Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – First Errand



Early afternoon, I am elegantly relaxing, eating cake and drinking tea.

Nana and Hikari are beside me, Nana is teaching Hikari how to read.


「A-re〜, this, it’s different from what Nana-oneechan wrote. Why」

「This, this one’s upside down」

「Ah! I see, you put it on the right not left」


I didn’t look at it, but I can somehow imagine what she got wrong.

Mistaking「あ」with「お」, or mistaking「さ」with「ち」, or mistaking「ね」with「れ」.

She got confused with that kind of mistakes common with children.

Nana, she was teaching her that patiently.


『She surprisingly, likes children huh』

「Are you talking about her?」

『Umu. I thought that she is only good at rough things, but I’m surprised that she’s normally treating her kindly」


I also thought of that.

She’s someone who I clashed with swords, and now, she’s calling me「Aruji」. It’s Nana that speaks very formally, so this scene right now is surprising.

That’s why it’s fun watching, it feels pleasant.




Miu the maid entered the room. She was somehow making an apologetic face.


「What happened」

「I am sorry, Master. I have forgotten to buy things, can I go buy them for a while?」


It looks like she asked for permission since she’s going to leave the house. As I’ve thought, I should add one more maid soon.

There’s a lot of things she can’t manage physically alone.


「It’s alright, don’t mind me and go」

「Thank you very much」

「Miu-oneechan, are you shopping?」

「Yes, that is right」

「That shopping, Hikari will go」


「Hikari will go」


Hikari repeated the same line. It was very cute.



Inside the town, Nana and I are following Hikari from far away.

Hikari was walking, holding the note she wrote herself using the words that Nana taught her and the basket she got from Miu.

She sways her hand while walking, stop sometimes and talk to a stranger, find a cat sitting in a corner and stares at it.

It was completely like a first errand.


「I-Is it alright」


Nana asked with asked suppressing her voice.

It’s because I new that program, I was able to be calm.


「Calm down and look. Things like these, you watch over her including her failures」

「Is it something like that?」

「Ahh, first errand, watch over it warmly even if it’s successful or not, if she returns, praise her, that would be enough」

「As expected of Aruji, I am deeply impressed」

『You, you are saying it as if you really know about it, do not tell me you have experience with it?』


Eleanor’s voice that I heard inside my head seems like it was mixed with jealousy.

There’s no way, idiot.


「I got it, I will warmly watch over」



We continued to follow her, and watched over Hikari.

Hikari who was walking normally up until there tripped, and fell down.

She fell down as if she was head sliding.

She wouldn’t stand up, she looks she is sobbing even from far away.





I grabbed Nana stopping her from running to her.


「What are you doing」

「Weren’t you going to watch over her warmly」

「Hikari tripped, Hikari tripped」

「I get the feeling, but we should watch over her here」



I grabbed Nana’s hand strongly not letting her go.

I know what she wants to say, I know, butーー.

And while we were at that, Hikari stood up.

She scrubbed her eyes with the back of her handーーis she crying?!

She seemed like she was sobbing, but she continued to walk. That’s so wonderful.


Anyways, because Hikari started to walk, I was able to calm down, and continued following her.

And after that, without any problems occurring, she bought the things Miu asked for, and started to go back to the mansion.

Thinking that there wouldn’t be any failures after this, I was relieved.


「Aruji, is it not better if we went back to the mansion before her. Is it not better for Aruji to welcome her back」

「Mu! That is true, but」


But still, there might something that would happen, I want to watch after her until the end.


「I’ll use the Warp Feather, I will watch over her until the last moment」


『My goodness, the world’s strange treating something like this as a hero』


You’re too noisy, shut up. It’s your child too right.

I followed Hikari from behind.

The mansion’s on the outskirts of the town, so it gradually got fewer people.




Nana called out to me, it was a tense voice.

“What happened”, when I was about to ask her thatーーthe situation moved.

Tens of men came out of the surrounding at once.

The men surrounded Hikari very quickly, and caught Hikari.



「O〜to, don’t move Demon Sword Wielder, if you move one step forward, your daughter’s head will fall」


One of the men thrust their sword’s blade before Hikari’s neck.




Hikari is being scared.


「You, who the heck are you」

「There is no need to tell you right now, you’ll know soon. You guys, take that girl from here and leave. To the place where the Demon Sword Wielder can’t see her」



The man who caught Hikari answered, and tried to leave.


「I won’t let you」


I drew Eleanor, and clad a dark aura.

There are tens of opponents, but I should be able to save Hikari using warp in this distance and kill all of them.



「Use that」


The man shouted. A magic circle appeared under my feet.

And then, as if my body was caught by something, I wasn’t able to move it at all.




I moved my eyes and looked at the side, it looks like Nana wasn’t able to move too.


「What the heck is this」

「It is an anti-disaster class creature tactical weapon. Demon Sword Wielder, we prepared it for you bastard. Even if it’s you, you bastard wouldn’t be able to move」


「Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your daughter if you listen to what you’re told. But, even if you resistーーoi」


After the man said that, the man who caught Hikari, cuts Hikari’s hair with his blade.

He raised that where I could see.


「It would be like this. It was hair this time, but it might become finger」


He threatened me.




Hikari was about to cry.


「You bastards……」




I heard something snapping.

My sight was dyed with red, my head got hot.

I grippedーーEleanor.


『Kill them all huh』


The voice in my head was very calm.

No, it was very cold.


「Of course」


I charged my strength to all to all of my body, I resisted the invisible power that was capturing me.




I heard something crack.

The magic circle crumbled to pieces, become light particles and dissipates.


「Impossible, that’s a magic circle that can even stop a Red Dragon completely」

「Rather than that, his daughterーー」

「Too slow」


I warped, and cut off the head of the man who caught Hikari.




Hikari clung to me. “YoshYosh”, I patted her head.


「Hikari, you want to go home with Nana? Or you want to be with Otou-san?」

「With Otou-san!」


Hikari said that, and returned to her Demon Sword form.

Eleanor and Hikari, I made a stance with the two Demon Swords.

The men ran away. They ran away like spiderlings knowing that their plan failed.

Of course, I won’t let them go away, I ran after them, and annihilated them.

Without leaving no trace, I wiped them out.



But that, however, Althea scolded me when I got back.


「If you won’t leave at least a corpse, we wouldn’t be able to catch the root cause」


I got really pissed off, I reflect on it.












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  1. That moment when the demon sword surpass demons realm……………this was cute and lovely, hope this story continues like this. If you want to put problems do it but not with hikari
    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. Hikari so cute!!!! I got furious when IRL after reading to the point of capture. I would have acted in the same way as Kakeru tho. Logic and rationality does break huh… I considered myself a cool-headed fighter till now. But I’m sure as hell I’d have been rash and massacred them lot.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Thanks 4 the chapters!

    Instant death with no bodies left behind? Too soft! He should have tortured them until they beg to be killed.


  4. I wonder about how her hair grows… like in that romance novel with that rock, her hair was like extremely slow to grow… i wonder what its like for demon swords? will it take hundreds to thousands of years? or will it grow like a real person does…

    (i wonder if someone is gong to say that i’m asking the real questions…)


  5. I just imagine his face when he snaps. Going from a face of close to anguish to a smile. The coldest scariest smile that you see on those theatre masks. Shivers man.


  6. I find it hard to believe his intelligence and wisdom are getting that 777x modifier seeing as he has twice now not left someone to interrogate. Its fairly obvious this is going to keep happening, putting his daughter and women into danger until he tracks down the root and deals with it.


  7. okay he’s really stupid. this is the second time it seems these people have come out and you’re telling me he isn’t gonna investigate at all? good thing we all aren’t reading this for the story otherwise we’d all be gone.


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