Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – Inclination of Luck



On the top of the bed, Rica was drenched and exhausted.

It’s the first time so I thought that I wouldn’t be too reckless, but when we got started, I couldn’t help but do it too much.

And even with that, I was still aroused, so when I held Eleanor(I left Hikari behind) and tried to go somewhere to clear my mind.


「Kakeru……thank you」


I looked at Rica, our eyes met.

Even though she was so exhausted that she couldn’t lift a finger, she looked straight at me, and told me her gratitude.


「Yeah, be thankful」


I said it jokingly.


「I’ll save you whenever something happens from now on, so be thankful every time」

「Un. Thank you. ……ne〜, Kakeru, does Kakeru……like women?」

「What’s with that question」


I’m not homophobic.


「Uhmm……I’m sorry if my knowledge is wrong. I had heard that, great men have great fondness for the sensual pleasures」

「……ahh, you meant it like that. If it’s with that meaning, un, I like women」

「Would you like it if there’s many?」

「Let me think」


I thought for a while, and said.


「If it’s a good woman like you, as many as there is. I don’t need unappealing women」

「Then, if I gather them, would Kakeru be happy?」


「I remembered about the eunuch right now」


Rica slowly raised her body.

Her eyes were still, heading straight towards me.


「I don’t need an inner palace, but if it’s for gathering women for Kakeru, I thought that eunuchs might really be needed」

「You were thinking of that」

「You don’t like it?」



I looked at Rica, and made a sweet smile.


「I’ll be happy if you gather good women」



Rica happily made a smile.

Right now, I want to let her do what she like, I thought of that.

……I really thought of that alright.



After the case with Calamba ended, I came to the lottery place after a while.


「Okaa-san! *Gyu*」


The instant we were there, Hikari hugged Eleanor.

As if she was waiting for it. Well, this is the only place where Eleanor could turn into human form, so I understand how Hikari feels.

Hikari who hugs her was very excited, and Eleanor had a troubled face but it doesn’t seem like she doesn’t like it.

Even so, it’s really fun looking at the two who looks alike being like that.

There was an earlier visitor to the lottery place.

It’s the tentacles man that drew the lot before me in the world I was before.


「Ohh, we met againーーhey, isn’t that increasing」


The man pointed at Eleanor and Hikari. If it’s someone who doesn’t know what happened, he would probably think Eleanor “increased”.


「There’s a lot that happened」


It’s very confusing to explain, so I just said that half-heartedly.


「Is that so. Well, a lot of things would happen huh」


The man made a grin.

Probably, something happened to him too.


「More than that, I’ll draw first again today」


「Here’s first!」

「Yes, there are 10 times that are stacked」



The man quickly turned the free lottery one.

The balls came out very quick, and there’re two different colors other than the missed ball.

The hand bell rang.


「Congratulations.  It is a room block, and kitchen set」


Ohh, it’s a kitchen set. I don’t know what kind of set it is, but I also want that.

It’s enviousーーI thought of that, but the man made a complicated face.


「What happened」

「I still don’t have the magic cottage」

「ーーah! I see, there’s no meaning with only those interiors huh」

「That’s right」


I looked at the staff. She smiled at me wryly.

Thinking about it carefully, that’s true. Hikari was able to draw it for the first time, but there’s no meaning if the main part called the magic cottage isn’t there in the first place.

The man got downheartedーーbut immediately regained himself.


「Don’t mind it, there’s still this one!」


He said, and took out the stack of lottery tickets.

He gave that to the staff, and made her count.


「Yes, it’s 50 pieces」


That’s amazing. It was amazing before, but it’s more amazing this time.

How did he gather that much?

As I’ve thought, I should ask him this time.

The man drew the lot.

At once, *GaraGaraGara*, he turned it.

Most of it was black or while magic balls.

And after around thirty timesーーthere’s an unknown ball that came out.


「Congratulations! Third prize, it’s Different Dimension Warehouse!」



The staff gave the man the key with feathers.


「This is an item connects to a warehouse in a different dimension and you can use it any place at any time. Its area is roughly a six tatami room size」

「That’s great, that’s really great. I can use it for a lot of things」


The man got excited. I understand that feeling. You’ll feel like that if you get a win.


「Yosh, I’ll continue to draw. I feel that I can hit a lot today」


With great spirits, he continued to draw.

I know that feeling of “I think I can hit it”, but that wouldn’t happen right.

Most of those times, you only feel like itーー.




「It’s a hit」

「No way!」


The hand bell rang, I was surprised.



「Hey, isn’t this the same with earlier」


The man asked the staff with a weird face. The staff noticed that, and also had a weird face.


「Y-Yes. It’s third prize, different dimension warehouse」


He hit it twice. Is there something like hitting it twice.

……there probably is, getting the same thing twice.


「Of course, I’ll get two rooms right」

「I’m sorry, the warehouse is dependent on the user, it’s one room per person」

「……then, this has no meaning huh」

「I’m sorry」

「Damn it」


The man got frustrated. It’s sad to hit it then knowing that it has no meaning right.

Thinking of that, even if it’s a miss, it’s better to get the magic balls.

The man drew a few times after that, but there’s only magic balls that came out.


「Damn it, to think that I’d draw in an inclined day」


The man murmured, and left the lottery place.

I get that feeling, but there isn’t an inclined day right.

But, I get the feeling. I really get it.


「Otou-san, can I draw the lot?」


While hugging Eleanor, Hikari came to my place while pulling the mother she really loves, and asked me.


「Yeah. While you’re at it, you want to draw together with Okaa-san?」


「Un, Hikari’s here, and Eleanor’s here」


I pointed at the two lottery machines.

“Un”, Hikari nodded with a very wide smile.

Eleanor’s with the one with the lottery tickets, and Hikari’s with the one with the free lottery rights that stacks every day.

Together, they placed their hand on the lever.


「Eleanor’s 11 times, and lend the luck」


【Luck will be lent to Demon Sword Eleanor.  Time Remaining: 29 seconds】   


「Then let’s go, ready……start」


I swung my hand vertically, and Hikari drew the lot very excitingly and Eleanor drew the lot with a complicated face.


「Congratulations, it is a hit with the kitchen set」



Hikari hits the kitchen set. Andーー.


「Congratulations, it’s third price, different dimension warehouse」


After Eleanor consecutively drew ten black balls, she hit the third prize.

……isn’t it the probability today, really biased?


「Otou-san, was it bad?」


When I was making a complicated face like that, Hikari asked something like that.


「No, there’s no problem at all, it’s rather the best」


「Yeah, Hikari and Eleanor, great job. As expected」




Hikari hugged Eleanor once again, and although Eleanor felt troubled, she shows in her face that she doesn’t hate it.

There’s not much of a problem.

The different dimension warehouse was hit, and the kitchen set was also hit.

There wasn’t any problem at all.












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  1. Gahahaha, the luck cheat is still there~ though the ticket one… is it…
    use 10 tickets get 1 spin free, 1 SR item guaranteed

    XD that luck


  2. Though i hate to say it, the tentacle man is maybe going to become a villain character later on, but going by the flow of the novel, something (maybe a god) will interfere and save their life, and then they will fight each other for the sake of the plot, or, they will become good friends with the mc as they are both how they are 😛


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