Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Five Noble Titled Kakeru

It was on chaos from the morning that day.

And, the busiest was Miu.

「Master, a person from the Aegina Kingdom came this time」

Looking like in a hurry, Miu ran inside my room.

「Aegina Kingdom? Is it different from the Siracuza Kingdom just now?」

『Isn’t it different from its name』

Eleanor pointed that out. I asked Miu once again.

「Did you hear what that person from the Aegina Kingdom or something wants?」

「No! But they met with the person from the Siracuza Kingdom, they were somehow glaring at each other」

「Glaring……they don’t get along huh. I got it, for the meantimeーー」


Nana entered this time.

「One who names themselves as the Calamba Kingdom and Comotoria Kingdom’s messenger came, what do you think?」


What the heck is happening?

Siracuza, Aegina, Calamba, Comotoria.

It just means that four groups of people that name themselves as a kingdom’s messenger had come.

「It looks like they have gathered」

This time, Althea came into the room.

I didn’t give her life powers today, so she’s hiding her face with her hood.

「What do you mean they gathered?」

「You will know if you go」

「……is all of this Althea’s work?」

I heard about the Siracuza. And being told “They gathered”, I can only think that it’s like that.


I was told with a commanding tone for some reason, I felt like I’ve been told by the class’s homeroom teacher.

It’s true that nothing would happen just thinking here.

I left the room. Althea, Nana, and Miu followed behind me.

When I came to the lobby, four middle-aged men who looks bossy, and men that looks like their subordinates were standing.

Even though it was a very wide lobby, it’s very cramped because of them, and it was somehow stifling.

It’s like a live house that was full before the start of the performance.

「Kakeru Yuuki-dono, I believe」

One of the middle-aged men said to me.


「I have come with the command of the King of Aegina Kingdom, His Majesty Ion Heracles Aegina」


A somehow very exaggerating name came out.

「On the name of King Aegina, Kakeru Yuuki-dono will be bestowed the title of the Baron. Accept it gladly」

When the middle-aged man said, his subordinates came from his behind.

They held a tray, and a short sword with decorations was on it.

There’s an emblem in the middle that I’d never seen before.

Just like Helene’s fan I have placed on my waist, that’s probably the Aegina’s emblem.

Uhmm……I’ll become a Baron receiving that? Is that what it means? Thenーー.

『Wasn’t it Siracuza’s Baron』

Eleanor said. Thinking about it, that’s right.

When I heard it from Althea, it was “I took a baron from Siracuza”.

Why is it Aegina then? In the first placeーー.

「Please halt. In the name of Her Majesty the Queen, Rica Calamba, Yuuki-dono is bestowed the title of third class baron of the Calamba Kingdom」

「Can the kingdom that only has old history move back. The Comotoria Kingdom has prepared the baron title and a land for Yuuki-sama. Well now, Yuuki-sama. Please take this」

The men said one next to the other. And took out some kind of item closes in towards me to take it.

What they’re saying and doing, it’s all the same.

Coming from the King’s orders, gives me baron title, the other country should move back.

Everyone was just like that, and they even started glaring at each other.

I asked Althea.

「Is this your work」

「That’s right」

「Wasn’t it only from Siracuza」

「Siracuza is the nearest, and only had the fastest reply. I took all the noble titles that I can take from for the meantime」

「That’s why you said it as if it was an afternoon snack huh」

I let out a sigh.

Miu behind me was panicking.

「M-Master. Are you taking, all of that」

「Un? Can I take it, Althea」

「Take them」

It was teacher’s tone again.

But well, I’ll take it if I can though.

「Awawawawa, I-I had never heard of someone becoming a Baron-sama for different kingdoms at the same time」

Miu got more and more excited.

Thinking about it, that’s true. They were glaring at each other in front of me too, so there’s probably kingdoms that are their enemy.

Probably, if I receive it at the same time, isn’t it something like getting a general position or something from America and Russia.

Is it really okay with that? I thought.

And as if she had seen through that, Althea stepped forward.

「Excuse me?」

「Who are you」

One of the men asked with a rough voice. The other men also glared at Althea.

Althea named herself very calmly.


And then, the faces of everyone changed. They were really at it, but everyone started to have low waists.

「Oh is it Althea-sama!」

「We are so sorry!」

「Everyone, well done. You can return and report that you have completed your task」

「I-Is it that, all of it would be accepted」


「This is unheard of. For one person to have noble titles four out of the five major kingdoms」

「You, you’re from Calamba」

「Yes. I am Duka second class baron」

It was a pretty high positioned person, but Althea strictly made him “Wait”.  

「You can turn around and return if you have some complaints」

「T-That isーー」

Baron Duka made a very troubled face. I’m sure, that there’s some reason that he can’t return like this.

I mean, that reason is probably Althea.

Baron Duka was troubled just like the other messengers.

And while we’re at that, another one came.

It’s a familiar face this time. The sisters Helene and Iris wearing a princess dress came with their subordinates on following behind them.

「My name is Helene Teresia Mercouri」

「It is Iris Teresia Mercouri」

The two, said to me with a formal tone.

And then, the messengers until now started murmuring.

「Helene and Iris?」

「Is it not the Teresia’s Twin Flowers」

「Both of the internal and external prominent figures came?」

「Don’t tell me, Mercouri also?」

Ignored those who were being surprised normally, Helene said.



「Suppression of Kiril and Kano War, subjugation of the Red Dragon・Olivia, and the suggestion of the currency establishment. Praised for the achievements above, we are thinking of bestowing Kakeru-sama the Marquis title. Will you accept it」

「Ahh, I’ll take it」

I answered promptly.

I don’t know the guys from the other for countries, and it’s something I don’t remember, but Helene and Iris’s that, I did all of it, and on top of that, Helene is my woman.

There’s no reason to not accept.


「They came with that huh」

「How dare you, Mercouri」

There was murmuring behind, but it was troublesome so I ignored it.

「Ehhhhh? Did you became a Baron-sama for five kingdoms?」

In the next day, when I told Io who was accompanying me for work what happened yesterday, she was very surprised.

「Specifically, one Marquis, and four Barons. Mercouri, Helene’s place gave me a higher noble rank」

「D-Did you become everything」


「I can’t believe it……I’ve never heard of that」

Io was surprised to death. Well, you’ll be like that huh.

After that yesterday and asking a few things, the guys who came there was from the so called “Five Major Kingdoms”, and their kingdom’s relationships aren’t exactly good.

And not only that, it looks like Calamba and Comotoria are currently on war.

「Well it’s true that someone told it was unheard of」

「That is right, something like that is impossible……it’s amazing」

「I got it that it’s impossible, but is it that amazing」

「Yes! There isn’t a person in the history who achieved that after all!」

「I see」

No one in history has achieved. The first one.

I don’t feel bad hearing that.

I thought for a while, and asked.

「Hey, Io, what’s the highest in noble ranks?」

「Uhmm, is it, the Duke?」

「Duke huh」

「Why are you asking?」

「No, I just thought, that it might be good aiming to become a Duke for all kingdoms」

When I said that, Io was surprised to death in an instant, but she returned to her usual self immediately.

「I think that Kakeru-san can do it!」

She looked at me with eyes of expectation and admiration.

Her sight feels good.

One Marquis, four Barons, I’ll make them all Dukes huh.

That, might be good.

If that is so, where should I start.

I remembered the conversation yesterday, and remembered “Queen Rica Calamba”.

It’s with the Queen first huh.

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  1. At least a mc with aspirations to be a noble on a whim, because he can, and no fu€k$ where given that day
    Thanks for the chapter
    I am only waiting for your mails (posts) to fill my empty time full of homework

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      • You know you just hit the nail on the head. Obviously the Lottery girl is a target but doesn’t even know it yet. gotta remember that while Kakeru has 777 times his base status it is only that. He is always using his base status. Surprisingly we don’t see the 777 times intelligence and wisdom as often I think? Anyways its interesting. It would be even more so when he figures out how to shut it off through mental force on himself and train his base form to the peak of godhood…and then use it :p


      • I think he also gets 777 times the evil but not the good, because at some point he seems so OOC and what people would consider “evil” character or at least not positive.
        He starts out nice, being polite and nice and helping a princess or a mage adventurer, but later on… honestly I think he acts like a douche. It’s hard to explain, but it’s how I feel what made me stop reading eventually; it became strange.


  2. wait … if all stat x 777, by some rpg standart -_- didn’t that mean that his charm is also x 777 as well as his luck and lust ? we have a strong alpha male here

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  3. I remembered the conversation yesterday, and remembered “Queen Rica Calamba”.

    It’s with the Queen first huh.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  4. Let’s become a noble! Even better, a noble of five different kingdom! Even better, the highest title for a noble at that!

    Noblesse oblige? What is that? Can I have s*x with it?


  5. Wait…..this plot, don’t tell me that later it would become ‘Kakeru became the King of the 5 Major Kingdoms and fuse them to become one Kingdom’ kind of plot would it?!?!?!?!


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