Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Hunting and Cashing Out



I’ve arrived at a town.

After going to the opposite direction Princess Helene departed, I arrived at a modest town.

The wall of stones surrounds the town, like a fortified western style town.

It seemed to be built to fight some kind of monster, city walls that are built to protect.

When I reached the town entrance, I was called to a stop by armored soldiers.

There are two soldiers, with a simple armor, and equipped with a long spear.


「Stop! Who and where did you come from」




The soldier pointed his spear at me.


「Uhmm……even if you ask me where I’m from」


I hesitated. Even if I told him I came from Japan, he wouldn’t have an idea on where that is.


「Why are you not answering」

「Wearing queer strange clothes」

「What a suspicious person」



THAT is clearly a false charge. It’s true that I’m wearing Uniqlo clothes but, it’s not that I would look like strange right.

……Ahh, but it might be really strange.

Leaving the soldiers apart, my clothes does seem to look different to that of the residents that I see here and there.

First it was a princess and a knight, and next to that are bandits.

The next person I met was soldiers.

Therefore, I did not notice that I wear different clothes from the ordinary person.

Well, what should I do…….


「Not answering huh, seizeーー」


「Wait, look at that」


One of the soldiers wanted to seize me, but the other soldier called him to a stop.

The soldier that was called to a stop looked around my waist that was pointed with a finger.

Thinking what are they pointing at and looked at my waist, there it was, the fan that was given by Princess Helene. I put it in my pocket, but the upper half of it was visible.


「Ah, this?」


I took out the fan, and asked.

That crest, that looked like it has a history.


「That is the Royal Family’s crest! In addition a fan, that means……」

「Her Royal Highness Helene’s personal belonging!? No, but, it is rare that Her Highness had bestowed such a thing. The lord knight Marquis-sama asked a bestowal after gaining war achievements, but it was rumored that even with his success, he couldn’t receive such a thing」


「No, however……」


The two soldiers started whispering to each other.

If the two’s story is true, this seems like a this was a very valuable thing.

I stared at the fan.

I thought about the time I received it, and the person that gave it to me.

Princess Helene…….


「Excuse me」

「ーー! W-What」


Startled by being called by the soldier, I asked back in a hurry.


「Can I be allowed to test whether that is the real thing or not」


Thanks to the fan, I guess, the soldier’s attitude became softer.


「If it is the real thing, it should be endowed with the Royal Family’s magic power」

「Uhmm……what should I do?」

「Excuse me」


The soldier held up his hand to the fan, and chanted something.

As a result, as fan glowed with a shimmering light, and a three-dimensional crest rose up.


「P-Please excuse us!」

「Please pass!」


Apparently, it was confirmed as the real thing with that.

The two soldiers became more and more humble, and made their spear to a stand, they made the standing at attention’s “Atteeeention!!” pose.


「「Welcome to the town of Roizen!!」」


They said.

I passed through the entrance.

Seeing the commotion, the residents near the town entrance became onlookers, looking at me at a distance.


「That was Her Highness Helene’s」

「It appears to be the real thing」

「Then that means……that person is close to Her Highness」

「I wonder if he’s a new noble」


With my enhanced hearing, I could hear the onlooker’s voices clearly.

It somehow, feels really good.

It feels good, but I have to think about more important things.

Clothes, Food, and Shelter.

The basics of living.

Clothes, for the time being, my current clothes will do (Still, I have to change them to new ones sometime soon), food and shelter are probably urgent problems.

To solve thatーーmoney is needed.

Means that, it is necessary to earn money.

And to deal with that, it was when I was thinking.  


「Move out, Move out」


A group of four passed me by and went ahead of me. The four of them were riding in a wagon, and placed in the wagon’s deck was a huge beast.

The beast looks exhausted, it doesn’t move, it’s hard to know whether it’s alive or not.

The group stopped in front of a certain kind of structure, entered inside together with the wagon.

After a while, they came out.


「Alright, we’d received our pay, let’s go for a drink」

「Since it’s been a while, let’s go drink a ton」


They talked like that, and then goes somewhere.


「They exchanged that for money?」


Wanting to know about that, I walk towards the building, and entered inside.

Inside, was the wagon and beast I saw earlier, men who were unloading the luggage, and a man who was giving the commands.

I approached the man who was giving the commands, and asked.


「Can I ask you a second」

「Hm, what? You’re also interested in hunting?」

「……If I can hunt that thing are you going to buy it?」


The talk was abrupt and straight to the point, so also I decided to go with that.


「Ah, if could hunt this mountain cow I’d buy it with a reasonable price」

「Mountain cow……this is a cow?」


I looked at the beast.

It’s appearance does look similar to that of a cow, but with a long mane and sharp fangs, it looks very ferocious.


「Honestly, rather than a herbivore, I can only see it as meat-eating animal」

「Are you alone? I’m warning you, if you don’t have any partner you should think twice.  This fellow can only be hunted by at least 4-5 skilled experts, and 10 inexperienced beginners, or else it would be very dangerous game」

「Is that so」

「Yeah.  The meat is tasty and delicious but the hunting it is very dangerous.  But because of that danger, the price also goes up」

「……Anyway, can you teach me where should I go so that I can find this」


I said, and asked the location.

Until the end the man was saying “Go find partners that will go with you”, but I thought that it would work out somehow.



With the help of the map I got from the man, I went outside the town, and came to the grassland that was near.

A grassland where I could see the nearby mountains, the beast called mountain cow should appear nearby…….


「Oh! Is that it」


In a far distant place, I saw it.

To be exact, I saw a group that was hunting the mountain cow.

It is a group of six, three in the front, three on the back was their formation.


「There was someone first huh……I should find another one」


I left the place while thinking, and tried to find another target, but.



「Jobb!! Shit! How dare you do that to Jobb!!」

「Stop don’t charge carelessly!!」


The voice I heard, was sounding that it was not going well.

I stopped at my feet, and focused my eyes.

And with that, one by one, they were being hunted instead by the mountain cow, it was that kind of scene that I saw.

Before long the vanguard was broken, and the mountain cow rushes to the rear guard that was flinching.

The rear guard that is likely to be attacked was clearly intimidated.




Clicking my tongue, I jumped out.

I ran roughly a hundred meters in a moment, and tackled the mountain cow.

The mountain cow was blown out, but still stood up.

As expected it is more sturdy than a human.

I followed through. Furthermore, I stepped closer and threw a punch to the side of the head of the mountain cow.

A usual, ordinary punch, but a punch I let out seriously.

The mountain cow was blown away dragging itself to the ground, it never stood up again.  



I carried the mountain cow in my back (It was lighter than I expected, probably because my physical strength has gone up) and returned to the town, and took it to the store I entered earlier.


「Did you did that alone?」

「Yeah.  It was an easy victory」

「That’s impressive.  Ah, take this」


After the man admires, he took out a cloth bag in a hurry passed it to me .

Inside the bag was silver coins that I have never seen, in a bulk. The bag was taken out directly, so probably this should be the market price.


「Hey you, can you hunt this regularly? If bring this with stability, I can add its purchase value by 10%」


It seems like I was given a considerably good deal.


「How many are it when you say in stability?」

「One head every two days, if possible one every day」

「I got it, I’ll do it」

「I’ll rely on you」


I nodded, and left.

For the time being, I found an easy job. I also obtained money for the meantime.


「Remaining is……」


I looked up the sky, and before I realized it was already evening.

First of all, I should find a place to stay tonight.








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6 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 2

  1. This guy really doesn’t seem to think at all… Can’t say I’m fond of his personality thus far, but at least it’s far from unreadable. I guess this is how it’s meant to be, a story about an OP guy that gets everything he wants with no effort, doesn’t have to think and builds a harem with his OP powers. If he could just stop and think for a second, I’d appreciate him more. Like, don’t just charge into battle without even checking things out first, there’s a limit to recklessness. Well, with his abilities it’s unlikely that anyone could do anything to him, so I guess it’s not too unreasonable.


  2. So how much are the silver coins worth ? Whats the relative strength of this cow? Did he get the correct amount of money? Just trusting this guy? Sigh a lot of things are already getting on my nerves as some dude said before the mc doesn’t seem to think, doesn’t help that the translations are kind of ….. Messy, welp let’s see how shit plays out I guess.


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