Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Limited Lottery


After I came out of Samaras Merchant Company, I had 10 lottery tickets in my hand.

I told I’d buy the land worth 3000 silver coins around the mansion, left the trifle things to Samaras, and used the 50% OFF pass to pay 1500 silver coins.

And then, what came out was 10 lottery tickets.

It means even if I buy with 50% OFF, I could get lottery tickets from the original price.

In the patterns that I was expecting, it’s the best pattern.

It was one lottery ticket every 300 silver coins until now, but from now on, it’s one lottery ticket every 150 silver coins.

With this, I can draw more, I will collect it all and draw a lot.

I mean, let’s go draw.

I gripped the ten pieces of lottery tickets, and thought about that place.

After I stepped forward, the front scenery changed at once, and it became the lottery room.


「Oh! It is a bit different」


Eleanor in her little girl appearance was riding on my shoulders for some reason.

As she had said, the inside of the lottery room had changed somewhere.

The Interior and also the face of the staff that I’ve been familiar with.


It had the “Celebration” kind of image.


「Welcome, Customer-san」

「What happened with this」

「The Limited Lottery starts today」

「Limited Lottery?」

「Yes, from today for only one week, the lottery prize will change to a special line-up. It would not be available for a next time, so please draw a lot」

「Limited lottery huh, why something like that?」

「Does Customer-san know about the Mercouri Kingdom?」



Know about it, you say, from its name, it’s the Kingdom of Helene and Princess Iris right.


「You know, there will be a new currency going to be issued. This is a very big event, and because of that, we are also doing a limited lottery here」

「With that reason huh. But, is that relevant here?」

「An event can bring an effect in an unexpected way」

「It’s like a ramen store doing a valentine event huh」


I thought about it like that somehow. It’s very merchant-like, doing an event although it is not relevant at all as an excuse.


Leaving that aside. I looked at the prizes list.


・Participation Prize  Ability Lending (5 minutes, one-time use)


・Third Prize  Ability Lending (30 seconds)


・Second Prize  Ability Lending (3 minutes)


・First Prize  Ability Lending (1 hour)


Everything was the same, it was a mediocre line-up, that has an image it was gathered in a hurry.


「Let me explain. According the user’s abilities, it is a skill that enables you to lend it to the person you target. For example, there was the customer that was also here the last time you came. If that person uses this, he will be able to lend the tentacles to another person temporarily」

「I see」

「If it’s the customer’s case, it’s a little different. The person who have “All Abilities Times xxx”, would need to specify one ability to lend it. While you are lending it, you will return to your original ability」

「In other words, lend the multiplication huh」

「That is correct!」


I see, then it might be an amazing thing.

For example, if I lend the multiplication of the magic powers of lightning to Io, I can let her stop the Orycuto by herself.

I mean, I have “All Abilities Times 777”, but it’s not like I am using all of my abilities.

Especially the times when I’m attacking using Eleanor, I am not using magic powers at all.

And using that to the person I targeted……un, if I can lend it to my women that is good.

I looked at the prizes list one more time.

The abilities were half-assed, but the settings itself was decent.


「Above third prize, I can use it without losing it right」

「Yes, but instead, the effect duration is shorter」

「The first prize is really the first prize huh. The duration is too different, and it won’t be lost even if it is used」

「By the way, for example, if you are able to draw the third prize twice, you can lend two of your abilities to one person twice, or once to different persons」

「It means I should draw the most I can draw during the limited period huh」


The first prize is the undisputed jackpot, but it is also quite appealing to hit the third prize at least ten times.

Flame, Ice, Lightningーー

I can learn varieties of magic from now, and it means, there would be ten of me shooting different magic at once.

Un, very tempting.


「The expiration date of the one-time use type is?」


This kind of type, there are a lot of game items with expiration dates, so to be sure, I asked.


「There is none」

「It’s more and more tempting huh」

「It is not called Limited Lottery without a reason」


You can say that, although the prizes are half-assed.

……No, maybe it’s not half-assed after all.

Well, if that’s the case, the only choice is to draw.


「Then……10 pieces for the mean time」

「Yes, certainly. Well then, please go on 11 times」

「I will do it」



I held down Eleanor from my shoulders. Holding her the same way as last time, I fixed the height so she can reach the handle.






「Ahh, you, you pulled it at once!」



Eleanor pulled it at once while laughing out loud.

The balls came out next to the other, and the 11 timesーーthe lottery ticket worth 1500(3000) silver coins was drawn very quickly.

That time, less than ten seconds.

“Melting” feels like this huh……


「Yes, ten participation prizes and……Congratulations, there is one-third prize」

「It hit」

「That’s the bright side at least」



I took Io to the rocky mountains.


「Is it Orycudite mining today?」

「That’s by the way, there’s something that I want to test」

「A test?」

「Io will stop the Orycuto after it comes out with magic」


「Just do it continuously as you can」

「But, with my magic powersーー」

「Oh! It came out quickly」



Io, surprised.



「Just do it for the mean time. You can do it」



I used the one-time-use lending rights I got as the participation prize. I specified magic powers of lightning, and chose Io as the target.


【Magic Powers of Lightning will be lent to Io Akos. Time Remaining: 4 minutes 59 seconds】


I heard a different type of voice than Eleanor.

Io used magic. The lightning hit the Orycuto directly.


「One more time, right now!」



Io shot magic as she was told to, she was able to use it consecutively.



「Right now, I am lending my magic powers to Io temporarily」

「Kakeru-san’s? E-Ehhhhhh? You can also do that?」

「Yeah, I can. ……is this also unprecedented?」

「It’s not that like at all though……I have heard of a forbidden technique that changes one’s life in exchange for power had existed, but if it’s temporarily……」

「I see. Ah! It started moving」

「Eeii!! Amazing……I can also shoot a lot」

「Instead, doesn’t it have a lot more power than when I did it?」

『It’s multiplication, she probably a lot more that what you have originally』

「I see now」


If I were to lend the ability itself, it would be the completely the same as me, but if it’s about lending the multiplication, there’s a chance that it might be better than me huh.

But, in other words, there will also be times that there’s no meaning to lending.

If it’s 0 originally, even if it’s multiplied by 777 times, it would still be 0.

There is one idea that I have with that.


It’s Eleanor.

In this world, there is not one man in history that could get away from Eleanor’s control. It means that the resistance against Eleanor, there’s a possibility that all the human in this world is 0.

Leaving that aside, although I decided that I should maybe try that tonight.

I summoned Tanya next.

I used another one-time-use type.


【The Magic Powers of Ice will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 4 minutes 59 seconds】  


「Tanya, try to shoot magic towards the Orycuto」



Tanya did what I said. Around a hundred arrows of ice appeared nearby, and made a beehive out of the Orycuto.

Of course, it didn’t affect it at all. The arrows of ice melted in an instant, and the wounds of the Orycuto were closed in an instant.

But, I became excited.

Io and Tanya. Magician and Maid.

The two with bishoujo looks, the girls of my harem party is fighting using the power I granted.

This, feels good.

One week……lottery tickets, I should gather them with my life on it.






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