Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I could just make a Harem


Delfina was exhausted on top of the bed.

I loved her for over two hours non-stop, so she was exhausted and couldn’t move.

On the other hand, I was okay at all, I mean, I had not enough.

Thinking normally, I did it surprisingly a lot, but it rather made me want a lot more.

I’m not hungry, but when I snitched food, it made me hungry instead, that kind of feeling.

This hasn’t happened before. Honestly, I was average on that part.


Maybe, this isーーmy vitality was also 777 times?


「……I’m sure it is」


I whispered while looking at that, that didn’t go back to normal at all. Although I did it more than ten times, this situation, it is the proof that it really became like that.

Even though I did that, I still want to do a lot more.

I want to do it with the body, and I also want to do it in another meaning.

I picked up the lottery ticket that dropped on Delfina’s side.

The lottery ticket that wasn’t there when we started, that one ticket.

I’m sure that it was the lottery ticket that came out when I was loving Delfina.

In the meaning that I want it with my body, and the meaning with the lottery ticket, I still want to do it a lot, but it would feel bad if I continue to urge Delfina more than this.

U〜n, what should I do.


「I’m sorry……」


「I couldn’t……be your help」


Delfina apologized while she’s exhausted.


「Don’t worry about it」


If it’s really 777 times, it couldn’t be received by one woman in the first place.

That’s why, Delfina has done nothing wrong.

She didn’t, but in reality, I’m troubled.

Honestly, my partner is only Delfina. If Delfina gives up, I have no more partners.


……Should I do it myself?

No, that’s too sad, and probably the lottery ticket wouldn’t drop.

I’m sure I couldn’t do it with that. It’s not reason, but I at least know that.


「I will call……the maid」

「Maid? You mean Miu?」

「Yes, in my stead, as Yuuki-sama’s partnerーー」

「Ah〜, Miu isn’t something like that」




Delfina was surprised for some reason.

She was surprised, but she quickly regained her senses, and said further.


「Then, that magician」

「Io? Io is also different」

「Eh? Then Helene-denka……」

「Helene is also different」

「Yuuki-sama……can I ask you a trifle question. Other than me, do you have anybody else?」



There’s not helping it even if I hide it, so I answered clearly.

There isn’t anyone else, so it couldn’t be helped.


「Is that so?」


「I had thought, that Denka and that magician, the two of them were like that」


Well yeah, you can see it like that. I mean, I meant to be like that with Helene.

But there wasn’t any good timing, she often comes, but she goes home you know.

That’s why, we’re still not like that.


When I remembered, I became aroused.

Aroused, and hard, and very painful.


「Uhm, Yuuki-sama」


「I recovered a little……so I’ll be your partner」


Delfina said while being shy.

It didn’t change that it was a little painful, but I was happy with that loveliness.

I pushed her down, and whispered “Thank you” in her ears.



The next day, I was constantly aroused.

The morning, I formed a party with Io who came as usual, did the routine, hunting mountain cows and mining Orycudite, but I couldn’t help but to glance at her.

Io is wearing a magician-look that has many layers, but it rather made the only skin that was showing look sexy.

By only looking at that, and the arousal became worse.


I lashed that to the Orycuto.

I smashed it with Eleanor into pieces, crushed it into pieces as soon as it recovers, and crushed it into pieces when it recovered.

It’s the same with releasing it out through sports. I did that with full power.

But, it didn’t have any meaning. The arousal, rather than going back to normal, it only made it worse.

It became too bad, so I said some kind of reason to Io and we separate ways.


After we separated, I’m in the grasslands.

Instead of inside the town where there’s a lot of people, I thought that it was better here.

There are a lot of young and cute girls. If I stayed inside the town, it might explode, and I might commit a crime.

In the grasslands, I waited until the sun sets, also the promised time, and used Warp to pick up Delfina.


In Delfina’s mansion, it wasn’t only her, but Helene was also there.

Helene isn’t wearing a disguise, is was the same when we first met, she was wearing a princess dress.

With a lot of exposure, emphasizing her chest, and showing elegance, that princess dress. And Helene who was wearing that.

As soon as I saw that, I exploded.



In the bedroom of the mansion, Helene and Delfina was exhausted on the top of the bed.

The result after I loved them that they almost passed out, the two became exhausted and couldn’t move.

And, I’m still very healthy, and still wants a lot more.

Other than the partner increasing into two, it was the same scene as last night.


「F-For two, not be enough……」

「It is……natural. It is because it is Kakeru-sama……」

「With this, my body won’t last……」


Delfina’s mumble entered my ears.

Being said like that, I don’t feel bad as a man.

By the way, I got one lottery ticket. I got one piece after ten times when I started loving the two of them, so it isn’t the number of people.

Can I only get it randomly, the same as when I defeat monsters.

I want to confirm it by doing a few times, but the two are already saying their body won’t last.


It would be troublesome if I forced them and they collapse.

Helene and Delfina, my women.

I don’t have the interest of gladly crushing my women. Rather than using them until they collapse, it should be a lot better to keep them by my side and love them forever.

……And, when I was thinking of that, the wave of arousal came again.

Without the lottery ticket as a reason, I started being aroused wanting it normally.

I looked at the two on top of the bed.

As I’ve thought, I can’t force them.

I have money, this time, even a prostitute wouldーーit was that time, there was a knock on the door.


「Master, Io-san had cameーーhyan!」

「Kakeru-san, is today’s Kakeru-san, your healthーーKyaa!」


Miu and Io entered the room.

Moths flying into the flame.

Miu is my slave maid and my property, Io is admiring me, and according to Eleanor, my “believer”.

I pushed the two of them to the bed.



It became four of them who cannot move on top of the bed.

Miu and Io who had their first time couldn’t move, Helene and Delfina couldn’t move a lot more.

But, I am still very healthy.

I’m troubled.

I’m so troubled, it’s not the level of being troubled.

I was at my wit’s end, I looked around the room if I could do something about it(Although I couldn’t do anything about it).

Eleanor who was put on the wall’s side entered my sight.


『Y-You can’t do that to me!』


Eleanor’s very distressed voice echoes in my head.


「Who’d do that stupid」


I was so constantly aroused that it was almost tore with tension, but even so, that’s impossible. It’s impossible to do anything with Eleanor’s sword appearance.

I mean, it’s impossible however I do it.

……It might’ve been dangerous in her little girl version on the lottery place.


「Master is the devil……*ShikuShiku*

「Kakeru-san, was really amazing as I’ve thought……」


Miu and Io were mumbling something. Miu was making a little sulky face, and Io was the most entranced in the four of them.

With those two, I became aroused again. I also became aroused to Helene and Delfina who was exhausted.

As expected of meーーthis is too bad



Bathing in the morning sun, I was standing with a daunting pose.

Behind me, four people had collapsed on the top of the bed, with melted expression.

The result of doing a light count of over a hundred times, I got a total of three lottery tickets, and finally a littleーーit came back to normal until there was no more difficulty in living daily life.


In the events in this two days, I had resolved.


To get lottery tickets.


To not let the girls die from exhaustion.


「I’ll make a harem」


I declared that while letting out my voice.









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