Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Tea is Drank Before it is Cold


Morning, when I was eating breakfast, Nana went inside.

Wearing both her white armor and long sword, it was a sturdy look.


「Are you alright? Waking up」

「It’s alright」


However you look at her, her knees were shaking, but she acts as if it was normal.

It’s amazing guts.


「I see. Well, when it really becomes too hard don’t push yourself and rest. If I see your energetic look, I might want to attack you, so tell me no when you really can’t, it would also be helping on my side」

「T-Thank you for your thoughtfulness」


Nana was taken aback a little.

Just like that, she stands diagonally behind me.

With her back sturdily stretched, one of her hand was touching the sword’s hilt

Just like a bodyguard.


「You should sit too」


「Inside the mansion, you’re my woman. Eating together is one of your duties」


When I emphasized on duty, Nana said “Then”, got convinced and sat. As I’ve thought, with that on her mind, she was doing something like a bodyguard.

She is very straightforward and easy to understand. And that part of her is cute too.

With Miu’s serving, Nana and I ate breakfast. Without talking about anything, it was a silent meal.


「Good morning」


This time, Delfina came. She was also had a proper, merchant-like look.


「Good morning. I’m sorry yesterday」

「I was surprised with that. I didn’t think that you would pick me up wearing a towel on your lower half. I thought something might’ve happened」

「Because it was the in the middle of the fourth round」

「After that, how many rounds did you go?」



I looked at Nana, and asked her as if to confirm.

Nana blushed and got quiet. It is embarrassing so she can’t answer, it was a yes with silence.


「You’re good, you. To be able to keep up with that alone」


「Yes. Now that think of it, I had not introduced. I am Delfina Homer Lanmari」

「I’m Nana Kanou. Delfina……don’t tell me, “that” Delfina」

「Yes, that Delfina that you had requested for funds desu」



Nana made a surprised face and looked at me.

Instead, I got interested in the two’s conversation.


「What do you mean by request for funds?」

「Rebel army……ahh, I am calling it by that name, they sought to request funds from me. Of course, they presented a lot of return by the time that they succeeded」

「Did you funded them with that」

「No way」


Delfina laughed.


「The rebellion, this time, had deep connections to Helene-denka. If that is so, it is very clear that Yuuki-sama would come out somewhere. Placing chip to the side that is definitely going to lose, is like throwing money into a ditch」

「I was irritated at the time I heard we were refused……but if it’s right now, I am convinced」


Nana looked at me and said.


「If you knew about Aruji, it is natural to decide that」

「Instead, to Helene-denka……no, I was just thinking about how to place debt on Mercouri Kingdom」


Delfina said that, and looked at me hinting about something.


「What should I do」


I asked directly.


「Yuuki-sama should lead corps……and please subdue the rebellion」


Delfina said with a smile just like a flower had bloomed(I knew later, that it was the face she make when she was sure of something).



In the outskirts of Euboi.

I took the three, Nana, Delfina, and Miu. Leading a 300 men troops, I am facing the 1500 rebel army.

The rebel army was clearly distressed that I can see if from afar.


「Sending the surrender call with your name had its effects huh」


I said to Nana who was beside me.


「I’m sorry to not be of your power」

「That is enough desuwa, at the first place, I was not thinking that they will surrender with only with that call. Those soldiers are mostly the private army of the powerful clans. They are ones who have their families in their homeland」

「Then, did you did it just to make them distressed」


I asked Delfina.


「That’s right desuwa」

「I see, I got it. And, these 300 men are?」

「There is no problem thinking of them as mercenaries that I’ve hired」

「Why did you do that purposely. In Euboi, there should be at least 500 soldiers right」

「If those soldiers were used to subdue the rebellion, it wouldn’t be that much of an achievement, it won’t be a debt with that. I want to subdue them only using my power desuno」

「I see」


If that is how it is, then I’m convinced.


「Then, should I just annihilate that?」

「What do you think desuno?」


Delfina sought Nana for her opinion.


「What we can see there is the flag of Aeros. The powers of Aeros is the rebel army’s main power, after trampling them, it would only be a gathering of small powers」

「Under that flag, there is the Aeros-something huh」


「I’ll ask though, what will happen if I cut the general? Would they be devastated? or is there not much effect?」


I don’t know the common knowledge of this world so I asked.

Is it the pattern just like the Warring Period, that if the general dies their house itself starts to decline (just like Imagawa Yoshimoto), or the pattern that had not much of an effect, I got curious which one it was.


「If Aeros is defeated they would be devastation at once」

「I see」


Then, I’ll go cut that huh.


「Master, the tea is ready」


I took the tea Miu made and tasted it.




It was too hot I thought my tongue would be burned.


「I’m sorry! It was outside, so I am not used to it」

「Ahh, it’s alright」


I put down the tea, and held Eleanor.


「I’ll just go for a bit」


I said that, left the women that were making strange expression behind, and warped.

The place I warped at was under the flag of Aeros. In the middle of enemy lines.


「What, who are you!」


The enemy soldier found me and shouted at me suddenly.

I looked around. I saw a middle-aged man who was wearing a very new armor with a splendid beard.


「You are Aeros huh」

「Yes I am, and who are you who asks that」

「Yuuki Kakeru. Will you know it if I say Wielder of the Demon Sword」

「You are the one who deceived Nana himself huh. What a good timing, I do not know how you were able to reach here, but if you are defeatーー」

「Your boasting is too long」


A flash.


I drew Eleanor, and cut away the head of Aeros.

It was so sudden, so the people around couldn’t catch up with the situation.

I picked up the head of Aeros, and warped back.


「I’m back. Is it correct with this?」


I showed the head to Nana.


「Yes, it’s no doubt that is Aeros」


Nana, without taken aback, nodded.


「Then it’s alright」


I gave the head to a soldier, and took the tea.

It was hot earlier, but it was drinkable right now.


「Nana. Can I ask you to do the rest」


「Then, I’ll count on you」


When I said that, Nana led 300 men and charged an attack.

She overwhelmed the opponent that was in a huge confusion after losing Aeros, I watched the sight of her trampling them, while I took the tea that became drinkable and *MofuMofu*-d Miu.









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19 thoughts on “Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 33

  1. Ok, this translation has no self warping tea…is that better or worse, though…?
    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, and the MC has his priorities straight, he could either lead the troops in combat, or finish off the commander first and sit back mofumofuing Miu. He made the right choice.


  2. I don’t want to be mean to the other translator but thanks for paichun there are lot of things that I didn’t understand before or didn’t make sense that are resolved here…
    Thanks for picking this novel and thanks for this chapter!

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  3. can someone explain.
    I think Nana was the princess of barbarians back then. and now… what the hell? rebel army? they are rebels? can someone tell me what’s going on?
    thank you for the chapter.


    • She was like general for the rebel army because of her strength, princess was just nickname of her. Rebel army like they say is compound from different family’s or you can say clan’s.


    • They were “barbarians”, a term like nigger or maybe mountain tribes, and they are having a “rebellion”, resistance against orders of an established authority, against the kingdom. They wanted their own country, Nana was “princess” because she led them. Probably.


      • so the “barbarian” is just some tribe living in the mountain inside the “kingdom” borders?
        or is it some tribe living not in any country’s borders?
        if it’s the former, does that means they are rebelling against the “kingdom”?
        what is Nana’s relation to that “Aeros”? are they former comrades?


  4. So just like that she turns against the people that she was leading ? Cuz he raped her so hard she turned him stupid ?
    Why was she leading a rebellion, why is she okay with going against them, wtf is going on lol.

    This novel is so wacky and stupid.


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