Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Guild’s Request


After asking to deliver everything I bought to the mansion, I left Samaras Merchant Guild, and walked aimlessly while thinking.

Probably, it is calculated that every 300 coins of shopping there would be one lottery ticket you’d get.

I couldn’t get it in a small shopping. I got one piece after I paid the amount of 300 coins for Miu and the painting’s price each. I got five pieces after buying the bracelets altogether with 1600 coins.

Then, it would be the best to think that there is one lottery ticket after every 300 coin shopping.

If that’s the case, there is one thing on my mind.

I remembered the lottery prize list.

The fourth prize, the 50% OFF Shopping Ticket.

If I were to shop with 50% off, I wonder if is it one ticket per 300 coins, or will it be one ticket per 150 coins, I am curious.


I want to draw the lottery.


The lottery ticket I have right now are 7 pieces, it would be better to collect the last 3 pieces so that I could draw 11 times.

900 Silver coins are needed with that, and I couldn’t probably earn that soon enough.

I thought for a while, and used Warp Feather to move.

The wilderness between Roizen and Reiusu. It’s the place where I ran through riding a horse.

There, I told Eleanor.


「Can you release the zombie soldiers before」

『The Undead Army? What is it suddenly』

「That’s enough, so please」


Eleanor was able to go to the lottery room, but she wasn’t able to see the lottery tickets here right.

It’s troublesome to explain, so I just begged her.


『Are you trying to use me with your chin, there’s a degree of being rude you know』


Eleanor said that, but after that something was being formed in front of me.

She’s complaining, but wasn’t saying that she wouldn’t do it.

I gripped Eleanor again.

By hunting skeletons and zombies, I want to get lottery tickets.

That, I was thinking.





Me and Eleanor’s voices overlap.

Eleanor summoned, but skeletons did not come out.

Instead, a girl appeared.

A young girl with a maid outfit, I have seen her before.


「……Are you the mansion’s ghost?」


After I let out those words, it had changed to a conviction.


Right, It looks like the ghost of the mansion that I drove away.

But I couldn’t feel evil spirit-ness at that time, she seems to be transparent, but looks like a normal girl besides that.


『Where is this?』

「……We’re in between Roizen and Reiusu」

『I know about Roizen, but what is Reiusu?』


It seems we can talk normally.


「Eleanor, what does this mean?」

『I am the one who want’s to know!!』

「Where’s the zombie soldiers?」

『I am trying to summon them since earlier but they do not respond. What is this? It’s the first time this happened』


It looks like it wasn’t a lie huh. The voice of Eleanor echoing in my head feels like she’s troubled.


「Just like the feeling taking in and out of zombie soldiers, try taking this ghost in and out」

『I got it』


The ghost of a maid disappears once, and appears once again. Disappeared once, and appeared again.


「It seems like you can do it huh」

『Why is it?』

「Why would I know」


The only thing I know is that, Eleanor’s summons changed from zombie soldiers to that of a girl’s ghost.

And also, I have lost the way of getting lottery tickets easily.



『I’m Tanya, Tanya Chichiakis』

「Tanya huh, I’m Yuuki Kakeru. Do you know about me?」


Tanya stared at my face, and then.


『Ahh! The person who entered the mansion!』

「Ahh, you remembered huh」

『I remembered right now. ーーWait a minute, I’m away from the mansion?!!』

「You couldn’t go far away until now?」

『Un, I was trapped in there ever since. It was so boring, I saw the humans outside having fun, that got annoying more and more, and finally I was cursing them』

「In a short story you became a bounded-spirit, that’s about it right」


I’ve generally understood the story.

For reasons unknown, with Eleanor’s help, it became possible for bounded-spirit to leave and bring them away from the mansion.


『Is it, Kakeru who brought me out from the mansion?』

「I have no definite proof, but I think that’s what happened.」

『Really?! Thank You!!』


Tanya embraces me. She can embrace me even though she’s a ghost huh.


『Thank you, Kakeru!』




Seeing Tanya’s bright smile, rather than skeletons or zombies, I thought that this was a lot better.



After I return to the mansion, Andreu Merchant Company’s Andreu came.

I always had him buying the mountain cows, but I think it’s the first time I met him in the mansion.

We sat facing each other in the reception room.


「Do you have errands or something?」

「I want to request something」

「Is it about mountain cow?」

「No, that has no problem at all……But, if possible, leave the mountain cows aside, it would be a great help if you do the request that I’m going to tell you right now」

「What happened」

「Do you know Alexis?」

「Alexis……Ahh, that four-person party」


Andreu nodded.

Alexis was the name of the leader of the four-person party that made me enter the Andreu Merchant Company for the first time.

After that when I was delivering mountain cows every day to Andreu Merchant Company, only a few times, but I had a conversation with him.

He was Andreu Merchant Company’s Ace, but he’s a man I’d overtaken.


「What about Alexis」

「He’s gravely injured」



I wrinkled my eyebrows.


「Actually, monsters started to appear in large quantities in a place, since a few days from now. It was originally a place that has nothing on it, but it was a sudden thing, so a subjugation request came to the Roizen’s Guild. By the way, I am involved in managing the Guild. 」


Guild, there was something like that huh.


「The monsters aren’t that strong, but the speed that they are born was abnormal. Guild sent every adventurer who was affiliated after investigating the cause. With that, the battle situation became 50-50」

「I’ve read the story. Alexis who was sent there had a grave injury, am I right」

「That’s right, furthermore, every member of Alexis’ party are gravely injured. It’s an injury that made them unable to move for a month. The battle situation became worse when the four, including Alexis, left」

「It means, you want me to do something about it」

「That’s right. Of course, I’ll pay the reward generously. Honestly, it’s the biggest pinch of the Guild since it’s creation, I’ll pay as much as you want」

「I got it」


I answered promptly.

Rewards that I get after defeating monsters.

I might be able to obtain lottery tickets while I’m defeating them.

It’s a request that has no reason to be declined.



Going to the subjugation, I was registered to the Guild.

It seems that they wanted it that the person who defeats the monsters were Guild affiliated.

That’s fine, though……The thing that I annoyed me was that I was a “just been registered” D-Ranker.  

I understand that it starts there, but I heard that Alexis was A-Ranker. Once this matter is finished, I thought that I’d go and increase my rank.

After being guided by the Guild’s man, I went towards the place where monsters are appearing in a large number, but.


「Oi, I somehow remember this place」



Eleanor didn’t answer.


「Also, I somehow remember these monsters」



Eleanor whistled inside my head.

There’s a degree on doing it on purpose.

The place I was guided at was near the place I saved Marie a few days ago.

From far away, fighting the adventures were skeletons and zombies. Monsters that I have seen somewhere.


「You are going to have a sermon later」

『I did not do anything bad!!』


Drawing out Eleanor who was emitting a dark aura, I went towards the monsters.

The monsters that saw and noticed me and Eleanor, were blatantly scared and backed off.

It’s too bad……Unlike the soldiers, I will not let you escape.










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  1. I think you should seriously stop with that “Yup”, just leave it as “Un” or translate as simply “Yes”. The characters saying “Yup” “Yup” all the time sounds retarded to say the least, it’s really horribly cringeworthy to read.

    That aside, thanks for the translations so far.


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