Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Maid-san Hired



In the evening, I came to the mansion alone.


Normally with this kind of purchases, I think that the real estate agent usually guides the way, but the Samaras Merchant Company’s store owner only said,


「If there’s a problem please ask us」


He just said that, and did not come.


“What’s up?” I asked, things like making of the contract, registration to the public office, ordering insufficient furniture, those kinds of things, he said in weirdly fast pace.

“You can do that later right?” I said to him, but this time.


「Our motto is for our customers to be able to spend time comfortably as soon as possible」


He was saying things that seems to be real.

Well, cutting the story short, he ran away. The mansion is just that scary for him, I thought.

Using the key I got, I passed the fence that separates the main ground, I opened the mansion’s door and went inside.

Using the lamp that was given to me, while lighting the mansion’s lamp one next to the other, I confirmed the rooms one by one.

Living room and reception room, bedrooms, it’s a mansion that has more that twenty different rooms.

It doesn’t look that someone was living in it, but the furniture is complete generally.


「After all, he ran away huh」


The creepiness has gone up. There was the least need to order furniture at the moment, if it the furniture is just this complete, a merchant not knowing about that, would be impossible.

Laughing under my breath, going up to the stairs that had a carpet spread on it,  I climbed up to the second floor. There was a balcony, so I went outside.

It was a bit off from the town, but from here, the night town can be seen.

In the center of the town lamplights are sparse, that in itself looked beautiful, but at the same time, I can feel the height of the lamplights from where I am standing.

Just as the mansion’s high original price, this scenery might have accounted to making its price higher.

I felt good.

Tonight, after seeing enough the night view, I rested in the grandest bedroom.

Because the bed was too wide, it was hard to sleep……But I didn’t mind it so much.



The next day, after doing the daily task of hunting one mountain cow, I walked aimlessly inside the town.

Though it was possible to earn more, but I got the trouble of obtaining a mansion, I want to get my living better.

There’s also furniture that I want to replace, I want to arrange things that can be used in daily life.

For instance, it was hard to sleep, so I want to change the pillows and covers.

There are those trivial things, but there is also something that is very important.


「I want to hire a maid」


I came to the Samaras Merchant Company, and told the store owner who was very anxious.


「A maid, huh」

「Yup, a maid. It is impossible to maintain such mansion alone」

「Indeed, was that the case」

「……That haunted mansion, is it really that scary?」

「There’s no such thing, of course」


Samaras panics for a moment, but after that, he clears his throat, and said.


「We’ll accept, according to our Merchant Company’s policy. If you think about it carefully, a person that would live in such a mansion, having no maids, not even one will look really bad」

「Do you handle maids too?」

「Of course」


Samaras said a little proudly.

It was funny with how he looked very different than earlier, so I tried to make fun of him.


「Is there a maid that would come to a haunted mansion?」

「About that, nothing is to be worried about」


Samaras said with a serious look, it wasn’t the reaction I expected, and I was like “Oh?”.


「Whatever house it is……for instance, even if it was the house of a killer. As long as the pay is proportional, there is somebody who will come to work」

「Really, I see now. Well then there’s no problem huh」

「Yes. Then, what kind of maid do you desire」

「What kind……hmm」


I thought.

“After obtaining a mansion the next important thing is a maid!!” I decided like that and came to Samaras Company, but come to think about, I didn’t decide what kind of maid I needed at all.

When you say maid, there is the maid that can do the job, and the maid that can’t.


Wearing a long skirt, a maid that can do the work but strict and difficult.

Wearing a mini skirt, fails to do work and has busy emotions, the “Doji” girl maid.

I wonder which was better.


「……A maid that can do work properly, huh」

「Indeed. A talent that can do the work of the chief maid for the future right」

「Chief maid huh, yup, something like that」


I imagined, and got excited for a moment.

A chief maid that was commanding the other maids.

Me, who command the chief maid.

I got really excited.


「Well then, we’ll look it up in that direction. Last one thing」


「A slave maid, or a maid that whose origin is normal. Which would be better」

「The slave one」


I answered promptly.

That was natural, the choice I couldn’t give away.



「I didn’t think that there were slaves normally……no, that’s normal huh」


Lunchtime, while walking aimlessly inside the town, I recalled Samaras’ last question.

After deciding that, I went out the store. As expected, a human couldn’t be prepared that soon, and “We are going to look for it so please come again tomorrow” he said and it was decided.

With this, the thing about the maid had been resolved.

When I was thinking “Well then should I do next”, my stomach grumbled.

I randomly selected and entered a nearby store.

It was a diner in the of the corner of the street, it was a store that prospers decently.


「Hello, Welcome to Purosu’s Diner」


What welcomed me was a young woman who wears an apron tightly.

This store’s waitress, no, more like a poster girl.


「What would you like to order?」

「Ahー, Uhm」


I looked around inside the store.

There was a menu, but I couldn’t tell which was what.


「I don’t really know, but is there something that you can recommend?」

「Is the customer a traveler?」

「Maybe similar to that? I just came here, but thinking to live here meanwhile」

「Was that so. Then, what about mountain cow fried rice? This town’s special product, mountain cow that is fried together with rice. It’s our most famous menu. Normally we limit it to only five meals, but we can serve more today」

「Why can you serve more today?」

「I heard that it looks like that a great hunter has appeared. Because of that, our share had stabled, and it was also said that the price will go lower. It’s very helpful you know」

「Really, was that so」


I was a little ticklish. It was probably about me, but being talked about like that, was more ticklish being said face to face.


「I’ll order that then」


I ordered what was recommended.

When I think of it, I have earned a lot hunting mountain cows, but I realize I had yet to eat one yet.


「Yes, mountain cow fried rice it is」

「Ah! Extra large please」

「Yes, extra large then」


The woman left a bright smile, and went inside the store.

After a while, she came back with a plate that is full of mountain cow fried rice.


「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting」

「Oh! That looks delicious Ah! What’s the price by the way?」

「10 copper coins」

「Uhm, with this?」


I don’t have the thing called copper coin, so I took out one silver coin, and placed it on the top of the table.

And then, the woman made a troubled face.


「With silver coin, uhmm」

「Was it insufficient?」

「No,no. It is the opposite. It’s sufficient, but I wonder if we have enough change, I was thinking」

「If you have enough change? Ahh」


It means that coins used for change are insufficient. When you go to convenient stores that happen sometimes.  


「Uhm, then with the change, can you bring other dishes you recommend」

「Is it alright?」

「Delicious ones please」


After I said that, the woman made a bright smile again, took the silver coin, and returned the kitchen.

I ate the fried rice.


「Ohh! Delish!!」


Just as it was recommended, it was very delicious.

It was somehow a nostalgic taste, a diner’s, no, it was a household taste.

On the other hand the mountain cow’s meat that was used was very soft and juicy, as you bite, the meat juice just explodes and filled my mouth with its taste.

I ate in a hurry. It was so delicious, the extra large fried rice was eaten in seconds.

Resting for a moment, I wondered what was the next recommendation that will be served, if it was this delicious I should order a meat dish next.

When I thinking about that.


「It’s too dangerous to collect copper coins in this town anymore」


My enhanced hearing caught suspicious words.

Just with the conversation earlier, my attention was taken by that.








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8 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 4

  1. “It’s too dangerous to collect silver coins in this town anymore”
    This should be about copper coins, not silver. Because they are copper bandits.


  2. Has this guy eaten anything since coming to this world…? Like, you’ve got shelter and clothing but you’ve totally forgot about food author-kun…..


    • Ah never mind. Didn’t finish reading before the end of the chapter. But still. All that hunting and even spends the night in the mansion before he gets hungry. Damn.


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