Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: I’ll do it


「I have heard the story from Her Highness. It was about you needing a trade partner」


「If it’s that, please take this first」


Delfina snapped her finger. Two men(probably her subordinate) entered the room from outside, and placed a rectangular box on top of the table, and went outside.


「This is?」

「2500 silver coins. It is payment in advance」

「Payment in advance」

「Please use it as your capital for a while」

「I should just deliver the goods later huh」

「Yes. We handle anything, so please bring anything you have」

「I see」


2500 pieces huh, it would be nice if the 50% OFF would work in the better way. If not, there will be only 8 pieces of lottery ticket.

3000 pieces would be better, but that is my side’s own situation.


「I will gladly use it. How do I deliver the goods?」

「Tomorrow, I will send a person here again. Please treat that person as the representative」

「I got it」


For the meantime, I should get all the Orycudite I could get tomorrow, and try just how many they would purchase.


「By the way」


Delfina changed the topic.


「Is that the Eleanor」

「Un? Yeah, you also heard that from Helene」

「It is made very good」


*Biku* My eyebrows flinched.


「What do you mean?」

「I mean it literally」

「Are you saying this is a fake?」

「You, are holding it right now right」


「I have not heard of a person whose heart was not controlled by Eleanor. There is not one even in the history. Even Great Conqueror Rodotos and Dragonkin Olga wasn’t an exception. If that is so, it is the convincing proof that it is a fake because you are holding it composedly」


I see now.

I had heard similar things about that a lot of times before, it means that it’s just that unprecedented.

Well, there’s no helping it.


「Helene-denka is still young, so it couldn’t be helped.」


*Kachi〜n* She got me on my nerves.

Even if it’s unprecedented and it can’t be helped to be doubted, she got me on my nerves with right now.

That means, Helene is young and is unaware of society, so she is being deceived?

She said that Helene is trusting me only because she is unaware of society.

She got me on my nerves.

I should discipline her……a little.

I reached out Eleanor.


「Would you like to hold it?」

「Ara, are you sure?」


Those were challenging eyes, eyes that were saying “You will be exposed it I hold it”.




Delfina took Eleanor, and observed it intently.


「It really looks very well the closer that I look at it, like the details ofーー」


In an instance, Delfina widened her eyes.

Her body was like *Bikun* and after she convulsed one, black aura started to leak from her body.

It was the same situation with Marie’s time.


「It’s very fast, until it possesses」


I was composed. I made her do it, but it’s for discipline only, I was that composed.

I expected until that, but something unexpected happened.

Delfina swung Eleanor. Then, Tanya appeared.

Tanya who was summoned by Eleanor was wearing made clothes, but she had become an ominous ghost.

It was the same as the first time we met in the mansion.


「I see, Tanya will become like that huh. I’ll apologize later」


Because she’s completely a victim.




Delfina raised shouting voices. It was a beast-like shout.

Her bloodshot eyes was that of a beast.


「How is it? Did you find out it was real」


I asked, but she doesn’t reply.

She’s just growling from the back of her throat with a low voice.


「She’s more taken oven than Marie’s time?」


I remembered that time, Marie called for help even though she was possessed by Eleanor.

Rather, the only thing that was taken over was her body, but her consciousness was clear.

I wonder what’s the difference, I should ask Eleanor later.


Delfina slashed at me with Eleanor while I was thinking of that.

At the same time, Tanya also shot Ice Magic.

I didn’t expect that there would be a vanguard and rearguard combination. I dodged the slash, but the arrows of ice destroys the room.


「A-Are you okay Master!!」


I heard Miu’s worried voice from outside the room.


「It’s alright, I’ll go out for a bit, so go clean the room」

「Eh?!  Yes」


I asked to Miu, and jumped into Delfina’s waist, touched her softly and used the Warp Feather.

I jumped to the grasslands of mountain cows.

The grasslands were only wide and had nothing at all during the night.


「If it’s here there’s no worry about the casualties」


It looks like she was possessed completely, even though we warped, Delfina was not surprised at all. Rather than that, she started slashing at me as she was earlier.

After three minutes, Delfina fell to the ground and lost her consciousness.

Her clothes were tattered, it was a scene that looked like it was after an assault.

It’s just looking like that, and it’s not like I did anything.

I fought with my bare hands and magic, and she became tattered because of that.


「Well, she should’ve learned from this」

『You, what a cruel man. Using me at your convenience』

「Did it hurt your feelings?」

『Nope, it was fun. You should make me possess someone’s body sometime soon』

「I’ll think about it」


I didn’t say I’d do it though.


「Is Tanya alright now?」


I asked the ghost maid that was floating mid-air.


「I somehow got tired……can I rest for a while?」

「Yeah, sorry for getting you involved」

「U〜un, see ya later」


She said to me with a sleepy voice, and disappeared just like that.

I squatted down to Delfina’s side, and *PechiPechi* hit her cheeks.


「O〜i, are you okay〜. O〜i」




「I pulled my hand a lot you know〜. O〜i wake up〜」




「If you don’t wake up I’ll do tricks on you〜」



She woke up.

She looked around slowly with dopey eyes, looked at me, and looked at herself.

She woke up in an instant.

Being tattered, she hides her skin by collecting her clothes that had become considerably erotic, *ZuZaZaZa* and backed off while sitting on the top of the ground.


Her face was red with embarrassment.

……I got aroused with her appearance.


「W-What did you do」

「Don’t you remember?」

「Remember? ……we were talking inside the mansion, then Eleanorーーah!」


It looks like she remembered.


「Right, I let you hold Eleanor. Do you not have memories after that? Well, it’s nothing much, I just defeated you who was possessed by Eleanor in a bit, and just returned you to normal」

「That’s why I look like this huh……」

「That’s right」

「……that sword, is it really Demon Sword Eleanor?」

「Would you want to try it one more time?」


I reached out Eleanor, Delfina shook her head sidewards.


「I don’t, want that anymore. The black ill feeling that remains in my head……I don’t want that a second time」

「Black, huh」


Eleanor’s something probably remains.


「Something like this……this」


Delfina mumbling.

I was content with the result that was more than expected.

Well, I’ve taught Delfina that Eleanor was the real thing, we should go back to the mansion.


That I thought, but when I looked at Delfina, she seemed strange.

She gripped her own clothes, and bit her lower lips like she was enduring something.

Her face became more redーーand if I look at her carefully she was like *MojiMoji* and bashful.





Her reaction was dull.

What happened to her.


『It’s that to that woman huh』

「That, you say?」

『There are various side effects of using my power. It’s up to the person what will come out』

「The price of using a Demon Sword huh」

『It’s me that uses them though』


I heard a giggling laugh inside my head.


「Then, what is Delfina’s side effect?」




「Estrus, you mean “in heat”?」

『What else could estrus be. I am not sure of the number, but most of the girls become like this』

「In heat……」


I looked at Delfina.

After being said something like that, I could only look at her like that.

Face flushed, rough breathing.

Eyes glazed, but looks something was painful.

Indeed, if you told me she’s on heat, I could see her like that.


『It’s better if you find her a man soon. If you leave her alone in one night, all of her body’s veins will erupt and she would die』



I looked at Delfina.

This woman, will die?

I don’t want that. I disciplined her, but I have no plans of killing her

Rather than that, I have thought of her as “nice” woman from the start, and thought that I wanted her.


「Does any man would do?」

『If it is done until the end, yes』

「I got it」


I approached Delfina, and pushed her who was in heat.

I tore the clothes that are already tattered at once.

I became an adult.

There was a surprising thing, Delfina was also a childーーwe became adults the same time.









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Translator Notes:

denka= 殿下 = Royal Highness
(Name)+denka =  His/Her Highness (Name)
Used as an honorific to royalties or nobles that has high stature.

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