Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Town Merchant Company’s Limit


When I brought the Orycudite we mined to the Andreu Merchant Company, he was very surprised.


「This many?!」


The amount we mined when I also joined mining was so many, it has can make a truck full.


「Is it many?」

「There are no problems with having many, because there are no wasted parts, and if it is refined it would sell like hotcakes……But」


Andreu looked at me, Helene and Io who was behind.


「It is the same situation with the mountain cow, the amount you bring back are not the amount that can be taken with a few people」

「In three people, how many is it usually?」

「Let me think」


Andreu took a decently large Orycudite.


「Usually, 2-3 of this is the limit. If the Orycuto is stopped for a long time, the amount that can  be mined will be a lot more, but the number of times that 3 persons can use magic, the time that it would be stopped is limited」


I see.

When I think about it, the amount of my magic powers that was measured at the Samaras Merchant Company was a hundred times of a normal adult male.


「Also, you need to hire people to bring it back. Magicians, normally, have weak physiques, and after using up their magic powers to the limit, it is very hard to even get away from there」


In my case, I have the Warp Feather.

I could take that much because I could just take what I can and just come back using Warp.


「Well well, I am always surprised with Yuuki-sama」

「I can take that as, you’re going to buy these right」

「Yes. Unlike the mountain cow, identification is needed, so if possible the purchase amount will be on a later day……」

「That’s good. Well, I will go get some more a few times, so pay it all together」




What is that “Eh?!” right now.


「Yuuki-sama, what does that mean?」

「I just normally said that I’m going to take more of it right now?」

「More……even though you brought this much?」

「I’m getting used to it so I think I could get more. Helene, Io?」

「Yes! I learned the hang of digging!」

「I think that I can dig a little more cleaner, and faster」


Helene and Io said respectively.

The two of them were very eager.


「As they’ve said, I will go for a while and takeーー」

「P-Please wait a minute」


Andreu stopped us in a seemingly hurried way, reaching out both of his hands.

I wonder what it is, he seemed really troubled.


「Is it bad? Didn’t you say earlier that there’s no problem even if there’s plenty of it」

「Yes, I said that. It’s true that every piece that I can purchase will sell like pancakes」

「Then there’s no problem」

「No, if you bring something that expensive to us, we will take a hard time to pay you with it. Although it would sell, it would take time before we turn that to money. There’s also the time needed to refine it. Our Merchant Company’s main business is mountain cows, so we would not want the situation that we don’t have enough money for that」


In other words, the cash isn’t enough huh.

Although it would surely sell, he couldn’t purchase more than the money that he has right now.

It would be like that huh.



「You’re worried huh」

「I am sure with the conversation right now. Our capacity isn’t enough to be of help of Yuuki-sama. I am sure that this kind of thing would also happen in the future」



The mountain cow’s time and also the Orycudite’s time, I wanted to earn fast that I did it too much.

The former, being avoided by mountain cows, the latter, I got too much of it(I was planning to) that with the scale of Andreu Merchant Company, they couldn’t handle it.


「I got it, I’ll stop then」


When I said that, Andreu was obviously relieved.

“If the identification is finished send the money to the mansion.” I said that, and left the merchant company.



「As expected of Kakeru-sama」


While we were walking together inside the town, Io started praising me.

It might really be “As expected”, but I am a little troubled with that.

If it was a few days before, I could’ve taken my time and earn money. But with an expensive shopping, when I found out that with 300(or maybe 150) silver coins I could get one lottery ticket, I wanted to earn more to use it.

And not being able to do that, is hard, honestly.



「n, what」

「If you are fine with it, I can introduce you to a merchant that is a royal purveyor」

「Merchant that is a royal purveyor?」


I stopped my feet, and looked at Helene.


「Yes, it is a very wealthy merchant, one of the most wealthiest in our kingdom, and it is being said that their property is equal to that of a kingdom. If it is with that the conversation like earlier would not happen」

「Wealthy enough to be equal to a kingdom huh」

「If it is fine with Kakeru-sama I could introduce」


I thought about it a little, and nodded.

Anyways, making a connection that would make money isn’t bad.


「Then, I’m counting on you」



Helene smiled then nodded.

It was a dazzling smile. I wonder if she’s making that face because she can be of my help.

How cute of her.



The next evening, after I went different ways with Io in a two-man party (in a leisure mountain cow hunt) and came back to the mansion, there were a lot of wagons that has something loaded in it in the mansion’s grounds, and a grand carriage that looked that it has a person with a high stature riding in it that had stopped.


「Welcome back, Master」

「I’m home. Miu, what was that in the front?」

「Uhmm, it’s a visitor for Master」


Miu made a very troubled face.


「Is it a stranger?」

「Yes, it’s a visitor for the first time〜. Even though I told that Master wasn’t home, “Let me wait inside” they said」


「Uhm, Master」



From the direction of the reception room, I returned my sight to Miu.

More than earlierーーMiu who was already at her wit’s end took out something and reached it out to me.

It was a brush. It was a splendid brush, I could see it with at a glance that it was very fit to take care of Miu’s tail.

But, most of it was created with gold.

I mean, it’s a golden brush.


「Is that real?」

「It is very heavy……」


She said with a tearful voice.


「Then it’s real huh……why did they give you something like that?」

「I do not know. They said “It is nothing much, so please.”……and I was given it」

『Nice move, the person inside』

「Eh? What do you mean?」


I asked Eleanor.


『If this was a silver coin or a gold coin, it would only mean that it was a bribe, telling speak of them well. It is common in the mansion of nobilities, the guards do not even tell that they come if they do not give that』


『But this is a different story. With gold, and it also looks like it was matched with the person it would be passed to. They came to clear the decks』

「I wonder who they are」


I braced myself, and went towards the reception room.

When I entered after opening the door, I saw one woman there.

With a splendid clothesーーA woman that wears clothes that might even be more of what Helene or Princess Iris wears.

As soon as the woman saw me, she stood up and made a bow.


「It would be the first time I am able to meet you」


She raised her head, and looked at me.


「You are?」

「I have come, introduced by Her Highness Helene. My name is Delfina Homer Lamanry. It is very nice to meet you」



“Ahh”, then it means that she is the merchant Helene was talking about huh.

No, she might be a subordinate.

Her appearance is that of a young woman, she’s an adult woman, but with a glance, she doesn’t look like a “Merchant that is equal to a kingdom”.


『As expected』


Eleanor whispered inside my head. What do you mean?


『The instance that she heard Helen without an honorific, she did not change her expression but her presence shook a little. She might have figured out your relationship with Helen』


She figured out my relationship with Helene……but doesn’t show it in her expressions.

I see. I don’t know if it’s the real one or a subordinate, but it looks like she surely is not normal.

*Buru* I shook. Probably, with excitement.

Delfina……this woman……is nice.


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