Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Mansion Purchase



After I went to the room in the inn, I calculated money for a while.

I placed the cloth bag in the built-in table, and took out the all the money at once.

Each coin looks the same, a bossy profile of a king is carved to the silver coins.

When I counted, there were 99 coins.

1 coin costed to stay in the inn, so it means that the mountain cow would be worth 100 coins per head.


「If it is that way it is easier to compute, but how much is the value of one of these?」


I took the silver coin and looked at it intently, and look around inside of the room.

The usual, ordinary inn that you can sleep-in usually.

If this was Japan, one night would probably cost 5,000-10,000yen.

It means that one silver coin is worth that much, and one mountain cow is a profit of 500,000-1,000,000 in yen per head.


「Assuming this computation is correct……It’s a great profit.  Oh well, even if even if I don’t hit a prize, I could stay 100 days in an inn per head, as I thought it’s mostly a great profit」


I remembered the time I hunted the mountain cow.

With an effort that small, if I could get this much profit, then I should do it more.

I should go hunt tomorrow again.

With that decided, I slept very early.



The next day, leaving the town the same way, I came to the place where mountain cows inhabit.

The first one I encountered was already being hunted. A group of a mercenary or something, was wearing the same kind armor and held same kind weapon, went on beating the mountain cow.

I watched for a little while……Well, if they failed hunting like the group yesterday I was thinking of saving them.

But, it did not go like yesterday.

Spending about an hour, at least two were injured but, that group successfully hunted the mountain cow.

Carrying the mountain cow, I watched their backs as they returned to the town.

If it’s 1,000,000 yen per head, its 100,000 yen per person.

It’s still a good deal of profit, but getting injured (It was a minor injury so it is at the level that would heal for a week of rest or so) considering the dangerーー.


「It’s reasonable earning, the way it feels」


I was wandering around the grasslands. I was praying to encounter a mountain cow while wandering around.

After 30 minutes or so, I finally met it.

The mountain cow’s eyes were bloodshot as soon as saw me, snorting roughly.

And just like that, it charged.




I didn’t dodge, I threw a punch towards the mountain cow that jumped at me.

A counter punch, hitting it just between the eyebrows, the mountain cow was blown away.

It rolled through the ground, *Biku* *Biku* it convulsed.

After convulsing a few times, it no longer moved.


「One dish is served, huh」


I carried the mountain cow, returned to the town and changed it for money.

Then once again return to the grasslands, and walked aimlessly.

Encountered a mountain cow, defeat it, return, change for money.

Return, wander, find a mountain cow.

Defeat it and change it for money, defeat it and change it for money.

I did just that, repeating it many times……I could only hunt five of them today.

Honestly, rather than the time defeating them and walking around to find it, and the time carrying it took more time.

When I said that to the person in the store that I cashing on lastly.


「Ordinary people only hunt once so, it’s the first time I heard that complain」


I was told half shocked and half amazed.

I was somehow convinced.

Being injured or not being able to defeat it, and the possibility of it running away, the time needed to encounter it and the time to carry it is to be considered.

Well, that doesn’t matter for me.

Anyways, today’s earning was 550 silver coins.

Because the store clerk paid me 10% more as promised, it became like this.

Including yesterday’s profit, it’s 649 coins.

Seeing it in the utmost favorable way, it should be worth 6,490,000 in yen.



「This place huh」


Evening, with a note on one hand I came to that store.

I wanted to buy a house, when I told the mountain cow store clerk that,  he introduced me to this store.

I opened the door, and went inside.

Inside the unexpectedly clean store, a middle-aged man with protruded belly was there.

As soon as the man saw me he stood up, and made a merchant-like smile and welcomed me.


「Welcome to Samaras Merchant Company.  Can I help you with anything」

「I want to buy a house」


I cut it out straight to the point.


「Please leave it to us.  Is it a place to live in? Or is it a place to be used for business」

「A place to live inーー」


In an instance, Japan’s housing situation crossed out through my head.

Including my dreams in my demand, I said.


「Wide, and if there is a garden then it is better」

「Is that so.  And, your budget is」



I placed the bag stuffed with silver coins on the table.


「650 silver coins」


It lacks one coin though.


「Is that so」


It clouded the man’s face.

I wonder if it was insufficient. No, surely it is.

I thought that it was worth 6,500,000 in yen in last night’s computation, but there’s a possibility that it’s just worth only half of that.

If that happens it would be only worth 3,000,000 in yen.

In that degree of amount, wanting to buy a wide house with a gardenーーYup, if I were the store clerk I would be like “What’s this guy saying”.  

Thinking about that, the clerk only clouded his expression, he might be a splendid merchant.   


「Is it impossible?」

「Though it depends on its area, a normal house is worth about 2000 silver coins in the market」

「2000 coins……20 million in yen……does it really cost that much」

「In addition, the dear customer wants a lot, wide and with a garden……that would cost double in this town」



About 40 mountain cows huh…… There’s no problem, but that takes too much time, the cost was instantly doubled, so my will to buy withers.

Even hunting 5 heads a day it would take more than a week. No, if there was a day they’re hard to encounter it’s possible that it might take more than a month.

That’s tiring, and too weary.

There’s no choice, I’ll just loosen the conditions, it when I was thinking like that.


「Excuse me, is customer have confidence in his arms?」

「Arm? You mean in strength? Well……I’m a bit confident Why do you ask?」

「This bagーーexcuse me」


The man opened the bag I put on the table and rotated it.

There was a mark that I’ve seen before.


「The crest of the Andreu Merchant Company who deals with mountain cows. Because you are using this, I guessed that customer is a mountain cow hunter」

「I see」


I looked at the mark. That shopーーwas it called Andreu Merchant Companyーーit also had that mark in its signboard.

I understood the man’s guess, perhaps, from now on if I look at this bag, I thought that I’d also be able to speculate what kind of people are those who have this mark as well.


「If that is so……I cannot recommend it, but there is one that hit my mind」

「What is it?」

「In the town’s southeast is a mansion……saying up to this the residents of this town would understand it though. There is a mansion that no one lives in. Alias, Haunted Mansion」


The clerk was scowling.


「Haunted Mansion」

「Yes, it was once a mansion where a wealthy merchant lived, but now that it has all rumors, no one wants to live there. Actually, there were a few customers who moved in but……everyone…」

「I see」

「The makings of the mansion is very good, its wideness is enough too.  If it weren’t for that ……it is a lot that would cost more than 5000 silver coins normally」

「With a bad history, nobody would like to live there, huh」

「Rather, cannot be lived in, to be exact」

「A haunted mansion huh……」


I was thinking.

I am not scared at all of paranormal phenomena. I’m that type that is not moved by horror.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind living in a lot that had accidents if it was cheaper.

The thing I worry about is that, is the time would really “appear”.

This is not Japan, and the way the man was saying.

Maybe, it would really appear.

If a ghost comes out……I could probably defeat it though.

While worrying, I tentatively asked.


「By the way, the price is?」


「It even started giving us bad luck so, if we’re able to get it sold……with only 100 silver coins it would be」




I answered promptly.

A lot that costs more than 5000 coins for 100 coins.

98% OFF!!

It was too cheap, there’s no reason not buy it.


「Are you really fine with that」

「Yeah. I’d just punch the hell out if ghosts if they’d come out」


Getting excited, I said such things.




The man hesitated for an instant, but made a merchant’s face at once.

Thus, I obtained a houseーーa mansion.

If ghosts come out I’ll kick their ass, together with a feeling like that.










Chapter 2 – Kujibiki Tokushou – Chapter 4

9 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 3

  1. I can’t follow any sense of logic. He has no information about the world and somehow he decides to settle down in the first town he comes across? Dafuq? Who does that!? Anyone in the same situation would get some info about the world and travel instead of buying a goddamn house in some small town! Buy a good carriage and you have a mobile house if you can’t stand camping ffs!


    • This mc is a fucking moron in so many ways. It’s already starting to annoy me. Three chapters and there are already so many things wrong here. Mainly with this guy’s head.

      1: He asks about no information whatsoever about the world he’s going to, neither to the people who held that lottery nor to the inhabitants of that world. 2: He rushes headlong into combat without thinking twice, he doesn’t even confirm his own situation or powers first, nor the average strength of humans in that world. 3: He thinks with his dick and has no resistance whatsoever against beautiful girls, swooning like crazy. 4: He doesn’t think of using the nobility mark that he was specifically told to use by that girl. 5: He swaggers into the city and happens upon some person who buys monster corpses, proceeds to rush out just as quickly as he came without confirming his own powers first nor did he try to acquire any gear whatsoever first. 6: His idea of effective work is to rush out and in with one beast each time instead of getting something to load the corpses on and stack a few of them. 7: He thinks he can buy a big house with a low amount of money. 8: He actually has the gall to complain that it’s too much of a bother to buy a house if it’s going to take a few days to gather the money for it and thus he just wants to give up instead, showing how utterly lazy and moronic this mc is, not to mention that he doesn’t really even want a house, he just thinks it’d be funny to have one, what a waste of money. If running back and forth a few times in a day were enough to buy a house, anyone and everyone would be delighted at the tiny amount of effort needed. It makes me want to punch his face in.

      I mean, come on. We’re THREE chapters into this novel and it’s not long chapters by any means, yet the mc has shown himself to be an utter moron around a dozen times already. I dislike the cliché beta japanese doormat mc type, but that doesn’t mean I like mcs that are so retarded that you have to question whether they were smart enough to graduate from elementary school or not. How about showing a little bit of intelligence, eh?


      • Wow that was a long ass rant but you perfectly encapsulated everything I think about this first 3 chapters, thank you lol somehow reading this let me go of my frustrations.


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