Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Harem Party


Returning to the town of Roizen, inside the Guild’s building, in an extremely luxurious room.


「I have heard the story from everyone」


Andreu, who guided me, said.

He had a somewhat proud expression.


「It seems that you had a performance, as if a Demon Lord」

「Don’t mind it, it wasn’t much」

「Don’t tell such jokes. Even with a conservative estimate, Yuuki-sama’s performance alone was worth a few hundred people’s work. The adventurer’s opinion, those who were saying bad things and good things alike, they had the same opinion only in that one point」


There were bad things being told huh.


「Rather than that, is it alright? That place was sealed, but with something that was off a beat, wouldn’t it be broken?」


I remembered about Marie, and asked.

Fiona was also saying there was nothing there before, and Marie becomes like that suddenly she said.

Compared to that time, there is a presence that is sealed there right now, so the danger there must have raised.


When I asked that, Andreu answered with a serious face.


「If it’s about that, it would be treated the Guild’s highest priority. We would assign adventurers that are at least a B-Ranker, and will be always monitored if there is an accident. Honestly, without Yuuki-sama, and if the frontlines there were broken, measuring the distance and time and the speed that the monsters were increasing, two towns, Roizen and Reiusu, would have been swallowed up」

『If it was only that, it would be lucky. My army once overrun the empire from end to end. If given time, this country was probably ruined』


Eleanor was bragging subtly. I should punish her later.

Seeing Andreu’s serious face, I asked what I was worried about further.


「You are making a patrol huh. That’s good, but isn’t making it disappear better than sealing it?」

「That was the troublesome part, we are planning to search for ways. It is a top priority quest that we are asking the Guild-affiliated adventurers to do. It is a big deficit, but there’s no other way」

「Is that so. I’ll also find something from my part」

「Can you do that for us」


Andreu’s eyes shone. Literally, it was the expression that was glad that I was going to do it.


「Only at my free time though. Honestly, there are a lot of things that I have to do」

「That is fine for us. We can expect more out of Yuuki-sama’s spare time compared to other adventurers」


He was praising me too much.

But well, I got the story. I felt how serious Andreu was the way he was talking.


「And, about that……」


Andreu, for some reason, became suddenly reticent. Is there something that is hard to say?


「What is it」

「It would be best for us, if Yuuki-sama was affiliated to the Guild the way it is right now」

「To the Guild?」

「Yes. As you know, the Guild have its achievements if the requests are solved by the Guild, and the Guild’s status are decided by the adventurer’s fame that is affiliated with it.


I don’t know about that though, but I somehow understood.


「Our Guild, for a long time, has not had an adventurer that can be called as an “Ace” externally」

「What about Alexis?」


When I asked, Andreu slowly shook his head.


「He sure is a skilled fighter, but he hadn’t made a clear achievement. And from his personality, he has a record of succeeding to fail at a very important time」

「Ahh, that kind of person exists huh」

「Because of that, making him as an “Ace”……」


Andreu chose his words, and continued to look at me.


“Alexis wasn’t good enough, but if it was him”, he was making an expression that was thinking of that clearly.

Honestly, I didn’t feel bad. No, it rather felt good.


「Of course, we will pay the corresponding reward. Our Guild’s branch has amenities in few towns」


It was a considerable suggestion. Not a bad suggestion.

I accepted Andreu’s suggestion, and remain affiliated to the Guild as I was.



The talk was finished, and I left the Guild.

It has become very dark, I tried to warp to the mansion.


「Excuse me!」


I was called out by a voice.

When I turned around, there was a magician-like adventurer girl.


「You……from before」


I remembered her face, but I haven’t heard her name.


「My name is Io Akos!」




「Io huh. I am Yuuki Kakeru. Kakeru will be fine」

「Kakeru-san……Thank you very much for earlier」

「Un. Were you okay?」

「Yes, because I was saved by Kakeru-san」

「……You seem to have wounds?」


I pointed her arm. Wrapped by a torn cloth, it was stained red by blood.

It looked like it was only treated with first-aid.


「Didn’t you properly treat it?」

「I am sorry! I wanted to meet Kakeru-san, so……」

「Wait a second」


I took out a Magic Ball(White) from my pocket.

I used it to Io. Released from the ball, a kind light, and it enveloped her whole body.


「How is it?」

「How is it you say……Huh? The wound」


Io was surprised. She unwrapped the cloth. There, was a smooth skin, her wound couldn’t be found anywhere.

It was the first the I used the Magic Ball, but it has considerable effects huh. Well, she said  “Besides death, about anything can be healed somehow” so that was convincing.


「Was that Kakeru-san right now? Are you able to use Recovery Magic?」


It wasn’t magic, but explaining it was bothersome, so ignored her question and acted nonchalantly.

Io was surprised, her eyes were shining, and she was very emotional.


「Well then, what do you mean by you want to meet me?」

「Yes! Uhmm……」


Io was saying it with difficulty and with hesitation. *MojiMoji*

She finally made her resolution and said.


「Please let me enter Kakeru-san’s party!!」


She bowed her head swiftly, and asked me.

I was a little surprised.

To my party? I mean, I had a party?

Creating a party huh, it was something that I had never thought about.


「Uhmm, is it bad?」


Io raised her head, and asked modestly. She has eyes like a dog being thrown away.


「No, it was unexpected so I was just surprised. It’s just because I had never entered a party until now, and Io was the first time to ask me to join one」

「I was the first time……」


Io was for some reason, had a slightly happy expression.

I thought about it.

Reasons to reject, and reasons to make a party.

Reasons to reject……”Are there really reasons”, there was none at all that I even though I thought about it deeply.

Reasons to make a party. If I am really going to join a party, and another person is going to be invited, rather than inviting men, a cute or pretty person would be good.

For that reason, Io was satisfactory. Her magician-like look was a little plain, but even that she still looks very decent.


That Io was staring at me, she was waiting for my reply.


「I got it, let’s make a party」

「ーー!! Thank you very much!!!」


Io was so happy, it was as if she won a lottery jackpot.


「Let’s talk about the details tomorrow. Come to my mansion」



I told her the place, then Io and I went separate ways.

A party with a girl huh. Un. Thinking of it carefully, I began to be excited.

With the feeling of excitement, I returned to the mansion.


By the way, few male adventurers who somehow heard what we were talking about were waiting for me in front of the mansion.


Their eyes were shining *KiraKira*. There were also those who was shouting “I really admire you” in their eyes……but they were all men, so I rejected all of them.










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  1. Alexis: Bedridden for a month
    Ditzy magic girl: Slight arm injury
    Has a magical ball that can heal almost anything.
    Uses ball on girl.
    Brain: “i couldnt convince that particular organ otherwise…”


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