Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Exterminating the Locusts with a Sword.


Because there was no more meaning in hiding it, I took the mantle and showed my face.


「For the meantime, there shouldn’t be any tree spirit left. You know that Eleanor controls the undead right. She’s telling that there wasn’t anything like that left」

「Is that so……」

「If you can’t believe me, then you can look around and confirm it」

「……why did you help me?」


The topic changed.


「Because I wanted to do it」


If I say a little more, it was because she was a woman, but I didn’t tell her that part.


「That……is it really Demon Sword Eleanor?」

「You’ll know with its “evil” right」

「Because you’re not being possessed, I lost my confidence」


That reason again huh. I mean, this, how many people did you possess.


『Emperor, King, Hero, Brave, humans that were called by that, about 17』


Numbers more than expected came out.

Doing it that much, well, yeah, you’d be famous.


「You are……why are you not being possessed by Eleanor?」

「Even if you ask me why, well, normally」


「It’s certain that I can’t be possessed by this, so can you leave me alone. In another meaning, when I am wielding it, it’s just the same with sealing it」


I mean, after what happened with Marie, I was planning to do that.

Marie, and Delfina.

Looking how the two was possessed by this, I was sure that it would be better if I wield it.


「In the first place, why are you going out of your way to come and seal this? This thing about the village too. You’re an amazing Saint or a religion right? Normally, in some church? or somewhere, you should be just be watching from the back right」

「……I have a dream」

「A dream?」

「I want to stop people like me being born. With the reason of being poor, not being able to be saved by anyone, I want to stop people being born unable to ask for help just because they were poor」

「……and it’s that village huh」


A village with only a hundred people.

A village that would not be able to prepare the payment of the equipment that Melissa asked of Delfina even if they stand on their hands.

Charitable work……if it wasn’t a Saint like Melissa, they would’ve been left alone.



「What about Eleanor?」

「If it would be subjugation of the Demon Sword, an army, or high-level adventures needs to be asked. If it became like thatーー」

「Ah〜, it would really cost money」


I remembered the reward when I defeated Sandros. If it was Eleanor who was its boss, more rewardsーーit would cost a lot more money.


「I see now」


Somehow, I understood Melissa’s circumstances.

With a few words said, something like a self-sacrificial Saint huh.

And, to Melissa who wants to do that, I was pissed more and more by the Solon Church that only makes her accompany men who were small fries.




I heard voice and footsteps from far away.

Speak of the devil or whatever. It looks like Melissa’s subordinated awakened, and chased after her.

I wore the mantle to hide my face, and returned to the Mysterious Swordsman Kristos.

Melissa who saw that, made a somehow complicated face.


「You were here」

「We have been searching for you」

「That is dangerous, Saint-sama, going deep to the forest alone」


What the hell are you talking about you incompetents. It wouldn’t have a difference on its danger whether you guys are around or not.

You took too much time with the ten of you with only one tree spirit.


『Crouch down!』



A voice suddenly echoed in my head. Eleanor who hardly lets out a loud voice, shouted.

I instinctively crouched down. Something passed on the top of my head very fast as if it was cutting it air.





Screams continuously.

The thing that I dodged, it attacked Melissa’s subordinates in high-speed one next to the other, the men collapsed one by one.

If I look closely, it had an appearance of a pill bug that was as big as a softball, and the place where it hit the men had wounds as if it was chunked away.


「Graf! Razani! Everyone!?」

「Get down!」


I pushed down Melissa who was almost got by the pill bug.

The pill bug that deviated hit the tree ahead of it, and gouged it.


「What a ridiculous insect」

「That is Caulio……why in this season」

「……another abnormal growth huh」


I stood up, and made a stance with Eleanor.

The pill bugs that flew to meーーI slashed the Caulio or whatever into two.

It felt like I cut through steel. It fell to the ground and convulsed, and stopped moving.


「Fun, you small fry」

「Run away, quickly!」

「Run away? Why, it’s alreadyーー」

「Caulio has characteristics to follow the body liquid of its allies. If it was killed carelesslyーーahh!」


I heard a sound from far away.

Just like a bee, it was the sound of a swarm of insects coming.

If I looked at it closely, the same thing with the one that I cut was flying. There was surely more than a hundred of them.

Those were flying without orders.

The forestーーit was eaten.

The trees they tackled was ripped apart, and before that fell down it was tackled again, and was devoured without leaving any traces.

The route that they passed through became barren.


「A group of them came huh」

「That is very dangerous. It is being said that a village that was attacked by a swarm of Caulio would not leave even one grass」

「Something like locusts huh……no, the upgraded version of that huh」

「Leave me alone, you should hurry up and run away」

「Leave you?」

「I will not die……un, I cannot die! So please, hurry」


A Saint that didn’t die even after seven days of execution.

Because she wouldn’t die, run away and leave her.

I see, that’s reasonable. I don’t know how it works, but Melissa probably have the confidence that she wouldn’t die from those ferocious thingsーーshe is sure about it.

That made me, pissed off.

I made a stance with Eleanor, and stood in front of Melissa.


「What are you!」

「It’s easy to run away」


「It’s pissing me off running away right now」

「Ehh? Don’t say things like you’re pissed off and hurry」


Melissa was saying something, but I ignored her.

I made a stance with Eleanor, and focused.


The blade was clad with a dark aura.


「Let’s go, Eleanor」

『This is one debt again you know right』


I counterattacked the swarm of pill bugs head on.  

It felt like a hundred pitchers pitched a ball towards me at once.

Their speed probably easily exceeds 100km/s, and that came more than a hundred at once.

I swung Eleanor, and slashed at them one next to the other.

The ones that passed through and made a turn, I turned back to Melissa and slashed them as if to cover her.

I slash, slashes, and slashed continuously. Indiscriminately, I slashed them into two. Without missing even one, I slashed them into two.



Because the insects were moving fast, the result was also fast.

Without taking three minutes, the ground was filled with the carcasses of the pill bugs.


「Am I……seeing a dream?」


「That Caulio that is dangerous even with only one……if they become a swarm, even armies avoid them, that Caulio……」


It’s not something that much though.




Melissa, as if to remember, she ran towards her subordinates.

She bent her knees beside the men that had collapsed, and checked if they were breathing.


「……how is it?」

「Everyone’s still breathing……but if they’re left like this. It’s far away from the village and towns from here……what should we do」


Melissa made a very troubled face.

At a loss, she looked like she might start to cry anytime.

I remembered what happened until now, Melissa, to her bones, was a woman who really hates someone to get hurt.


「Ha〜……it couldn’t be helped」



I’m not so into it, but I warped with Melissa and the men who collapsed to the town.

For the mean time, every one of those guys had escaped death.










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      • have you seen the novel art? He looks super evil. Like conquer the world demon lord type of evil. And at the start of the novel he was just some clueless japanese youngster, helping out a princess, some random girl, even now he helped. But why the whole “woman” thing? I get the intent, but when did the story transition to him having such character.


  1. Lol 100 km/s, it’s faster than a railgun bullet.Sure the author knows how the law of physic is working… xD


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