Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: A Saint with Seven Heads


「Master, it’s a visitor desu」


After doing a day’s work and relaxing inside the mansion, Miu said something like that.


「A visitor? Who is it?」

「Uhmm, it was a person called, Melissa-san」

「That’s a name I heard for the first time. But well, pass her to the drawing-room」



*BataBata* Miu went out. I also left the room I was relaxing in, and went slowly to the drawing-room


『That was a woman’s name. The poor victims of your poison fang will increase again huh』

「Don’t call it a poison fang. Even like this, I am taking care of them very well. I mean, you’re the one who have a poison fang, you’re possessing everyone right」

『You’re too much of a devil that I couldn’t possess though』

「Don’t call me a devil, I am at least taking care of my women kindly」

『That kindly thing you say, I can hear it as the same nuance with “loving” them』


While conversing with Eleanor like that, I entered the drawing-room.

There was a few girls inside.

Everyone was wearing the same clothes, three of them with comparatively simple clothes, and was standing just like a bodyguard.

One of them were wearing the same base of clothes with a colorful decoration, and was having a seat.


It was a formation that could easily tell their relationship.

The bodyguard girls were around the middle of their twenties, and the girl who was sitting was a little younger, around the latter of her teens.

The girl who was having a seat stood up, and talked with a very casual tone.


「I’m Melissa」

「Yuuki Kakeru desu. Please have a seat」


I made Melissa sit, and I also took a seat.


「And then, what task have you come for me?」

「That on your waist, it’s Demon Sword Eleanor right」

「Un? Yeah, that’s right」


What about it, the instance when I was going to ask, I noticed.

Melissa was not that much, but the bodyguard girls’ faces were stiff.

They were staring at Eleanor with a very scary face, and gripped their fist very hard.

They’re nervous, no, are they scared?


「Is that the real thing?」

「It’s a fake」


It was troublesome, so said it carelessly.

There’s no merit even if I say it was real, they will just say 「There is no way that could be handled by a normal human」 or something like that.

That’s why I said that, but as soon as Melissa heard that, her face colors changes.


「Why are you lying? The evil that is leaking from that, no matter how you look at it, that’s the real thing」


I was a little surprised.

I was surprised when she talked about Eleanor the from the start, but also that she felt something that made her confident that it was the real thing.

I mean……evil is leaking from this huh.

When fighting, I can intentionally release dark auras, but I thought that it was fine as it was normally.


「Why are you not saying anything?」

「Ahh, no. Rather than that, what will you do if this was the real thing?」

「What will I do?」


Melissa’s face became sharper and sharper. Did I say something stupid?


「You can’t understand even if you look at our appearance?」



Is there something with that appearance? It’s somehow just like a uniform, other than who is higher in stature, I don’t know anything else.


『These girls are of the Solon Church, the world’s largest religion. I do not know about the details, but from their attire, they are quite of high stature』


He〜. It means, just like a bishop of Christianity or something like that.

I don’t know if a bishop has an authority though, only had that kind of image.

But well, I understand why they got angry. Probably, in this world, just seeing their clothes you can tell if they were of Solon Church. Then, it can’t be helped getting angry.


「A prominent member of Solon Church came for what?」

「Even though you know that much, are you asking intentionally?」

「……are you going to seal this?」


One thing that I was familiar came up to my mind.

A religion, and a Demon Sword that possesses every wielder without exceptions.

Maybe it was that kind of thing, I thought.

And that was correct.


「That’s right. I came to take that」


Came to take this huh.


「I’m sorry but I won’t give you this」

「100 coins, in gold」


「I will not say for free, how about we trade if for 100 gold coins?」


Came to slap bills to my face huh.


「I refuse」

「……how much do you want to give that to us?」

「It’s not about the amount. Even with how much money you stack, I will not let go of this」

「Then, what do you wish for?」


I didn’t answer. Even how much we would negotiate, I knew that we would never be on the same wavelength.

Giving it to her was the premise for Melissa, and I am thinking of not letting go of this whatever happens.

There’s no meaning even how much we negotiate.

Melissa and I glared at each other.


「I got it」


Melissa stood up.


「I don’t know what you got」


I said that a little subtly.


「I’ll come again」


「Un. I will come even how many times it would take until you change your mind. Well, I’m sure that you’ll know how scary Eleanor is soon, so I think you’ll change your mind though」


Melissa said that and left.



In the evening, I came to pick up Delfina.

In her office inside her merchant company, I talked about what happened with Melissa to Delfina.


「To think that the Saint Melissa would come」

「Saint Melissa」


A somehow cool name came out.


「In rumors……no, it was the truth for the Solon Church huh, in the war against the infidels, she was captured in the war that had thick signs of defeat, and she should’ve been condemned to be beheaded in prison, but she endured seven days of being beheaded, they said」

「Eh!……she cut for seven days but couldn’t be beheaded?」


I couldn’t get what she was saying.


「That’s right. After that, she was saved by the Solon Church, that “truth” was made to be God’s miracle, and she became the embodiment of that miracle, so she had the ordination to be a Saint」

「That’s a very unbelievable story, I mean, what the hell is enduring through seven days of being beheaded」

「That’s why it was God’s miracle, they said desu wa」

「Well, if it was real, it surely is God’s miracle though」

「……should I do something about it」

「Something, you say?」

「I will slightly make the rumors of that Eleanor being a fake. This is very simple. Yuuki-sama, in reality, was wielding that for a long time, and had not being possessed by the Demon Sword. That is the truth, but no one would believe that is the real thing……just like me」


While saying that, she blushed a little.

Well, Delfina was like that.


「Melissa saw this, and said evil was in it」

「She wouldn’t get deceived by rumors huh」

「I think so」

「I understand. Well then, I shall do nothing」



Starting from the start again.


「Then, let’s go home」



At the same time that Delfina nodded, the room’s door was knocked.




Her subordinate entered. It was a familiar face, not surprised seeing me.


「A visitor had come to see you」

「A visitor? In this time, without no appointment?」

「That is……」


The subordinate whispered to Delfina’s ears.


「It is Saint Melissa-sama」


Even though they were whispers, my ears could properly hear it.

Delfina was surprised, and looked at me quickly.

Un, it’s like that right, you’ll react like that right.

I was also surprised.


「Yuuki-sama, Melissa-sama who we talked about had come」

「About our relationship?」

「It is not known publicly」

「I see」

「……what should we do」

「I’ll leave it to you」


「Do what you think is best, is easier to understand?」

「Is it alright?」

「Yeah, I’ll leave everything to you」


It would be alright if it was Delfina. She wouldn’t do anything unfavorable to me, and she also has the skills.  

Rather than someone like me, leaving everything to her would be better.


「I have understood. I will go in the big premise that Eleanor wouldn’t be let go」


I nodded. She knows about it after all.


「By the way」


Delfina changed her expression and said. It somehow became a soft expression.



「Saint Melissa, what do you think of her as a woman」

「Woman? U〜n」


It was something I hadn’t thought of, so I couldn’t answer immediately.



In the same building, I was in another room.

I was eavesdropping in the room next to where Melissa was meeting with Delfina.

Delfina prepared for it.


「It has been a while, Melissa your honor. Your success these days are more and moreーー」

「Introduction is enough. You, you’re acquaintances with that Demon Sword Wielder right」


Oi oi, she knows about it.


「Well, what are you talking about」

「Don’t play dumb. I investigated properly that you had invested in him」


Ahh, that one huh.


「We are a merchant. Investing in people is a very usual thing」

「It’s not like I’m blaming you for that. Rather than that, I came today to buy information. Information about the Demon Sword Wielder」

「Asking for that, what do you wish to do?」

「Stop playing dumb. You know that the Demon Sword, just by being wielded by someone, it had created uncountable numbers of tragedies right」


「I don’t know why it’s alright right now, but who knows when will it explode and tragedies would occur if we don’t seal that as soon as possible. That town……no, at worst, it would be the fall of the Kingdom of Mercouri」


Well, that is……it almost happened.

The accident of Undead Army being released from Eleanor’s control. If I didn’t stop it there, Andreu said that Roizen would have been annihilated.

I know that Melissa’s worries are not to be unfounded.

But……I’m surprised.


When I was hearing her conversation with Delfina, it feels like Melissa only came with good intentions.

While thinking about that, I eavesdropped.

Delfina precisely deceived her. She wasn’t lying, but she was only saying things that she had investigated before she really met me, she said the information as if they were rumors to Melissa.

Hunting mountain cows alone, had a mansion, have one beast-man maid, is close to Helene-hime………


She only said that. It could be heard as if it was very detailed, but all of them aren’t much as information.

Things like warp, lending abilities, she didn’t say anything about those things at all.


「Thank you, that was of help」

「It was great that I have been of your service」

「Also, can I ask you one thing?」

「Whatever you want」

「Can you gather these equipment here? The soon, the better」

「This is……will you go to a tree spirit subjugation?」

「There was this little village called Rintos, it looks like they are troubled with abnormal occurrence with tree spirits. I’m going there right now, can you gather them soon? I’ll pay」

「Rintos……that was a small village that has a population of about a hundred people right」

「? Does the population have something to do with that story right now?」

「No. I have understood. I will gather them quickly」

「Please do」


Delfina left that room, I also came out of my room, and called out to Delfina to stop with a small voice.


「What is the matter」

「Can you ask Melissa if she needs a mercenary-like someone. If she needed, can you prepare me black attire that can hide my identity」

「……are you going to help her」

「Yeah, I got interested in a bit」

「I have understood. As you wished」


Delfina entered inside.


「Melissa, your honor. Rather than equipment, how about a person」

「A person?」

「If it was the strongest warrior that we know of, we can prepare it right now」


Delfina was profusely holding me in high regard.









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