Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: If there was at least One More


Evening, at the mansion’s bathroom.

Inside the bath that has space that at least 20 persons can enter, I made Miu wash my back.


*U〜nsho*, *U〜nsho*……」


Wrapped with a bath towel, Miu who were washing my back thoroughly with all her effort was very cute and lovable.


「Wash it a little stronger」



After I ordered, Miu as she was told washes my back a little stronger, but it didn’t last for long.

Her strength was gradually weakening, and with a *Fumyu〜* voice she let out she almost gave up.

But, she did not say any complain.

Once in a while she repeatedly let out deep breath and stopped breathing and washes my back a little stronger.

With that she had a burst, but she loses her breath again and her strength weakened.

I know that she is doing her best. That’s why I have no complains.


「Do Miu want anything」


I asked as if to chat. Because money will be earned more and more by time.


*Un〜sho*……things I want……*Un〜sho*……desuka?」

「Ahh, anything you want」

「Really……*Un〜sho*……is anything really okay?」

「Yeah, say what you want」


After saying it once again, Miu said timidly.


「I want……A scrubber, desu」

「A scrubberrr??」


The ends of my sentence was let out weirdly. Because it was a very unexpected answer.


「I-I’m sorry. That right nowーー」

「No, it’s not like I’m angry. What kind of scrubber?」

「Uhmm, something like a glove, one that is rough, a scrubber that when you scrub it a lot of dirt will fall, a scrubber that feels really good」


Miu explained.

I got excited while listening to her. I got excited but……


「That, how much is it?」

「Uhm, in copper coinsーー」


As I’ve expected it was something very cheap. Honestly if you compute it, its price would be 100 in yen.


「Begging for hundreds level huh」


I instinctively let out a voice. I was that confused. (Miu was also confused and was saying “hundreds?”)


「Is it bad?」

「No it’s not. Actually, you should buy that. I gave you money for living expenses right. If it’s for things like that don’t be reserved and buy them」



I have no eyes on my back, but it was a bright reply that I could easily imagine her whole-hearted smile.  

The washing of my back, continues.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the door knocker.

It was a sound from the entrance, and because Miu couldn’t hear, it I told her.


「Miu, someone’s knocking at the door. Look at it」

「Eh! I-I understand!!」


Miu left the bathroom in a hurry, wears her maid clothes swiftly, and went to the entrance with a trot.

In the middle of that, it sounded that she fell down. She was sobbing a little, but even that she goes towards the entrance.

I should increase the number of maids huh. Miu alone would have too much burden on herself.

It’s an expensive shopping , so I should send an order to Samaras at least 300 silver coins for a piece of lottery ticket.

After a while, Miu returned in a hurry.


「Master, it’s a visitor」

「What kind of person is it?」

「Uhmm, adventurer?-like guy, desu」



I somehow guessed it. That came again huh.


「Hear what he wants. If it’s about entering a party, go and reject them」

「I understand」


Miu went to the entrance as she was told, and after a while she came back.

As I’ve thought, it was a man who came with party invitation, and he left while saying he will come back again.

Even if he comes back, I’ll reject it though.

After that, I made Miu wash my back thoroughly, and I entered the bath feeling good.

I even let her make me wear my clothes, and I felt that all of my fatigue are lost.

Instead, Miu was exhausted.




「Yes, what is it Master」


After her name was called, she groomed herself, and the posture she made with a sound like *Shakiーn* was very lovely.


「We’re going to *MofuMofu*



Miu was surprised in an instant, but made quickly made a whole-hearted smile.

That night, I slowly and thoroughly *MofuMofu*-d Miu.



The next day. I jumped to the place where I fought monsters, and searched that place around evenly. I picked up lottery tickets.

And with that combined with the lottery ticket I got from shopping, I had gone to draw lots quickly.

In the lottery room, there was a preceding visitor. It’s a man who looks familiar.


「Oh! You were that time’s」


「The tentacles’……」


The man was the one who got first place in the shopping district before me, and he is the man who got the skill “Tentacles”.


「I see, you also arrived to the fantasy world」


「Are you doing good?」

「Decently, I think」

「Decently huh. Is that also decently?」


He pointed his finger behind me. He pointed at, Eleanor who was on her human form.

He was grinning, so I guess that he was misunderstanding something.

It doesn’t matter, so I carelessly changed topic.


「Then, because you came here, means you also collected lottery tickets huh」


「I see. I’m sorry but I had arrived first, so I’m going to draw first」



After I nodded, the man went towards the staff.

And then, passed lottery ticketsーーa stack of them.


「Nee-chan, it’s a 100 pieces」

「Please wait for a whileーーYes, it certainly a 100 pieces. Please go and draw 110 times」

「Yoーsh, before was only 30 pieces, so this time I will definitely hit a prize」


The man was saying enthusiasm, and I, who heard what he said, was surprised.

A 100 pieces, and 30 pieces before?

That means he collected at least 130 pieces? It was only 20 pieces on my side including what I have today, how did he do that.

……I thought that I should probably ask how he was collecting later.

The man, with enthusiasm, turned the lottery machine.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


After the sound of lottery machine turning, the sound of a ball falling followed.

Black ones consecutively fell, there were white ones once in a while.

It was mostly participation prizes, it looked sorry and sometimes white once came out.

That continuedーー110 times.


「Ahh, Shit!! Every turn was also a miss this time huh」

「It’s a shame」

「There’s no helping it, the silver lining was that white ones came out. I will use it to the knight girls later huh」


I think I heard something that sounded outrageous, but I pretended that I didn’t and forgot about it.

The man received a bag, and stuffed the Magic Balls there.

I took out all of the 10 tickets I have, and passed it to the staff.


「Only 10 pieces?」


The man beside me asked.


「I couldn’t collect more than this」

「That’s looking down at it too much. You saw me earlier right? You can’t do anything with just 10 pieces」



I made a bitter expression. After seeing that my will to draw lots had vanished.

I had my efforts coming here, so I thought that I’d replenish the white ball I used and go home.

I was thinking of that, and turned the lottery machine.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.



「No waaaaaaaaaaay?!!」


The man was distressed and hugs his head, and screamed out all his voice.

The first turn what came out wasーーa yellow-colored ball.

The hand bell rings.


「Congratulations, its fourth prize」


The staff congratulates me, the man moaned more and more.

Behind me was Eleanor who was seeing the flow of the situation and with a *Pu!* she let out a small voice and laughed a little.








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