Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Matched to Thousands



I came to Rica’s place.

As I entered, she was having a meeting with guys who seemed bossy, so I thought I’d come later, but I got caught by Rica’s expression.

It was a face that was almost crying.

Just like that, I went to where Rica is.


「Baron Yuuki? We are having an important」

「Well, well」


A middle-aged man tried to drive me away, but a young man stopped that.

I ignored the both of them, and asked Rica.


「What, did something happen?」

「Kakeru……save me」

「Ou, what should I do」


I heard the story from Rica.


「Meaning, the place called Saria’s fronts had collapsed, so want me to do something about it」


「I got it. If the fronts have collapsed, soldiers are probably needed. Prepare them quickly, I’ll do the preparations on my part」

「I understand. Acheron, gather all the soldiers that you can」

「Are you serious, Your Majesty, it is for the better offering peace and tighten our guards, rather than retaliating」

「That is only when Kakeru’s not there」


Rica declared clearly.


「If it’s Kakeru, he will do something about it」

「Ou, I’ll do it. I only need to push back the enemy army, and steal back the place called Saria right」

「That casually……」

「Acheron, this is an order」


Rica declared again. With a commanding tone.


「……I have understood」


Acheron gave up.

Next, the young man opened his mouth.


「There is only one problem」


「Baron Yuuki’s position. Demon Sword Wielder, Goshaku-sama. If I am correct, he should have received barony from Comotoria. If you go out to the frontlines, will not Baron Yuuki worsen his position?」

「Don’t care」


I declared.


「What’s wrong with saving my own woman. And if they would want to take away my barony with that, let them do it」



Rica’s eyes were wet.

It looks like she was moved. She had tears, but it was far better than her crying face earlier.


「Meaning, it’s like that. Is there any other problems?」


I looked at Acheron and Statis. It looks like there’s none.



I warped, returning to the mansion for once, and went back taking Nana and Io with me.

Because the two would be useful on a battlefield, I took them with me.  

Taking the two, while being seen off by Rica, we departed together with the gathered soldiers.

Saria’s a place that I’d go for the first time, so I hurried with a horse.

After running there for a whole day with almost no breaks, I reached a fortress that was surrounded.


「Is that it?」


I asked Nana who was on my side.


「It should be the fortress called Debai. As the flags look, the Calamba side is being besieged, surrounded by the Comotoria side」


Looking carefully after Nana’s explanation, it actually looks like that.

On top of that, the fortress is also being attacked right now, and seems to be losing.


『If this was taken, they would probably advance to the next base』


Well, that’s true.


「Yosh, let’s enter the fortress first」

「We will enter?」


Io was surprised.


「We’ll charge through from behind, and go to the fortress at once. Nana, do as you like」


「Io too. Lend lightning magic」


【Magic Powers of Lightning will be lent to Io Akos. Time Remaining: 59 minutes 59 seconds】


「I-I got it」

「Yosh, let’s go」


I held Eleanor and Hikari, and charged with Nana, Io, and the soldiers we took with us.

The Comotoria army that noticed us intercepts.

There were around thousands of enemy soldiers that are surrounding it, but it doesn’t matter with breaking through.

The hundreds of soldiers I had from Rica broke through, and reached the fortress.


「I had been told by the Queen Her Majesty, open the gates!」


I shouted with a loud voice towards the fortress.

Unlike the sounds of the battlefield, sounds of hesitance and noises could be heard.

The gates wouldn’t open, it looks like they are hesitating.

Tch, you incompetents.

And while that was happening, the enemy soldiers closed in.

The soldiers I took with me collapses.




I turned around, and cut the enemy soldiers.


「Nana! Lead the soldiers and go behind me. And persuade them to open the gates」

「What will Aruji do」

「I’ll enter last」


「Io, shoot magic as much as you want. If you want to, don’t mind hitting them with me」

「I understand」


I stopped the enemy soldiers with Io.

And while that happened, Nana somehow persuaded the Calamba soldiers in the fortress, and entered with the soldiers we took with us.

While defending against the enemy soldiers, I entered lastly.



「I am the adjutant of the Comotoria Subjugation Army, Eria Irio」


After entering the fortress, a woman welcomed us.

A woman who seems cold, and lacks flexibility.


「I am Yuuki Kakeru, a baron. I came, being told by Rica. My bad, but you’d hear my commands」



Eria’s eyebrows narrowed.


「Rather than that, the situationーー」

「Aruji, it looks like the enemy continued their attacks」


Nana said.


「Tch! There’s no end」

「We’ll intercept」


Eria said.


「Wait, leave this to me」

「Leave this, you mean?」

「There’s no end playing defensive normally right? I want to talk leisurely. I will make them shut up for a while」

「What are you planning to do?」

「Open the gates. Don’t attack until I say so」



I ignored that, and went towards the gates.

The soldier was surprised, but I said with a firm tone, and let him open the gates.

I went outside the fortress alone.


「Close it」



I stood in front of the gates, and glared at the enemy soldiers.

Eleanor, and Hikari.

I held the two of them, and clad my body with twice the dark aura.

The enemy army who re-invaded stopped.


「My name is Yuuki Kakeru!」


When I named my self, they clattered around.


「The ones who wants to die……bring it on!」


I shouted with a loud voice.

The clattering stopped.


『Wa〜, Otou-san, so cool〜』

『H-Hmph. This much is natural』


While holding the mother and daughter who were talking inside my head, I glared at the enemy army that had got silent.

After waiting for a while, enemy soldiers charged.


It’s cavalry, their numbers are ten.

I stopped their charge, and slashed the Demon Sword through all of them with their horses.


Ten of them charged again. I slashed them off just like earlier.

Next, arrows flew from afar. The arrows that fell like rain, I slashed through all of them with the Demon Sword.


And lastly.


「My name is Manos, I will challenge you to a one on one fight」


The man who had challenged me full of confidence, I cut him into half with one slash.

I defeated all of the enemies who attacked one next to the other by myself.


And after doing that, I felt like fear and disrupt spread on their side.


After a while, the Comotoria soldiers retreated, surrounded the Debai fortress from afar, and stopped moving.


After confirming that, I casually returned inside of the fortress.












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28 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 58

  1. Removing his barony would be stupid, as he is pretty much an unstoppable force of nature in his own right, and removing whatever connection you have with him is dumb. Thus, assuming they are not stupid, they will not remove his title as it would only be bad in the long term.


    • Exactly with his Magic Power bring down a Meteor, Freeze the whole battlefield, drown the whole army, Ice and wind magic to impale 100s per minute or per second…Typical JP MC who has all these abilities but author has no imagination to use them so he sings a sword.


  2. As well as the comments above, about the Baron title not being taken away, I wonder if the higher up would go frozen pieces of white anemic flesh when they hear that the army actually disregarded Kakeru’s name and just attacked…

    I’m betting the Army doesn’t know about the title yet… and once they know… Doom.


    • I’d like to add.
      Eleanor is slowly being drawn in by the flow that is named Hikaru~

      She’s sounding more like a wife recently, not just a mother~ Hee hee hee~

      She’s starting to accept Kakeru~! WOOOOOOO~!


    • Is there no edit button? Anyway, I think they know who Kakeru is, but didn’t care…
      Either they were ignorant about him… or they underestimated him.


      • Or they are just idiots who wanted achivements! Killing Kakeru who is a famed demon swordsman is a sweat achivement if you dont have the right head to think.
        Basically i think they underestimated him.
        Nooo wait………yhea its impossible for them to not know Kakeru who is a famed 5 titled noble rank.


      • Yhea im convince they underestimated him.
        Looking at this line carefully you could interpret they underestimate him.

        “The man who had challenge me full of confidence, I cut him into half with one slash”


  3. i gonna bet that they would demand at least an apologize or something from kakeru :v

    if that kingdom didn’t have a beautiful princess, queen, or at least cute hidden bozzz, their fate is sealed


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