Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Bright Golden Treat



「I couldn’t do it again〜……」


Inside the mansion, wife *MofuMofu*-ing Miu, I healed my wounded heart.

Nearby, Althea who had removed her hood, was relaxing in her matchless beauty-mode.

That’s right, I challenged it thinking that I could do it today, but in the end, all of my vigor was taken away and my son wouldn’t react at all.


「Poor Otou-san」


Hikari came to my side, and patted my head.

My daughter’s small hand is very thankful right now.


「It would’ve been nice if I was able to help」


Miu said feeling bad about it.


「You don’t need to worry about it〜, it is enough, Miu letting me *MofuMofu* like this」




I let out a flat voice, and continued to *MofuMofu*.


『Kakeru-san, a visitor came』


Ghost Maid Tanya appeared from the ceiling, and let me know that.

Recently, she returned to the mansion again, and possessed the mansion.

Unlike before, not only nearby that maid room, it seems like she’s able to move around the whole mansion freely.

And she’s guarding the mansion, or helping Miu.

Because of how they met, Miu was scared at first, but it seems like they had broken the ice recently.


「Visitor? Who is it」

『Uhmm, it’s the person called, Samaras』

「Samaras-san huh」

「Uhm, Master, I will just a bit okay」


Miu tried to go and do her job as a maid, but I stopped her.


「No, Miu is *MofuMofu* just like this」

「Eh! B-But the visitor」

「Tanya, Nana and Io is in the mansion right」

『Yes. Nana-san is training with sword, and Io-san is reading Grimoires』


The two had completely started to live in the mansion. It looks like the two of them are here today.


「Let one of them deal with him, and ask him what he came for instead」

『I understood』



Althea stopped Tanya.


『What is it?』

「Io is the magician girl right? Let that girl deal with it. Tell, that he is not feeling good」



Tanya looked at me. For the meantime, I nodded.

It’s true that I’m not feeling good. Something like not being able to do it after losing vigor, it’s a huge damage both physically and mentally.

When Tanya disappeared from the ceiling, I asked Althea.


「Why did you go your way to order that?」

「It is because it’s about time that the rumors about the Calamba Kingdom would spread」

「Calamba’s? Why is that」

「You’ll know soon」


And after that, Althea wouldn’t say anything.

She only returned to her relaxing posture before. I stared at that.

Damn it……she’s really a good woman.

She’s pretty, and she’s sexy.


I want to do it〜.


But I can’t do it right. I only have that feeling, but my body won’t keep up.

Even so, she’s wrinkly if I don’t give her vigor, that’s too much out of the question.

……it’s sorrowful.




That’s why, I *MofuMofu*-d Miu.

Slowly, and thoroughly I *MofuMofu*-d her.

After a while, Io entered the room.


「Kakeru-san, Samaras-san had returned」

「I see, and, what did he came for」

「There was nothing in particular」


Althea interrupted.


「Well that should be true」

「There’s no way. Going on his way withoutーー」

「U-Un. I was told that」



Surprised, I looked at Io.


「Did Samaras-san said that?」

「Un. And also, for some reason, he brought many presents for Kakeru-san. It’s in the drawing room」


「I also got something like this」


Io said that, and showed a jewel on her palm.


「Present to Io?」

「E〜to, he said, “Regards, to the Goshaku-sama」 (五爵様 = five titled noble-sama)


「It might be good if you meet him in the next time」

「No, well, I’d normally meet him if he’d come though」


What is it really?

When I was thinking of it strange, Tanya appeared from the ceiling again.


『Kakeru-san, this time, a person called Andreu-san came』

「Andreu-san did?」



I looked at Althea, she smiled sweetly and pointed at Io.

“Do the same thing”, she probably means.

Io left the room, and returned again after a while.

She was making a little troubled face.




She said, and reached out her hand.

This time it’s a staff, it’s a magic staff that had a jewel in its tip.


「Did you also get that」

「Yes, this is very expensive, what should I do」

「Presents also?」

「He left them. It’s in a different room from earlier」


I looked at Althea.


「Did you got told “Regards to Goshaku-sama” again?」

「Yes, I was told that」

「Well, that would be the case」

「What in the world is happening?」

「Kakeru who have five noble titles, deeply involved in the regaining of the regime of Calamba Kingdom. With only this two, there should be many people who would want to have acquaintance with you. In short, they had come to flatter you」



Is it something like that.

It means, is it that I’m receiving a lot of bright golden treats.


「Also, if that woman would come」

「That woman?」


I thought of it strange and looked at Althea. I wonder who is she talking about.

And while we were at that, Tanya came out again.


『Kakeru-san, this time, Delfina-san had come』


『Yes, she is waiting in front of the mansion』

「She’s waiting outside of the mansion?」


It’s unlikely of Delfina, I mean, there’s no need to do that right.

I’ve promised that I’d come and pick her up, and when she comes, she can enter the mansion without doing that.

Suddenly, I remembered Althea’s “That woman”.


「Is it about Delfina?」

「Yes. And, you, you are really being loved huh」

「What do you mean?」

「She’s trying to make a rumor that even the Wealthy Merchant Delfina is taking in Goshaku-sama. To uphold you. The reason why she’s waiting outside, is to let people see it. If not, there is no need for her to wait outside right」

「……I see」

「Well then, on top of all of that, what do you think would the best to do?」


Althea said with a teacher’s tone.

I thought.


「Tanya, this time, let Nana go out. You should guide her only up to the entrance. Take a long time, making people see」

『I understood』


Tanya disappeared.

I looked at Althea. She had the face “Well done”.


「After that, love Delfina laterーー」

「You don’t need to say that」


I said with a strong tone.

Recently, Althea is teaching me this and that, but that isn’t needed right now.

I know it, and I’m planning to do that.

Althea got a little surprised, and blushing a little, she only added: “Is that so”.

And after that, for a while, there was no end of people coming to my mansion.











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    • If I recall correctly. Io is a mere adventurer originally that joined Kakeru in his journey to explore the world yada yada. Unlike Nana whom was the prairie princess(?), meaning… Nana has a higher status and value in comparison to Io. By sending Nana to receive Delfina, it means Kakeru values Delfina more than the others.

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    • The one io meet was a merchant in the town, thus Io who’s familiar with him as an adventurer should be having an easier time dealing him than the others…


    • As GuldTasken said Io just “mere” adventure enough to meet local leaders as for Delfina she a famous merchants on top having much wealth so he sending someone who rather important like Nana to accept showing he and her had good relations


  1. Typo:
    it seems like she’s able to mode around the whole mansion freely. -> it seems like she’s able to move around the whole mansion freely.
    Thank you for the chapter


  2. I even wanted to comment this before but am doing it here- He asked Delphina to move into his mansion,make Nana, Miu live there! Why not invite Io when they did deed around 20episodes back??


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