Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Kakeru’s Portrait


Afternoon, in the garden of the mansion.

Miu and Tanya, lining up the beast-man and ghost, I checked the ability.


「First is, lend luck to Miu」


【The Luck will be lent to Miu Mi Myuu. Time Remaining: 29 Seconds】


「Next is, lend luck to Tanya」


【The Luck is being lent to Miu Mi Myuu. Time Remaining: 23 Seconds】


An error-like something came back. It probably means that the same thing couldn’t be lent to another person at the same time huh.

I also tried to lend the Luck to Eleanor, but it was being lent after all.


「Then next, magic powers of ice to Tanya, and following, magic powers of flame」


【The Magic Powers of Ice will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 29 Seconds】


【The Magic Powers of Flame will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 29 Seconds】  


This time, it was effective. It means that to the same person, it is alright to lend multiple abilities at the same time.

While doing that, Miu’s 30 seconds had ended.


「Then one more time, lend luck to Miu for 30 seconds」


【The Luck will be lent to Miu Mi Myuu. Time Remaining: 29 Seconds】  


I did it. There’s no cooldown huh.

And then, Tanya’s 30 seconds ended.


「Wait here for a while」


I moved far away, to the mountain cow’s grasslands, using Warp Feather.


「Lend magic powers of ice and flame to Tanya for 30 seconds」


*Shi〜n*, it went, nothing happened.


I returned by warping, and took Tanya with me towards the mountain cow’s grasslands.


「Lend magic powers of ice and flame to Tanya for 30 seconds」  


【The Magic Powers of Ice will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 29 Seconds】  


【The Magic Powers of Flame will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 29 Seconds】   


This time, I could properly lend it.

Probably, it couldn’t be lent when far away.

I can continuously lend as long as they’re nearby with no cooldown, but I need to use the one that has long effect duration when moving in separate ways.

Thinking of that.


「It’s really great that the first prize was drawn」

『Feel gratitude for me』

「Yeah, I’ll thank you honestly」


Anyways, with this, I was able to grasp the ability I drew in the limited lottery.

The assumption roughlyーーthe good assumptions that its convenience to use, so I was very content.

I returned with Tanya to the mansion, and thanked the two who cooperated.


「Good work」

『It’s finished? Then I’ll return to the mansion then』

「To the mansion? Why」

『I get comfortable the best here after all』


Tanya said that, and returned to the mansion. It was probably the time she spent as a bounded ghost, since she feels most comfortable in the mansion.

And Miu, Eleanor and I was left behind.

I sat on the ground, and called Miu nearer.


「Come, Miu」

「Uhm……are we going to do ecchi things?」


Miu was on the defensive.


「No, it’s *MofuMofu*


That’s also good, but I want to *MofuMofu* better when we’re alone together.

And if it was Miu alone, if I loved her on the erotic ways, I think I would do it too much and Miu wouldn’t last.




Miu sat on my lap with a wide smile, and I *MofuMofu*-d her.

Her soft ears and tails, *MofuMofu*.

Laid back, *MofuMofu*.

Yesterday, there was things like limited lottery and rebellion so it was a hard day, so I thought I’ll spend today laid-back.


「Master’s *MofuMofu* is so kind, so I, really like being *MofuMofu*-d by Master」

「Yeah, I also like to *MofuMofu*

「I’m not good with Master when he’s ecchi」

「I’m sorry about that. Are you scared」

「I’m not scared, but……I think I’d die, so I’m not good at it」


I see. From now on, I should do my best to be kind.

……”should” do my best.

After *MofuMofu*-ing Miu until she became *GoroGoro*, I heard footsteps.

When I looked at the direction of the sound, I saw Iris-hime.

Iris-hime who came by herself was somehow, looked at me and made a surprised face.

I wonder why.


「It’s been a while」


When I called to her, Iris-hime entered, end went towards me.


「I’m surprised」

「What of?」

「It was a too different appearance to the recent rumors that I heard recently」


「A devil they said, the incarnation of evil they said, servant of the demon sword they said……things like that」

「I have few things in mind with all of those. I also have objections though」

「That was said……but to think you we’re spending a peaceful time like this」


That’s well, it was because I was *MofuMofu*-ing.

If she met me like yesterday, her impression would have been probably very different.


「Honestly, I was worried about Aneue. Is Aneue alright with a man with those kinds of rumors, I thought」

「Helene is my woman. I am taking care of my woman especially」

「I see」


After glancing Miu who got to sleep after *MofuMofu*, Iris-hime nodded.


「And, the reason Iris-hime came today is?」


It’s unlikely that she came without reasons.


「I came to show this」


I took what Iris-hime took out.

They were five pieces of rectangular paper, every piece of them has the same drawing.


「This……ahh, the new money huh」

「That’s right, that is the paper money made from what Kakeru taught」


I stared at those intently.

The paper money was almost the same with Japanese Yen, in the back of it there was a royal palace-like place, in front was digits and an Ossan written with profuse dignity.


「This is」

「Chichi-ue……it is King Mercouri」

「I see. Being that said……it looks like color copied, it had no three-dimensional feeling in it」


The anti-counterfeiting technology that even I knew, for example watermarks or hologram, there wasn’t even one of those.



「It means printed in large quantities」

「It’s printing is printing, but it is properly devised Because it was taught by Kakeru」

「Un? ahh, the royal house’s」


I remembered that, and told Miu.


「Miu, cast the distinction magic for the royal house’s belongings」

「Yes, I understand」


Miu casted magic as she was told. After doing that, from the paper money, the crest of the royal house emerges.


「I see, it became like this huh. If I were correct, this can only be infused by members of the royal house right」

「Ahh. This is under production right now. Because a little time is needed to gather numbers enough to spread throughout the country, issuing it will be a bit later」

「I see」


I returned the paper money to Iris-hime.

Knowing that the advice that I gave before was steadily doing well, I was a bit happy.


「And another one. It’s this」


This time, she took out a coin. When I took it, its colors and how it feels, it’s like a copper coin.


「This is?」

「That will be issued at the same time later. Changing to a new copper coin together with the paper money, recover the copper, change its ratio, and re-issue. To the point that there will be no profit with coppers……no, thinking about it carefully that it wouldn’t be worth it, just to that point, the ratio will be changed」

「I see. But if you do that, weren’t you saying the kingdom’s prestige or something」

「I thought that the paper money is enough for that」

「Well, I think so too」


While being convinced, I turned around the copper coin for some reason.

I was surprised, because, it was my face in there.


「That is the real reason I came today. Let us use Kakeru’s face, I came to request you that」

「Why my face?」

「The thing this time, and about the paper money. It is because Kakeru has the biggest achievement. Kakeru seems to not notice, but I……no, to us, we were caught by the existing concepts, that we left alone this technology in vain. I asked a lot of people after that, but everyone said trading will be more easier. The counter opinion was only things just like traditions and etiquettes」

「And to Kakeru who noticed that, as reward, you know」


「Maybe……is it a nuisance?」

「No, not at all. I was just surprised a little」


I was really surprised.

Because, the people who had their faces on money, they are all great figures or people in power.

Shotoku Taishi, Fukuzawa Yukichi, Noguchi Hideyo, Natsume Soseki……they were all great figures that left their names in the history.  

If it was from an older time, Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, there is also god class.

It means the same with those right…….

Somehow, I was so happy, it passed through the ceiling, and I couldn’t recognize it as happiness.


「Then it’s okay to use it right」

「Un, please use it」


There’s no reason to refuse.

After Iris left after her errand was over, I noticed that Miu was looking at me with a very admiring face.

Even up until now, I was being said “Amazing” or being seen with this kind of admiring eyes, but honestly, this time, I was something that I was completely convinced.









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