Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Enter a Faith


「Damn! If it was like this, I will go collect more and more lottery tickets!!」


The man made a frustrating expression, and ran out of the lottery room.

More and more he said……That means he’d collect more that 100 pieces right.

……What does he do to collect that many? How did he even collect 100 pieces?

Just as I’ve thought, I should ask him the next time I meet him.


「This will be the fourth prize, it is a 50% OFF card」


What the staff took out was a golden card.

Well literally looks like a credit card’s gold card, but when I touch it, its texture was strange.


「If you go shopping and show this while paying, everything will be 50% OFF. You can use it as long as you want, but be careful because you can only use it on humans」

「The same with the feather huh. I got it」


I put away the 50% OFF card.

The remaining 10 turns were drawn by Eleanor, but they were all Magic Balls.



After being able to go shopping with 50% OFF, there is one thing that I have to test.

It’s how much do I need to spend in shopping to get lottery tickets.

It was 1 piece per 300 coins before.

With 50% OFF, I want to test if it would be 1 piece for every 150 coins.

I had no more money because I used everything before at once, so I want to earn 300 coins.

If you ask me why 300 coins, it was because it wouldn’t be wasteful if I got 2 pieces on a 300 coins shopping. If my idea was wrong, I would have wasted each piece in a 150 coins shopping.

Thinking of that, from the mansion that I went back from the lottery room, I moved to the grasslands where mountain cows were at.


「Good morning!!」


I was called by a voice. It was Io.

Io was on her usual magician-like look, and stood beside me.


「Good morning」

「A-Are you going out today」

「Yeah, I’m going to hunt mountain cows……Do you want to come?」


I remembered that Io and I were in the same party, so I invited her.




She nodded with a splendid smile. I see, that’s why she came.


「Then let’s go, come near me」

「Eh? Yes……」


Io was making a strange face, but still came near me.

I took out the Warp Feather, and went to the grasslands of mountain cows.




She was surprised in a grand scale. As I’ve expected.


「Where is this? We were inside the town right」

「This is the grasslands where mountain cows appear. We jumped here with magic at once」


It was an item, but I told her it was magic.


「Jumped……That kind of magic, I have never heard of it」

「It’s a magic that I can only use」

「Amazing……Being able to use such magic」

「I could only jump to places I’ve been before though」

「It’s amazing even like that!!」


I searched for mountain cows together with Io who was deeply impressed.

Come to think of it, what should we do after entering a party.


「What can Io do?」

「I can use Attack Magic. My best magic is Lighting Magic. It takes time for it to activate, so I would be probably causing you trouble」

「Ahh, the time that the vanguard needs to endure right? Does it correspondingly increase its power?」

「It’s power is only that of normal magic, but it’s lightning, so I can attack while ignoring the enemy’s defences」

「Well it’s electricity huh」


I was thinking “I see”. Lightning Magic huh, so I can use it, I should ask her to shoot at me.

In this world, there is the possibility to be able to learn magic by getting hit by it.

While we were chatting, we finally saw a mountain cow.


「Yosh, 100 coins for start」


I pulled out Eleanor……But, the mountain cow was strange.

After seeing me it backed off, just like that it turned around, and ran away.




I was puzzled. Did it run away?

I recovered my attention, used the Warp Feather to go after it, and kill the mountain cow.


「What was happening? Right now……」


I mumbled while looking the mountain cow that I defeated.

From my experience until now, I think that this is a species that doesn’t know how to run away.

With its ferocity, although it was a mountain “cow”, it’s personality was that of a charging boar.

That’s why I was surprised when it ran away.

While doing that, Io has caught up.


「Amazing……It was the first time I saw a mountain cow run away」

「I was also surprised. Well then, let’s go exchange this with money huh」


Using the Warp Feather, together with Io and the mountain cow we moved to Andreu Merchant Company.

Handing over the mountain cow to Andreu who was more and more polite to me, in exchange, I took a bag with the money.

Leaving from the entrance, I joined with Io.




I was called when I was thinking “Let’s go then”.

When I turned around, Helene was there.

Helene who wasn’t wearing a princess’ dress, but clothes that are light, and made a ponytail with her long hair.

Honestly, her atmosphere was very different. It was something of a disguise.


「Helene huh. What happened with that look」

「I wanted to meet Kakeru-sama, so I sneaked out a little」

「I see.……un」


I stared at Helene intently.

Her princess look was beautiful and pretty, but her appearance right now was also very good.

Combined with her elegance there was also vigor within it and that looked very beautiful.

……Honestly, I was mesmerized with her appearance.


「D-Does it looks strange. It is the first time I wear something like this, so I really do not know……」


I pulled Helene’s hand when she was looking down, and softly embraced her.


「It’s not strange, it looks good」

「Thank you very much」


Helene was blushing inside my arms. I was almost mesmerized by her again.


「We’re going on a little hunt, does Helene want to come too」

「I will come with you」


Helene answered promptly.

When I looked towards Io, she was speechless.


「Io? What happened?」

「K-Kakeru-san. Isn’t that person……Helene-sama?」


「Are you like that with Helene-sama……」

「Well, it is like that」


When I answered, Io was surprised more and more.

Helene also was blushing more and more.


「With a princess……Kakeru-san is amazing……」

「Yes. Kakeru-sama is an amazing person. Because while he holds Demon Sword Eleanor, his heart wasn’t swallowed, and is using it to all its potential. As far as I know, he is the only one in history to do that feat」

「Eh?! Eleanor?」


Io was surprised.


「Un, this」


I pulled out Eleanor.


『Do not call me “this”』


Eleanor was saying something, but lightly ignored her.




Io shouted with a loud voice and was surprised in a grand scale.

It took the attention of everyone nearby, so I made he shut her mouth in a hurry.


「T-That sword, was it Eleanor?!!」

「Yeah, that’s right」


……Was this such an amazing sword.


「Eleanor. Appearing in the history a lot of times, leading the Undead Army it was the Legendary Demon Sword that ruined a few empires. In exchange for power, it was being said that it destroys all of its wielder’s heart without exception」

「There was no longer an Army, though if it’s a ghost」


I summoned Tanya through Eleanor.


「Hello, I’m Tanya Chiakis you know」


The face of the maid ghost that was transparent appeared in front of the two.

We are on public eyes so I returned her quickly though.


「Amazingly strong……in that kind of relationship with a princess……uses the Demon Sword normally, without being possessed……Amazing!! Kakeru-san is amazingly amazing!!!」


Io used that word consecutively. Amazingly amazing she said, I felt that she was on the verge of collapsing her words.


『She looks like she’s on a roll, that she had strange faith, to enter some kind of a cult』


Eleanor was giggling in my head.

It somehow seemed like it would really come to reality, she had that momentum within her right now.

I don’t feel bad about it though.









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