Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Special Confidence and Courtesy


I hugged my knees and looked up to the sky at the mansion’s yard. I want to do it but I can’t, feeling of weakness and emptiness attacked me.


「Master……are you okay?」


Miu came to my side, and stared at my with a very worried face.




「Let me *MofuMofu*

「ーー! Yes, please go on!」


I *MofuMofu*-d Miu.

I *MofuMofu*-d, and felt better.


「Thank you, Miu」

「No, it’s because I am Master’s maid」

「I see. Thank you」


I said that, and continued to *MofuMofu*.


「By the way, Master. Is that person going to live in the mansion」

「Althea? Yeah, that’s right, clean a room somewhere and guide her」

「Ah, yes. I am always cleaning all of the rooms」

「When I think about it, is work hard for Miu」

「Work? No, not at all」

「But, Miu is the only maid right. Isn’t it hard to take care of this huge mansion alone」

「It is alright! I will do my best!」


While being *MofuMofu*-d, Miu made a guts pose.

She was somehow gallant, so I *MofuMofu*-d her more.




My name was called. When I looked just like when Althea appeared, Melissa was standing in the entrance of the mansion.

Different from before, she came alone, not taking her subordinates with her.


「Ah! I’m sorry, Master」


Miu stood up quickly and said while she ran towards where Melissa was with a trot.


「Miu, Melissa is someone I know so it’s okay to let come here instead」



When I told her that, Miu guided Melissa here.


「Uhm……thank you, earlier」

「Have you rested properly since then」

「Un, pretty much」


Pretty much, huh. This is probably, the pattern of which she didn’t rest.

People who love their jobs, there are no more unreliable words than “I’m resting”.

Maybe I should forcefully make her rest again this time.


「And, what is it today?」

「Uhm……maybe you can help me again, I thought」



I was surprised, it was a little unexpected.

When I said I’ll cooperate from my side, I thought of ways to do it because she would continuously say buts and howevers, but I didn’t think that Melissa would say it herself.

Of course, I have no reason to refuse.

I don’t know why, but I don’t feel bad with her relying on me honestly.


「Yosh, wait a minute!」


I stood up quickly. Melissa looked at me with a surprised face.



「Why are you that eager?」

「Well, that doesn’t matter right. Rather than that, wait a minute」


I said that to Melissa, and warped inside the mansion.

I knocked the door, and entered the room.

The place where I didn’t enter straight into, was Hikari’s room.

Inside the room, Hikari was frolicking with Chibi Dragon.


「Ah! Otou-san. What happened」

「I’m going out for a bit, you want to go too?」

「Un! A fight work?」

「That’s right」

「I got it」


Hikari smiled innocently, and then changed to her Demon Sword form.

Chibi Dragon looked up to me, crying “Myu〜”.

They were clear eyes as if to beg.

“Let me come”, it’s probably saying.

This is that Red Dragon huh…….

I kneeled down, and patted Chibi’s head.


「You’re staying okay」



Leaving Chibi, I hanged Eleanor and Hikari on both sides of my waist and warped to the yard.

And then, Melissa and Althea were there together.

Melissa who was wearing the vestment of the Solon Church, and beautiful Althea who was not covered with her robe.

When the two were together, a solemn feeling somehow comes out.


「I’m surprised. To think that I would be able to see the Immortal Witch Melissa here」


Althea talked to her like that, but it seems like she’s not that surprised.


「You are?」

「I’m Althea, just Althea」

「The Great Sage Althea?!」


Melissa was greatly surprised instead.

Can she tell with that? No, even when she told me, she also said “just Althea”.  

Is she someone that famous, Althea.


「Why……are you here?」

「I will be living here for a while」

「Are you going to be Kakeru’s advisor?」

「Who knows, I wonder」

「Hey, Melissa. Is she that amazing of a person?」

「Don’t you know?」


Melissa was greatly surprised again. If I was surprised with that much, I feel bad for not knowing.


「The legendary advisor that is being said to be in the shadows of numerous heroes. It is said that she had made the path for Great Emperor Rodotos’ conquer before he fell to darkness」


Great Emperor Rodotos? That’s a name I think I heard somewhere.


『Ohh, that intelligent woman at that time huh』


I mean, someone who’s concerned with Eleanor huh! If I think about it, weren’t she saying things like that when we first met.


『It’s the woman who advised Rodotos who was a begging orphan to conquer the world』


Hey, that’s pretty amazing.


『After that, I took it deliciously though. Both the world, and also Rodotos』


Eleanor told very proudly.



「Other than that, she was also with the Holy Painter and God of Songs, the Pope of Time and the Dragon King that conquered the skies. In the shadows of time, there is always Althea, she is a person being told like that. And to not know that……」


Melissa was surprised and appalled at the same time. Is she that amazing.

But, sorry, I’m not a human from this world.

Leaving Melissa wait outside the grounds for a bit, I told Althea.


「Hey, you were that amazing of a person」

「I’m surprised too. To think that you have even tamed the Immortal Witch」


I wonder what this is, recently around me, I think that there are a lot of people that is being called “the” before their names.

I mean, I’m also like that huh, something like “the Demon Sword Wielder”, sometimes I also started being called by that.


「Great Sage huh, is that advice of yours really amazing?」

「I wonder, I am thinking that I only said what I thought」

「If it was that loose, say something to me too」

「I have no inspiration, so it’s impossible right now」


Althea said something like an author’s line.



Together with Melissa, we fought warping here and there.

A whole day. Including warping, there were ten towns that we went to,  the travel distance were probably hundreds of kilometers level, and the number of human and monsters I cut was easily over a hundred.

If I didn’t see her forcing herself before, it’s the level of which I would doubt if she is receiving this much requests as a harassment.


And while doing that, I have started to feel something.


It was the very same thing when I ran around here and there with Melissa before.

My body was getting tired and exhausted. And opposite to that, my libido heightens.

The more I get tired, the more it gets stronger.

Said with a word……I’m aroused.




After doing all of them, I separated ways with Melissa who was somehow had a blushing face, and went where Althea was.

Althea was wearing a mantle with hood inside the mansion.

I reached out my hand.


「Let me do you」


I said.


「Re-challenge huh, okay」


Althea took my hand.

The wrinkled hand had gradually changed to smooth ones.

She removed her hood, again, it’s that woman of great beauty.

And, I am……


「It’s wimpy……damn it, is it not enough with this」


I thought that it was enough, I thought that with that strength it was enough.

But still, it couldn’t reach it.


「Are we not doing it」

「Damn it. Asking obvious things. I’ll absolutely do you someday I promise」

「Is that so」


Althea smiled sweetly.

Maybe because I couldn’t do it, or maybe because for three times I couldn’t do it and was put off.

That face was the most beautiful one that I have ever seen.

Damn it, I’ll absolutely do it I promise.



I looked at my own hand and I was surprised.

Very smooth skin, in his eyes, he probably had seen it as only rejuvenation.

I let him see my rejuvenation two times before, but he probably saw that as the same.


But, that’s wrong.


By gaining the rejuvenation technique with vigor, I can regain my youth, but I have never returned to my body’s peak ever.

Stamina, magic powers, sacred powers……with everything, it can’t reach the peak.

I know the best of my own body. Even if I rejuvenated, there was a feeling that something’s not enough.

And that, was being filled right now.

They were almost filled.


With his vigor, with his vigor alone, I had almost returned to my peak.

This has never happened before. From my palm, I have absorbed vigor from numerous men, but this is something for the first time.

So manly that all of the men I have met until now over-shadowed.

My heart leaped.

It’s not only my body, I even feel as if my heart has gotten younger.

I wonder what this is, I’m starting to expect for something.


「Are we not doing it」

「Damn it. Asking obvious things. I’ll absolutely do you someday I promise」


That’s a little big a shame.


「Is that so」


I smiled, I even knew for myself that a smile was created with my mouth.


「Ne〜, about from now on」


The things that I want to tell him gushes out like spring.











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