Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Harem Musou


In the forest near Reiusu, I heard about a band of thieves naming their selves Hungry Wolves Agito from Helene.


「That’s their hideout huh」


I viewed from outside of the forest, smoke was rising from the forest, and it seems that there is at least someone living there.

There are three girls behind me.

Helene, Tanya, and Io.

Helene who was on her disguise answered.


「Most likely. Since the Hungry Wolves Agito placed their hideout here, I heard that the residents of the town of Reiusu stopped approaching here」

「I see now. Their scale is?」

「They said it is around 200 people, it is a number not much for Kakeru-sama, but they said that the leader is very cunning and do not choose whatever means there is, so be careful」

「I see」

「Ne〜ne〜, are we going to subjugate a band of thieves right now?」


Tanya, a ghost maid, was floating transparent in mid-air asked.



「That, are we going to do it?」

「There’s no need, you know. It’s only 200, if it’s Kakeru-san, he’d finish it in an instant」


Magician Io said.

It’s true that if I charged in, that will probably be the case.

I also have Eleanor, and the Warp Feather too. If it’s only a band of thieves around 200, I can do it with ease.

I can do it, but.


「Today, I am not planning to help as much as possible. I want you three to do it」

「With the three of us……?」

「Ah! Maybe, that?」

「Is Kakeru-san going to lend us powers?」


The two who had experienced it noticed my intention immediately. She’s smart, but Helene who had not experienced it had question marks floating around her head.


「What does that mean?」

「Is there something Helene can do? By means of fighting」

「To be sure, I always have this for the least of self-defense」


She took out a dagger and said. It looked like the Dos that the yakuza uses, but what Helene have has decorations in it so it might also have value as a decoration.

She unsheathed that, and took a stance with the blades reversed.


「You can fight with that」

「No, it’s a martial arts to find an opportunity to kill a few, and buy time to suicide. There will be a lot of problems that will occur if a royal member like me is taken alive」


I see, it’s a usual story. But.


「Suicide is forbidden from now on」


I said that.

Helene was surprised a little, but she nodded silently.


「If that is what Kakeru-sama says」

「Un, then let’s do a test」


Starting again from the start, I lend an ability to Helene. The problem is, what ability should I lend her.


As a test also, I chose something thoughtlessly.


【The Dagger Techniques will be lent to Helene Teresia Mercouri. Time Remaining: 29 seconds】


Oh, looks like it worked.


「Helen, use that to attack me」

「I understand」


Helene, without hesitation, slashes with the dagger that was reversed.




The person itself was surprised. A sharp slash flew.

I softly stopped it with Eleanor.


「It was a lot sharper than usual right」



Helene was confused unusually.

She was usually very composed, Helene who always did what I told or ordered her naturally, made an unusually surprised face.

Just being able to see that, it might be worth the while, being able to draw this from the Limited Lottery.

I already did it to Tanya and Io, but I explained it once again.


「I lent one part of my powers」

「Kakeru-sama’s powers. I am convinced」


It’s Helene who quickly understands. Very quickly, it might seem to be boring.


「Then, today is for that test. It’s the test on how far you can go with the powers that I lent」

「I understand」


Helene answered. After being convinced, the speed of accepting it was quick as usual.


「Well then, let’s start」


I declared, and lent abilities to each one of them.


【The Dagger Techniques will be lent to Helene Teresia Mercouri. Time Remaining: 4 minutes 59 seconds】  


【The Magic Powers of Ice will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 4 minutes 59 seconds】  


【Magic Powers of Lightning will be lent to Io Akos. Time Remaining: 4 minutes 59 seconds】


I used the single-use type, and lent powers to the three.

Entered the forest, and went towards the direction where the smoke is rising.

One man immediately showed up. It’s a man who you can see even only with his clothes that he’s a thief.


「Who the hell are you」



Helene went towards him without saying anything.

Her movement was not different than usual, not getting faster or anything.


「An enemy huh, bullshit」


That’s why, the man had the time to curse.

He cursed, pulled a sword from his waist, and slashed at Helene.

Counterattack. One sharp slash from Helene’s dagger. The man was cut in two together with his sword.



「Hime-sama amazing」


Tanya and Io was amazed, but Helene didn’t change her expression and said.


「It is natural, it is because it is Kakeru-sama’s power」

「Un, I agree!」



The three of them started to praise me as usual.

The three charges forth.

Enemies appear one next to the other, screaming atーーor makes a perverse face after seeing that the opponent is a beauty while attacking.

Helene swung her dagger, Tanya and Io use their best magic to attack consecutively.

On the blink of an eye, the surroundings were covered by only screams.

The thieves were defeated, one next to the other, with only three of them.

777 Times Ability Up.

If I were to say something about the three’s condition right now, they are women that have the best skills out of talent in the world.

The world’s best dagger techniques user, the world’s best ice magic user, the world’s best lightning magic user.

I don’t know how much ability they have originally, but 777 times of normal should mean it was like that.

It’s easy to figure out since Tanya and Io were only shooting magic, but Helene’s “talent” is made very good.




She fell right now again. She fell grandly after she stumbled to a pebble on her feet.

The thieves jump into that chanceーーbut, they are cut into two by Helene in the same posture she had when she fell.

Her movements were also slow, and does a lot of failures, but the dagger techniques that I lent was undisputedly strong.

They have noticed about that.


「Hime-sama, you shouldn’t move a lot, and just counterattack whoever comes near」

「I will do that」


The thieves are being defeated one next to the other.

It’s a great result as a test.

And, there is also one more additional result.

Within the thieves that they defeating, I found lottery tickets dropping occasionally.  

I guessed that might happen. Is it because I’m with them, or it’s because I’m lending them my powers, but I thought that it might drop.

The result is, it really drops, so I am content.


『Are you not lending a hand』


Eleanor asked.


「Watching the girls fight is fun. And it is a lot more when they are fighting using my powers」

『That is the same when I was leading the Undead Army huh』

「Being compared with that……but yeah, maybe something like that」


I chatted with Eleanor, and completely entered observer mode.

Without five minutes, they subdued the thieves with only the three of them. The only pinch-like time was the time Helene fell, and the three of them hadn’t got any scratch.

And, it’s Helene again, but because she had moved around, she had to catch her breath. Things like stamina or endurance, maybe I should’ve lent her those.

Well, there’s no problem, I am very content with the test’s results.


As I’ve thought, I should draw more and more. This, from the limited lottery, I should collect a lot more.

The three were having a conversation while they return to my side. I was thinking of words to praise them.

But a man suddenly jumped out from the side!

The man did a nelson hold to Helene from behind, and grabbed her wrist that she was holding the dagger with.


「Don’t move! Don’t you care what happens to her!」



The man made a shield out of Helene.

They were too close so Tanya and Io couldn’t shoot magic, and Helene who was done with a nelson hold, couldn’t shake him away because her dagger was sealed and it became a brute strength contest.


「Hime-sama? Hou, I don’t know whose princess you are, but if you care about her life don’t do stupid things. I’m a man who does what is needed yo」


The man gripped Helene’s neck. It’s an appeal that he could always kill her.




I drew Eleanor without saying anything.


「You, can’t you seeーー」


I jumped in, and in an instant, I slashed down both hands of the man with Eleanor while being careful not to injure Helene.




His hands that floats in the air. It seems that the man didn’t realize what happened.

There’s no need to know.

I embraced Helene close to me, and beheaded the man.

With him as the last one, this time surely, the band of thieves was wiped out.


「My bad, I exposed you to danger」


Helene was completely composed.


「Kakeru-sama was here, so I knew that it would be alright」

「I see」


Helene was composed as usual.

With this, we annihilated the band of thieves.

That aside, Delfina who heard that story “I-I know a little about whips”, said that to appeal.

The next time, I’ll also take her with us.









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  1. “the leader is very cunning and do not choose what ever means there is”
    Second part whould be shortened to “ruthless”
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