io couldn’t stand up properly, and Nana’s movements were dull.

It was easy to tell how intense of a fight they had as the rear guard.


「Kakeru-san, here」


Io reached out her hands, the magic balls that I gave her, it returned decreased quite much.

Especially, white ballsーーrecovery balls drastically decreased.


「Did you also use white ones?」

「Yes, most of it, I……」

「Most of it? Did you also use it to Nana」

「I have no excuse」


Nana bowed her head apologetically.


「It’s fine. Rather than that, we’re going to return to the mansion right now」

「Eh? W-We’re going back? Don’t you need to report to the Queen first」

「It’s the mansion first. It’s after such a fight, there’s things I need to do right?」


Io got her face completely red, and Nana 「Ah!」, started to got a little unrest.

After a fight. My libido that increase proportionally to the scale of the fight.


「I think that you’re tired after the fight, but my bad」

「U〜un, please do! Kakeru-san」

「If you insist, rewards」


The two’s reactions, made me more excited.

After that, I made love to the two until they were drenched and sticky.











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