Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Last Boss


In the mansion’s yard, I was checking the specs of the Magic Cottage.


「Otou-san, there’s no chair you know?」

「It looks like that」


Hikari who was hugging the Chibi Dragon peeked from behind what’s inside the Magic Cottage.

It was only a wide room, and nothing was inside.

I made it big, placed a chair inside, made it small, and made it big again.

After doing that, the chair that should’ve been inside disappeared. There’s not even a speck of it remaining, as if it was erased.


「As I’ve thought, it should be the furniture for this should be drawn from the lottery huh」

「Are we going to draw lots?」

「Yeah. Let’s draw what we can and gather furnitures」

「Otou-san, that, can Hikari draw?」

「Yeah, it’s okay」



Hikari was so happy she was jumping like a bunny. And Chibi Dragon also jumped like a bunny.

I couldn’t help but droop the corner of my eyes. Hikari is really the cutest in the world after all.


『A doting parent huh』

「Say what you want」


Hikari and Chibi dragon ran around the Magic Cottage.

Eleanor and I watched them.


「Excuse, I have heard that the person called Kakeru Yuuki is here」



I looked back to the voice, outside the grounds, there was a person who was covered by hood from its head.

I can’t see her face, but from her voice, it seems like she’s a woman.

Miu jumped out from the mansion, and stood in front of the woman.

I’m here, but it’s Miu’s job to ask who it is when visitors come.


「Can I ask who you are?」

「Althea, I am called. I had heard that a person called Kakeru Yuuki is here」


It was clear that the woman has noticed me, but still, she asked Miu.

Miu looked at me. I nodded back to Miu, and entered the mansion.



「It’s a visitor. Hikari, can you go play with her somewhere」


I said that to Hikari who followed. “Un”, Hikari greatly nodded, and ran somewhere with Chibi Dragon who had gotten really familiar.

While carrying Eleanor, I went towards the mansion’s drawing room after letting pass time a bit.

The woman that was guided by Miu was inside the room.


「I’m Yuuki Kakeru」

「I am Althea」

「Althea-san? Your surname is?」

「Just Althea, please remember me as only that」

「……Haa〜. For the meantime, please」


I made Althea take a seat, and I took a seat in front of her.


『This woman, she’s not human』



I got cautious after hearing Eleanor’s voice.

I don’t know how why she thought of that, but I can’t think that she would say that without basis.

Her appearance wearing a hood is suspicious too, while getting cautious, I asked Althea.


「And then, what do you need from me」

「I came hearing the rumors」

「Rumors? About the Demon Sword Wielder?」

「That is also one, and more than that, the other one rumor」

「The other one rumor?」


I tilted my head.

What rumors are there other than Demon Sword Wielder.

I fought her and there, and I have Eleanor with me basically, so my rumors should be 100% “Demon Sword Wielder”.

Other than that……what else are there?


「An excellent stud, I had heard and come」



I was taken aback and spouted.

An excellent stud? What the heck is that.


『Why are you surprised』


Eleanor’s voice echoed inside my head. It was an amazed voice.


『You made that many women wait upon you, and made everyone serve you. On top of that, a man who impregnated I who is a Demon Sword, what else can you call him other than a stud』


I can’t say backーーbut.

I did things that it couldn’t be helped being called by that, but how did that become a rumor?

I should check it out later.

But first, I should focus on the woman in front of me.


「Even if I was a stud as the rumors say, so what?」

「A handshake, can you do it with me」


「Yes, a handshake first」



I nodded.

There’s the possibility of it being a trap, but I’ll think about it when that time comes.

There’s even Eleanor, things would work out.

I placed my left hand to Eleanor, and reached out my right hand.

I was surprised a bit.

Althea’s hand that she reached out for the handshake was with wrinkles.

Just like a grandma’s, wrinkled hand.

I hesitated for many reasons, but I grabbed that hand.




I was surprised. The instance I shook hands with her, Althea’s wrinkly hands had gradually tightened.

As if her youth came back, it became a firm skin.


「What is the meaning of this」

「Ohh……this is more than expect」


Althea removed the hood that covered her.

My breath was taken away.

What appeared here, was an unprecedented beauty.

One that I had never seen before, a beautiful woman more than any woman that I had met.

A woman of great beauty, that was all that can be said.




I want to do it. I instinctively thought.



「A-re, it’s not reacting」


I looked at my crotch.

The thing that usually declares its presence even after making everyone exhausted, it is not reacting.

Even if I focused on putting strength to my crotch, it’s not reacting after all.

What is the meaning of this, this thing.


「A man more than expected huh」

「What does this mean?」


I looked at Althea.


「To return to this appearance, I usually need around a thousand man’s vigor, but to for it to be enough with just one. It’s my first time, with that kind of man」

「……you absorbed my vigor, that means. With that earlier」



I wondered if something like that exists, but I remembered Eleanor’s words that “She’s not human”.

And also, if I look at her carefully, Althea’s skin’s firmness just didn’t return, but her face was somehow smoother.

And my crotch wouldn’t react.

Looking at the situation, there’s no doubt it was like that.


「Thank you, ask me something in gratitude」

「Let me do you」


I answered promptly.

I said exactly what I was thinking at the first time I saw Althea’s face.




Althea replied casually.


「If it was a man such as you」



I wrapped my arms around Althea’s shoulders, and took her to the bedroom.

But, I forgot.


「……it wouldn’t react」


That’s right, that my crotch is just like it’s useless.


「It is probably because I absorbed all of it」

「Damn it, no way」

「I will be available anytime, would do you want to challenge again after you recover」

「Of course」


I answered promptly.

In the end, it didn’t recover that day, so I made Althea stay.

And the next day.


「We’re going to do it, Althea」


I who woke up was very stiff. I immediately went to the room where I let Althea stay, but she was wearing a hood.


「Then, a handshake」


The hand that she reached out was wrinkled.


「Don’t tell me……」


I fearfully grabbed that hand, and Althea regained her youth once again, she returned to a woman of great beauty.

That face of hers was very smooth, in exchange, I was soft and elastic.

「……I can’t do it with this」


I was in despair. I was too much in despair, I even started thinking of world peace.

The very stiff in the first of the morning was taken a whole, and there’s nothing remaining. Even if I focused and cheered at it, it wouldn’t budge a bit.

In the end, I just provided my vigor for Althea’s rejuvenation.




Althea placed her hands together.


「Don’t worship me!」

「Thank you again for today. I will let you make me live here for a while」


「Rather than gathering vigor from a thousand people, the pureness is also high receiving it from one」

「What are youーー」

「In exchange, you can do what you want with me. Anytime, whenever you want」

「ーー! It’s okay, you’re really sure」

「It’s true. If it was that much of a man, gladly」


Providing vigor for more than a thousand men, and if there’s still vitality on top of that huh.

If there was that much, it really would be “that much of a man”.


「I got it」


With this, the residents of my mansion increased.

And, I, for the first time, thought of training myself the first time when I came in this world.


「I will really do it, absolutely!」


I declared that to the woman of great beauty.











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Zessei no Bijo(絶世の美女) = a woman of great beauty/matchless beauty
Seigō(性豪) = stud

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  1. In his situation, I honestly would have cut her head off. Well, i probably would have demanded an explanation first but i would have seen her as an enemy for sure. At the very least I absolutely would not allow her to stay.


  2. Kalau dia bisa terus gini. kakeru juga yg aman karena bisa nahan nafsunya, keluhan yg sebelumnya dia permasalahkan


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