Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Saint’s Assumption




I slashed the enemy monsters with dual-wield Demon Sword, Eleanor and Hikari.

In front of me, there’s a lot of monsters named「Troll」.

They’re multiple times larger than humans, and with one fundoshi in their green body, they have in their hand a very big club.

It has enough strength to cave in the ground that was hit by the club (I dodged).


As it name says, it’s really a troll-ish monster, but when I looked at personally, it’s pressure isn’t normal.

A normal human would probably run away before fighting.

While protecting Melissa, I defeated them.


「Should we only go like this? Melissa!」

「Un! Their nest is ahead, and it seems like the girls are being caught there」

「I got it!」

「Kakeru! Troll in both sides」



Melissa’s desperate voice.

After slashing down the one in front of me, literally, I saw a troll group charging from the sides.


「A new kind of pincer attack huh!」

「Is it okay, Kakeru. Their numbers are not decreasing」

「There’s no problem」


I answered promptly.

Each one of them is strong, on top of that, their numbers are around a hundred, but it’s nothing much.

The red dragon was far more stronger.




I heard Melissa’s scream.

One of the trolls grabbed Melissa’s arm. It was trying to take her in my opening.

I cut down that troll’s arm with Eleanor, and stabbed its head with Hikari.


「Are you okay」

「Yes, I am fine」

「It tried to take you huh」

「Un. There was no problem if they hit me with their clubs though……」


Melissa was seriously troubled.

Her special characteristic is “tough to death”, that’s why there’s no problem with being hit by the troll but she can’t do anything if she was taken away.

Well, as long as she’s by my side, I won’t let that happen though.

Taking Melissa with me, I cleaned up the trolls, and saved the ones that were caught.

They were villagers living in a nearby poor village that can’t give decent rewards.

It was a very Melissa-like, saving people like a charity work.



We sent the ones that were caught to their village, received the words of gratitude, and after that, I returned to the mansion taking Melissa with me using warp.


「Today was hard also huh」


I got strong, but it was hard.

It’s body sense, but each one of the trolls was about half of Nana, and about ten times of common soldiers.

Taking a lot of those as an opponent, even I was exhausted.


「Thank you, Kakeru」

「No problem. Rather than that, you, aren’t you taking harder and harder jobs? This time, if I wasn’t there, what were you planning to do?



Melissa wouldn’t answer.

However you think of it, I couldn’t think that Melissa and her subordinates that she had with her when we first met would be able to do something about the trolls this time.

It would be great if they were able to defeat one.


「Well, whatever」


This time, I was there. I also told Melissa to say something to me if anything happens, and she seems to be protecting that right now, so there’s no problem.




「Will you help me again?」

「It’s fine, but rather than that, you should remember how to rest. Each case is very hard, and the frequency is too much too」

「Un. But, I still need to do much more」


Melissa was stubborn.

And, she seemed sad.

She said “I still need to do much more” with a sad face. I wondered why.


「You, do you have something you’re worried about?」

「Eh? Why?」

「Why or whatever, I’ll get it if you’d have that kind of face」



Melissa touched her own face.

She wasn’t conscious of it huh.


「If you have something you’re worried about, tell me. I’ll resolve everything」





Melissa got a sadder face.

She even started to cover her face with her hands, and started to cry.


「Wai! W-What happened」


I panicked.

*PuruPuru*, Melissa shook her head, and wouldn’t answer while crying.

What happened? I mean, what should I do?

When I was panicking like that, Hikari returned to her human-form, and took Melissa’s hand.


「Onee-chan, don’t cry」


“Oh!”, I thought.

It’s the trump card(Hikari)’s turn. This might be a coming from a doting parent, but Hikari has that kind of a strange charm.

How can I say this, healing people’s hearts? She has that kind of talent for such relief.

Also, just like me, she has a personality who can’t leave troubled women alone.

Since Hikari came out, I expected that Melissa would stop crying.





Rather, she cried with a loud voice.

Her sobbing, changed to like a peacock’s child.

Hikari made a troubled face, and looked at me.

I patted Hikari’s head without saying anything.

And, said to Melissa.


「What happened really」


I asked with a little bit strong town.


「That girl……that girl, is Kakeru’s child」


「She’s Kakeru’s child〜〜」


*Pyuun*, she cried again.

I couldn’t understand what it’s all about.

It’s because she’s my child, why is it “because” that?

I stared at Melissa for a while.

After about five minutes, she finally started to calm down.

And, started to speak.


「I had heard about the Calamba Kingdom. That Kakeru helped to regain the regime, in return, made a Queen yours」



I nodded.


「What’s with that?」

「I heard that Kakeru’s other women also, all of them let Kakeru do something for them, and became Kakeru’s woman」

「It’s not like everyone’s like that, but……well, it’s pretty much like that」


I remembered the things I did after coming to this world.

Most of the women that I have a relationship with might be like that.


「It’s not only human women, but the Demon Sword was also like that」


Ahh, that’s why Hikari huh.

No, it’s not like I directly did it with Eleanor though.


「However……however……I, I asked many things to Kakeru, but why don’t you ask me in return?」


「Un? Wait a minute」


I stopped Melissa with a hand.

I thought about it. Then noticed something.


「Maybe, is that the reason that the things you were asking for were escalating recently?」



Melissa nodded, once again, she made a face that was about to cry.

I got the reason……and I felt sorry for a little.

Honestly, there’s no particular reason. The reason why I didn’t embrace Melissa up until now, is only because the timings were bad.

Something like I got busy with Rica, or getting sucked by Althea.

There’s a lot of times that I wanted to do it, and I even think of doing it right now.


「Yosh, let’s do it」


「You don’t want to?」



*PuruPuru*, Melissa shook her head.


「I want to. I want to become Kakeru’s」



I carried Melissa, and entered the mansion.

Along the way, we encountered Nana and Io.

The two, looking at me and Melissa, they understood the situation in an instant.


「Aruji, should I help you」

「It’s hard doing it with Kakeru-san alone after all」


They said that. That would be realistic……it wouldn’t be enough even if there’s three though.




「Is it not okay, with only me?」

「With only you?」

「I want to receive Kakeru with only myself. I-I have confidence in my stamina」

「……I see」


My chest got warm. Melissa who said something like that was very, very cute.


「She said so」


I told Nana and Io. The two nodded.


「Understood. To be sure, I would be ready」

「Un, we’ll do that」


Leaving Nana and Io who said that, I brought Melissa to the bedroom.



The conclusion, Melissa was amazing.

It took a whole dayーーnot a simile or a joke, it took a whole day to make the Immortal Saint exhausted and drenched.

Melissa became like that, but I still hadn’t had enough.


「Thank you……Kakeru」


It wasn’t enough, but looking at Melissa who said that in her sleep, my heart was very content.











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      • Pah, we are allowed to change the meaning of Saint. I mean, it is not like we haven’t already changed the meaning of so many words in modern times. Cock from a male chicken to Penis… Gay from happy to Homosexual. Futa from Lid to Dickgirl yada yada. Point is, Saint is now, peerless beauty, holy, unattainable and Large amount of stamina in bed!

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  1. Well, I guess the harem won’t grow that fast anymore. We have someone who can single-handedly ‘escort’ him for a whole day, a woman who can ‘suck’ him dry (though it’s only temporary measure), and multiple women who can ‘help’ him anytime he wants.

    ……I hope he focused on taking care of his current women than adding a new one.


    • At this point of time it is self explanatory that She is taking more and more difficult jobs so she can spend her time with Kakeru! What dense protagonist though every much cliched!


      • Him not going after her is a one sentence fix. “I do care about you, but from where I am from women of the church were not supposed to be with men like that so I didn’t think you cared for me that way.”
        Then you got the fact the author just dropped Helene after the Dragon bit and him getting a Marquis. Is she pregnant? Is he marrying the Princess? How has the king not demanded a meeting after he has been with his daughter?


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