Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Being good at Sword is not my only Talent


Looking at Orycuto with a glimpse, it was a huge rock. But on second thought, it came towards us like a thick lava. Although it was reminiscent to that of a lava, the heat wasn’t transmitted at all.

A slime that has the texture of a rock. I had that impression on it.

Jumping in, I swung down Eleanor.


「Mu!! It’s hard」


I attacked it quite seriously but all I did was cut it a few millimeters.

Although it looked muddy and moved like mollusks, it was very hard.


『It’s coming!』



With Eleanor’s warning, I kicked its body and jumped sidewards.

The next instant the blade sunk, probably thinking of swallowing me, it enlarged its body and *Kapa!!* it opened.


「If I’m swallowed by that, with its hardness, I won’t be safe huh」

『It might be surprisingly softer inside though』

「That’s classic」


I said it jokingly, but I have no plan of trying it at all.

The Orycuto reached out its body and attacks.

The tip of it looked like a sharp edge. It’s planning to swallow me for all.

I dodged sideways, to its open gaps, I took a stance using both hands and swung Eleanor down.

I had a dull feeling, my hands were numb.

Although my hands were as numb as if I hit the ground with full power using a bat, it’s reaching body was only cut a third.


「DAMN IT!!!!!!!!」


I shouted. With all of my strength, I pushed Eleanor’s blade.




*GaGaGaGaGa*. The sound of the blade and rock being rubbed against each other continued, and I cut in two the Orycuto’s body.




I heard Io’s voice from behind. I wanted to hear that.

But, I had no time to savor that.




I was astonished.

The part where I cut Orycuto’s body with full strength, it quickly stuck to together, and came back to one piece.

Its characteristics are almost the same of a slime huh.


『I see, that is why this is dangerous』


Eleanor’s voice echoed in my head. She had a leeway, but she was impressed.


「……Bring it on!!」


Taking a breath, I gripped Eleanor, and slashed at the Orycuto.

I slashed it a lot. *Ga!Ga!Ga!Gatsu!* I attacked the Orycuto’s body using Eleanor mindlessly.

Sparks flew, and pieces of rock on a flurry.

Again, I recovered myself and continued hitting it.  




The time that I’m already catching my breath, the Orycuto was in piecesーーit was shattered.


「After doing all thisーー」

『Not yet!!』



I was astonished. The Orycuto right in front of me was gathering its pieces gradually, and was trying to go back to one piece once more.

If it’s only physical attack, is there no end. In addition, because I hit it too much my hands are numb, and it’s on a level that I could only do that only one more time.


「Kakeru-san! I finished chanting」

「ーー! Shoot it!!」


At the same time, Io shouted, I jumped back while taking a guard stance with Eleanor.

Lightning fell from the sky, and hit Orycuto directly.

It doesn’t move anymore.

I looked down on it, I had a complicated feeling.

Io came to my side, and said.


「You’re amazing Kakeru-san, it’s the first time I saw somebody put Orycuto into pieces. I mean, I had never heard of that happening!!」


Io with admiring eyesーーNo, her voice also seemed full of admiration, but honestly, it’s complicated.

If it was possible, I wanted to do it by myself……


「I’m sorry, I talk too much. Let’s hurry up and pick it up, and get away from here quickly.」

「Get away from here quickly?」

「Yes. The Orycuto is numbed right now, but it should be able to move soon」

「It’s revival is that fast? If you hit it with magic while it’s like that, what will happen?」

「It can be continually be stopped if it were hit consecutively, but with me alone……」

「……The duration after hitting it is lesser that the time it stops, huh?」


Io was feeling sorry and “I’m sorry” she said, after apologizing she says.


「An Orycudite mining party should have at least five magicians. To safely get it, more than seven people are recommended.」

「It cannot be dealt with, if there wasn’t at least that much huh」

「Yes. Though, it is possible to do it alone. Hitting it once, take everything you can get while it has stopped, and run away. But that is also very dangerous, because the time that it stops are random, there are chances of being attacked by the Orycuto when it suddenly moves」

「I see now……I got it, for the mean time let’s get what we can」


If it is like that, then there’s no helping it, we should just go and get everything we can, and use the Warp Feather at the last minute and run away.

I thought, and started to mine together with the two, but.


「Kakeru-san! I-It’s moving!!」


Io let out a loud voice. It seems that the Orycuto already started to move.

I took a stance with Eleanor, and went in front as if to cover Io.


「The time is too short, is it usually like this?」

「There are also times like this……this one was a lot shorter though」

「What about Io’s magic?!」

「It still would take time until the next one!」


Io answered with a voice that was almost crying. Damn, if it is like this we can’t mine anything.

I should use the Warp Feather to run once, and come back again.

When I was thinking of that, Helene’s appearance entered my sight.

Helene was silent all the time, she was silent from the time that we encountered the Orycuto.


Her eyes are looking my way intently. Her expression hasn’t changed.

What is itーーThat came to my mind in an instant, but disappeared quickly.

A flash ran  through my head, I have an idea.

I shouted.


「Helene! Throw the Magic Ball towards it!」



As I’ve requested, Helene took out the Magic Ball(Black) that she got from me, and threw it to the Orycuto.

The ball flew curving, and hit the stone-like body.

The Magic Ball(Black)’s effect, was to shoot attack magic to the target’s weakness.

In the case of the Orycuto, it should be lightning.


In an instant, the ball burst. The lightning together with thunder bursts.

Iーーjumped into that!!

I held the Orycuto. Together, we received the Lightning Magic.




I heard Io’s surprised voice. It was the natural reaction.

But, this should be good. Up to this, it was part of the plan.


「Are you alright Kakeru-san」


Io called out to me worriedly. And following her was Helene.


「It’s alright, it wasn’t that much of a damage」


I showed her by moving my body. I am not bluffing, it’s really not that much of a damage.

If I was to say how much, it’s just like hitting my elbow at a corner, just got a little numb.


「Rather than that, you two should start mining it, I will stop the Orycuto’s movements」

「Eh?! But」

「Was it this way……?」


For Io who still was worried, I showed her the proof that I’m going to be alright.

Just like how I did it before, in the same feeling with the Flame and Ice Magic, I used Lightning Magic.

To the Orycuto who cannot move, lighting fell.


「Lightning! I get it, it was because Kakeru-san received magic」

「Yeah, surviving after receiving an attack magic, and if you have a talent you will be able to use it right」


「In other words, that is how it isーーAlso」


I imagined furthermore, and shot Lightning Magic once again.

It shot twice and consecutively, fell to the Orycuto’s body.


「Looks like in my case, I can shoot it consecutively」


I said it like it was natural.

Lightning Magic talent, and the consecutive use of magic powers(probably).

Both of them have surely, had effects of the “All Abilities 777 Times”.


「That’s why you should leave this to me, and you two should go start mining」


「I understand」

「Ahh, you shouldn’t mind how many you will carry, at the end, we will just go home using the Warp Feather」


I said that to the two, and walked towards the Orycuto.

I focused so that as soon as it starts moving I could shoot it with magic immediately.

It was somehow different to the scene that I was planning, but


「Kakeru-san……I wonder what kind of person is he. Being able to use the sword and also magic……It’s the first time I met such a person」

「If you read history, you should figure it out」

「History? Why is it history?」

「He is very similar to the stories of  the heroes written in the history during their youth」

「I see!」


After hearing Helene and Io’s conversation, I decided it was alright for the mean time.










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  1. Really ? You get help and you’re annoyed ?

    Idk I like trash but this really is too much, like I want to keep reading to see if it gets better but I’m kinda doubting at this point lol.


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