Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Sage’s Gratitude



Lottery place. Eleanor, Hikari, and I.

By the way, I thought of taking Chibi Dragon with us, but she couldn’t come. The ones who can enter here was for some reason, only Eleanor, Hikari, and me.


「I’ll go draw then, Otou-san」


Hikari who was standing in front of the lottery machine said. For some reason, there was a stepping ladder was placed so Hikari could reach it, but I did not say anything why it was there.


「Wait, Hikari」



Since she’s drawing the lot, I decided to lend her my luck just like before.


「Lend luck to Hikari」


【Luck is being lent to Yuuki Hikari. Remaining Time: ーー seconds】




I heard an unexpected voice.

I thought of using the skill that can lend my abilities that I got from the limited lottery to Hikari, but I couldn’t.

It’s already been being lent, and on top of that, the remaining time has a strange noise and I couldn’t hear how long is remaining.


「What does this mean? ……to Hikari, lend strength, lend speed, lend magic powers」


【Strength is being lent to Yuuki Hikari.  Remaining Time: ーー seconds】  


【Speed is being lent to Yuuki Hikari. Remaining Time: ーー seconds】


【Magic powers are being lent to Yuuki Hikari. Remaining Time: ーー seconds】


All of them have the same results.

I don’t remember on lending those to Hikari, and in the first place, the time remaining is bugged.


「Lend luck to Eleanor」


【Luck will be lent to Demon Sword Eleanor. Time Remaining: 29 seconds】


This time, it worked properly. The skill from the limited lottery is properly working.

Then if it’s like that……what does it mean?


「Why, does it not work with Hikari?」

「Isn’t it because she’s your daughter?」


Eleanor said. She was a little appalled, but if I looked carefully, with kind eyes.


「Because she’s my daughter……ah」


I thought for an instant, and understand what Eleanor was trying to say.

Because she’s my daughter, because she’s a child born from me.

Because she already has received my genes, I can’t use it twice on her.

That was Eleanor was saying.

I don’t know if it was true, but I’m convinced.


「Otou-san……what happened?」


「Is there, something wrong with Hikari?」


Hikari asked timidly. Her eyes that were looking up, they were almost crying.

It looks like I made her anxious.

Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with Hikari, it’s rather the opposite.

If the reason that Eleanor had said is true, I would rather be happy, and I would love Hikari more and more.

I bent my knees, and patted Hikari’s head.


「There’s nothing wrong with Hikari」


「Yeah. I just found a proof that Hikari’s my daughter, so Otou-san just got happy」

「Hikari is Otou-san’s daughter you know?」


She was making a face like “What are you saying?”.


「Yeah, Hikari is Otou-san’s daughter」


I patted her head more and more.

Hikari stopped making a sad face, and smiled happily.

And when I was patting her more and more……I saw that Eleanor was sulking


「What is it」

「What of?」

「No, making that face, what happened?」

「It’s nothing」


She said, and faced back.

No, that’s clearly the face that there’s something right.

Just like how I did with Hikari, I patted Eleanor’s head.

Her height and appearance are almost the same with Hikari, so she was easy to pat.


「Eeii, don’t treat me like a child!」

「Didn’t you want me to pat you?」

「There’s no way! There’s no way that I would be happy being patted in front of my daughter by her father!!」


「U〜n. Then, Hikari, pat your mother’s head」

「Un! Okaa-san……*NadeNade*」



Eleanor’s body trembled, she was making a somehow making a face with a complaint, but since it was Hikari who was patting her, she couldn’t shout at her just like she did with me.

Not being able to do anything, she let Hikari pat her head.

She was making a complicated face, but she’s happy on the inside.

She’s easy to understand after all.


「Uhm……I have also told this before」


The lottery staff that was there all the time, said while looking at us with wide eyes open.


「Can you not bring with you a strange family comedy act?」

「Wasn’t it a happy family circle the last time」

「That’s already pretty much a family comedy act, you know」


It was strangely hard to deny.

Because the look of the staff was bad, for the meantime, we drew the lottery.

I couldn’t lend her my luck, but even so, I made Hikari draw all of it.

The result, we gained one “Extension Block” from the free lottery, and many magic balls from the lottery that uses tickets.



I spread out the magic cottage at the mansion’s yard, and entered inside with Hikari.

It was really wide inside, and nothing was there.


「Where does Hikari want to make a room?」

「Uhm, here」


She pointed at one wall. I took the item that we gained in the lottery there, and used it.

The simple wall that was there shined, and a door was created.

I opened the door, inside, was a small, and after all, a room where nothing’s inside.


「Wa〜, a new room」

「Hikari, let’s go outside once. I’m going to make it small once and make it big again」



I went outside with Hikari.

I made the magic cottage small, and suddenly had an idea.


「Hikari, we’re going to move」

「To where?」

「Wait a minute」


I took the magic cottage that had gotten small, and warped with Hikari.

Grasslands, we came to the grasslands where mountain cows inhabit.

I made the magic cottage larger there, and entered inside again with Hikari.

The magic cottage’s exterior hadn’t changed, but the room that was placed earlier was still there.


「Wa〜, although it disappeared before, the room remained〜」

「Yeah, it remained」

『That’s an interesting item』


Eleanor who was hanging in my waist said.

I entered the room, opened the window, and looked outside.

It was grasslands outside. A peaceful grassland where mountain cows haven’t appeared.


「Hikari, let’s go outside once more」



She probably already understood, Hikari eagerly nodded, and came outside with me.

I made the magic cottage small, warped to the rocky mountains, make it big, and we entered inside once again.

I opened the window, I saw the Orycuto’s back running away.


「Ama〜zing〜, the house moves!」


Hikari got really excited.

We did the same thing once more, and returned to the mansion this time.

And just as expected, seeing the mansion from the magic cottage’s window, Hikari got really excited.

For I while, I got relaxed watching Hikari horse around.




I was called from outside. It was Althea wearing a hood.

When I think about it, when Althea hadn’t rejuvenated she’s always wearing a hood, so I think I haven’t seen her normal face.

While thinking of that, I went outside


「What is it」

「I took a baron for Kakeru」

「Baron? A potato huh」

「It’s a noble rank」


「Baron. Mercouri Kingdom would come from their side soon, so I took it from Siracuza Kingdom」

「……is it that given so lightly like a snack at the afternoon? Noble ranks?」

『If it’s this woman, she can do it. If she does it seriously』


Seriously huh.

Why does she do it seriously?

When I was thinking of that, she answered by herself.


「You’re someone who has vigor that matches that of a thousand’s, it’s my gratitude from receiving that」


As expected of the Great Sage, she already knows my questions.

And I got convinced.


「I got it, I’ll receive it」


And with this, I became that Baron something.










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  3. i don’t know if you translated this faulty with purpose but just to make sure, you do know that a baron is a person and a barony is the area assigned to a person for him to become a baron hence if she takes a baron she takes a person, if she takes a barony she takes the land.


  4. saving a princess’s not count, saving her twice’s not count, saving the kingdom by massacring a legendary undead army’s not count, saving that fu***g kingdom again by slaying a “RED” (Retired but Extremely Dangerous) dragon and they only make him a lowest rank of noble thank for his vigor ( okie, fine, fine =)) It’s normal.


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