Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: You don’t mind if I defeated it right?


Helene and Io, together with the two of them, I was walking on the grasslands.

My aim is the mountain cow of course. Hunt them in exchange for money. I had only hunted one head today, but that is not enough for a decent income.


「Challenging a thousand troops by himself huh」

「Yes. Half of the soldiers were left alone, but almost all of the soldiers that were able to escape were saying there had a trauma……You are not surprised huh」

「It’s because I was looking. Kakeru-san defeated a ton of monsters, how he defeated Sandros by himself. That’s why」

「Sandros. That Hell’s Emperor Sandros huh」

「Yes! That’s why I’m not surprised with a thousand men. Kakeru-san is really amazing. I thought of that though」


Behind me, was Helene and Io who were getting friendly while chatting. It’s good that they had got along immediately.

That’s good……But I can’t see any mountain cow. I have walked a lot, but there’re no signs of them appearing.


It was the same as earlier, as soon as I saw it ran away.


I don’t want to think about it but……


『I think that they are avoiding you』


Eleanor said.


「I wonder if I hunted them too much」


I thought that might be the case. Maybe in between the mountain cows, I’ve been recognized as a dangerous person.

I walked for a while, I finally saw a mountain cow, but this time there was somebody who was fighting it first.

They’re those that I saw sometime before, a mercenary band of around 10 people and all of them are wearing the same armors.


“It’s a shame, although I finally saw it”ーーWhen I thought of that, something shocking happened again.


As soon as I met eyes with the mountain cow, the mountain cow that was fighting the mercenary band turns around and runs away.

As soon at it saw me, it ignored the enemy in front of it and ran away.

………This wouldn’t work.



Returning to the town, together with Helene and Io, we came to the Andreu Merchant Company.

I told Andreu what happened earlier.


「Well well……」


Andreu wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief, and made a subtle expression.


「Maybe it’s true that if Yuuki-sama hunted them too much, then it’s too much. Even only in the past few days, you alone were working in a few hundred people’s pace」

「If that is true, hunting mountain cows will be impossible for a while」


「Then, is there any other way to earn? One that has good income」

「Please wait……」


Andreu thought about it seriously.

After thinking for a while, he raised his head and looked at Io who was behind me.


「If I am correct, you are C-Ranker Io Akos right. The one whose specialty is Lightning Magic」



Io nodded, from her voice she seemed troubled.

“Why is he asking me”, it was that kind of reaction.


「In a party with Yuuki-sama?」


「If there is a Lightning Magic user……Then there will something that would probably have good income」

「Say it clearly」

「It’s because it a job that is very dangerous」

「Let me hear it first」

「Yes. It is mining Orycudite」


Mining? It has -dite on its end so it’s some kind of an ore.

It doesn’t sound dangerous the way he’s saying it, but I heard Io who was behind me stop her breath.


「Andreu-san, that is something too much……」

「I know that. But Yuuki-sama was saying a  “good income”」

「Well that’s true……」


Io looked at me with a complicated expression.

The mining thing that was making her make such an expression, I became interested in it.



The three of us jumped to the grasslands where mountain cows inhabit, and walked towards a rocky mountain.


「The Orycudite is, the name of a magical ore that can be mined in that mountain」

「Magical? You mean that’s an ore made out of magic?」

「In that mountain, there lives a monster called Orycuto, and that monster is always leaking out a special magic power. A special magic power that most of it would exist as a solid. That magic power makes the rocks nearby its nest coated in it and dried, coated and dried. The thing called Orycudite is made by that, coating by hundreds, thousands of layers.」

「I have seen it before」


Helene said that and continued.


「The Orycuto releases different magic powers in each day, so the coated layers has a beautiful pattern that is similar to that of a rainbow. If I remember correctly it was very beautiful, and mystical」

「I see」


I somehow imagined it. From the explanation, maybe it looks like the tree’s age ring made colorful.


「Is it that expensive?」

「Yes, for its beauty of course, I heard that the difficulty of mining it is very high」

「Honestly, this Orycuto is immortal」



I was surprised from that word.


「Not only that it’s very strong, but it will recover instantly from any attack. The only weakness is lightning. It will stop for a while if it receives Lightning Magic」

「I see, stop its movements and while it isn’t moving, work hard mining Orycudite, it means. Then, the reason why Andreu told us that, was because Io is with us huh」

「Yes. It seems that he knew that I can use Lightning Magic, so. In a party without anyone who could use Lightning party, it is being said that it was like going to a suicide」


That much huh.

I know what is being told. In joining a party and defeating a strong enemy, finding members, equipment that is fit for the job is normal.

In the case of the monster called Orycuto, Lightning Magic would be the first priority.


「I got it. Then if we encounter it I will stop it at its feet, and while I do that Io should start chanting your Lightning Magic」



While the vanguard is stopping the enemy, the magician attacks its weakness with magic.

It’s an orthodox way to fight, so Io answered promptly without hesitance.


「Then, Helene should hold this」


I took out Magic Ball(Black) from my pocket, and gave it to Helene.


「This is?」

「It’s an attack item. If you throw it, it will activate. Helene should decide when to use it」

「I understand」

「And also, can you do the mining」



After having a brief meeting, we started climbing the rocky mountain.

When I noticed, there was a strange aura enveloping around us.

It looks like a weird vivid green……It’s a strange aura, nothing happens even if you touch it or inhale it.


「Is this it? The Orycuto’s aura」



Io nodded. After advancing furthermore, it was clear that the stone walls changed.

As an analogy, if it was bare rocks until now, the place where at looked like coats of paint were layered there.

“Is it here”ーーWhen I was thinking of that it appeared.


「It’s the Orycuto!!」


Io shouted.


「Yosh, let’s go!」


I gripped Eleanor, and jumped towards the Orycuto.

I glimpsed at the two girls.

Their eyes were, showing that they trust me completely.




「We’re going to defeat it, lend me your strength!!」


If they are trusting meーーI want to answer to them.








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