Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The One Presence that Can Change the War Alone


I glimpsed around, and confirmed the battlefield.

The adventurer’s side was clearly exhausted, but even that, they were defeating monsters one next to the other.

It’s just that, the next instance that they defeat them, more monsters appears.

Once in awhile 1-2 adventurers were being defeated.

There is no replenishment of adventurers.

With that difference, the adventurers’ are being pushed.


If it’s like thatーーI’ll decrease their numbers first!


I ran to the front lines while holding Eleanor.

I split in two the skeleton that had a close fight with an adventurer from its side.


「You are……?」


The adventurer that was very injured in you looked carefully, was looking at me strangely.

There is no time for talking, so I ran to the next monster’s place.

I got between the places that had skirmishes, and defeat the monsters with one hit.

While decreasing their numbers, I made it that casualties on our side don’t increase.


I ran through the battlefield. Monster’s corpses piled up in the places I went through.

After repeating that, the battle situation changed slowly.

 The adventures that I saved, who ones who had their hands free, went to save other adventurers.

With increased numbers, they easily defeated the monsters together.


With that, the number that is defeated, the pace went up.

The flow of the battle had changed. The adventurer’s side started pushed back.

At that time, one adventurer slashed at me.


「Damn youuu!!」


It was a young adventurer. I easily blocked the long sword that was slashed down from a high stance with Eleanor.


「You are the monster’s leader huh!」

「What are you saying」

「Don’t joke around!! Releasing such ominous aura!!」


The man said damning.




Ahー, Un, That’s right.

However you look at Eleanor’s dark aura, you would think about it like that.

Well this monster army, it was originally hers too.

Being misunderstood is natural.

Honestly, this man was righteous as he is.


「Wait, that person’s different!」


Another adventurer came from behind, and stopped the man.

When I looked, it was a person I saved.


「What are you saying, you」

「It’s the truth! Believe me」


The man stopped moving, I saw a clear hesitation in him.

There’s no time explaining, so exploiting that, I left him alone and went to the next target.

Defeat, defeating, and defeated them all.

After defeating the monsters to some extent, I noticed something

The monsters I encounter had become new ones. Different to how it was until now, I couldn’t see marks of fighting on them.

It means that they are newborn.


「Does this mean that the pace that they are being defeated had exceeded the pace they were being born」

『That seems the case』

「Then, what should I do to stop them being born completely?」


I had a leeway, so I asked for the solution to Eleanor.


『Who knows』

「Who knows you say, it was your power originally, right」

If they were still under my control I could have stopped them when I wanted to, as easy as breathing, but this is the first time they were released』



I lost my words, it somehow sounded convincing so I couldn’t say anything.


「We will seal it」


The adventurer girl who was on my side said. It was the magician-like girl that I saved right now.



「The person who has that ability is on standby. After pushing back the monsters to its summoning point, it was planned to be sealed there」

「That means I only need to think of annihilating them right」



The adventurer girl made a big nod.

Her eyes looked straight through me.

They were eyes of expectation and trust.


「If that is so, I should shift my gear」

「Eh! That means that you weren’t serious yet」

「Well yeah」


I nodded. The girl was surprised more and more.

It was because, I had to save them until now.

It was painstaking having to save them in the middle of fighting the monsters. The people who could fight close-quarters were still good. But magicians and archers alike, at the time that I’m going to save them, they were already in a pinch.


They would get caught up if I attacked with full power, so while fighting I was saving my energy.

But from now on, I can attack with full power.

It’s only one final push.


「T-This is bad!!」

「Uwa!! What is that!」


Voices with fear were raising nearby. Everyone was looking in the same direction.

I also looked at the same direction.

There was, with characteristic horns and fangs, a ferocious looking giant.

It’s a monster I saw for the first time.


「What is that?」

『Hell’s Emperor Sandros. That was……Well, it was what you can say my trump card』

「Hell’sーーwhat an exaggerating name」

『By the way, even one of those has the power to change a war』

「Don’t tell me」


I was a little astounded, coming up to this point, appears the joker huh.

While I was moving, the adventurers run away from there. They were running away from Sandros.


「I didn’t hear that a monster like that would appear」

「How can you fight something like that!!」


The adventures that didn’t run away, even from unfavorable battlefield earlier, started running away one next to the other.

It was an appearance that has impact, and you would be convinced that it is called Hell’s Emperor………Well, there’s no helping it.

The panic were transmitted, and the frontlines was almost collapsing.


「The place where that was is the place where being born right. I was also thinking about it earlier. That place, was near the cave Marie was at right」

『It seems that way』



There is no more time to lose. If this continues like this it would be a total breakdown.

I used the Warp Feather and jumped to the cave that Marie was.




I was surprised. It looked like a big wall suddenly appeared in front of me.

I jumped behind for a few steps. And if I look at it carefully, I found out that it was Sandros’ feet.

It was so near, it looked like a wall.

And when my sight clears up, I saw around 10 adventurers that collapsed nearby.


Were they defeated by Sandros……It hasn’t passed that much time since this appeared.

Suddenly, it noticed me, Sandros looked here.




It suddenly howls facing the sky, and then glared towards me.


「Why did it suddenly got angry?」


「In addition to that, it is looking at you intently. Wasn’t it your subordinate? Did you do something to it」

『I think it was bad that I made it work for free, after we made a contract for a few hundred years ago』

「You’re clearly the bad one!!」


Well, you’ll sure be angry with that. Being treated like that, one that is being called as Hell’s Emperor, it would be angry for sure.

Sandros swung down the weapon that it was holding.

A machete-like giant sword that is near 5 meters.

I braced with Eleanor and stopped it.




Shockwave ran nearby, and the adventurers that collapsed were blown away.

It would be no good being on the receiving side.


This time from my side, I attacked Sandros.


Before its second slash was released, I cut its hands. It flew towards diagonally, and break trees *MekiMeki*.




Sandros, with its eyes bloodshot, shouted louder and louder.

It threw a punch with its remaining hand. But I dodged that, and ran up its arm quickly.

Reaching its shoulders, I jumped towards its face.




Howls again, the atmosphere, the hem of my clothes shook *BiriBiri*.

I took a stance with Eleanor.


「I have no grudge on youーーbut disappear now!!」


Using both hands I swung down, and split Sandros from the top of its head into the half.

The Sandros who collapsed, was glaring at me with bloodshot eyes until the end.


「Will this resurrect?」

『If time passes it will』

「Next time I would be the one being held a grudge at huh」


I thought about it, but there’s no helping it.


After that, I defeated the remaining monsters around.


The battlefield quickly converges, then finally the adventurer who was responsible for sealing it came, and the point where the monsters are bornーーthe cave Marie were was sealed.


Case closed, and with me in the middle, there was a cry of triumph.  









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