Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Shopping with All Properties


Helene’s side backed away first.

Looking down shyly, the way she was stealing a glance at me looked very cute.




「The Royal Family’s women……only one man in a lifetime, that is its motto, so」



I thought of what she means, but I understood quickly.

I’m her first partner, and from now on it would only be me.

Helene wanted to say that.


「Un, I got it」

「It’s going to be difficult to go Kakeru-sama’s side right away, but」


Helen made a sad face.


「Your word earlier is enough. I’ll be waiting」



With this, Helene became my woman.



The next day, while I was taking it slow at home, Miu brought inside the room something.


「Master, it’s a letter」

「A letter?」


I took the envelope from Miu, written in the front, was a crest that I have already seen.


「From Samaras Merchant Company huh」


I wonder what’s the matter, sending me something like this.

I opened the envelope, and took out the letter. I looked at the opened paper.


『A bill, this girl’s payment huh』


Inside my head, I heard Eleanor’s voice. I was thinking of what I was going to do because I couldn’t read the letters here, so it’s thankful.


「I see, he told me that he was sending me the bill when I bought Miu, it was that huh」

「My bill? ……Ah!」

「What happened」

「300 silver coins……I was this expensive huh」

「300 huh」


I don’t know the market price, but it’s unlikely that Samaras would deceive me, so that probably is normal.


「Yosh, I’ll go pay it then」



Using the Warp Feather, I went to Samaras Merchant Company bringing 300 Silver coins, and paid Miu’s price.


The silver coins pieces were on a bulk, so it was hard bringing them.


「It is then, I’ve received 300 silver coins. This would be the deed」


I took from Samaras a splendid piece of paper that has letters fully written on it.


「Please come to our Merchant Company again」

「Yeah, if I need something I’ll rely on you」

「By the way Yuuki-sama, do you know that rumor recently, that the Kingdom is issuing a new currency」



I was surprised.

It’s probably the paper money that I had suggested to Princess Iris.

Of course, I knew about that, but I pretended not to.


「I heard that the first time, is it something that happens often?」

「No, besides the time the King is replaced, it normally doesn’t happen」

「Is that so」


I heard a lot, about the rumor of the paper money. It was normally based on what I suggested to Princess Iris, but the details were unclear. It’s a rumor, that’s all the information you can get with it though.

The only new story, was about the new unit of money. Probably something like Yen or Dollar, they’re probably going to call it a name.


「By the way, I had been curious since earlier. The sword that Yuuki-sama has on his waist, is it……」

「Un? Yeah, about Eleanor huh」


I raised the Demon Sword up, and showed it to Samaras.

Recently, she’s being obedient and cooperative, but it would be dangerous if she is touched by anyone else, so I try to keep her with me all the time.


「It truly was Demon Sword Eleanor, huh. To think that you have something like that」

「I’ll tell you first, I won’t sell it」


Remembering that Samaras is a merchant, I said it to be sure.



After leaving the Merchant Company, I tried to go back to the mansion using the Warp Feather, but I realized that something was inside my pocket.


I took it out, and I was surprised.


It was a lottery ticket. I should’ve used all tickets when I drew 11 times before, why is it in my pocket?

A hintーーthere was one.

Miu’s deed

Miu who I bought for 300 Silver coins. Lottery ticket came after that soon after.


「After buying something there’s a lottery ticket, does is mean like that?」


It’s a usual story at the modern Japan, but It’s a fantasy world, I am not sure because it is an unusual lottery.

That’s why, I’m going to test it.



My property in cash is about 2000 Silver coins.

I brought all of that and went to the town.


With a meal, I used one silver coin, but a lottery ticket did not appear.

I went to the clothes shop, and asked them to make a few maid outfits for Miu. It cost 10 coins, but a lottery ticket did not appear.


Buying many things in stores by going here and there, I spent about 100 coins but a lottery ticket still did not appear.

The new lottery ticket, the cause should be buying something wasn’t it?


Well then, the remaining possibilities are only two.


It’s because I bought it at Samaras Merchant Company, or because I bought something expensive.



「Welcome. Oh, isn’t it Yuuki-sama. What happened?」

「Just a little, you know. I want you to prepare something」

「Please ask whatever you want」


Samaras made a merchant’s face and said.

Well then, I should start it with normal shopping.


「I want furniture. I want to replace some of it because it was old and shabby」



For the meantime, I told Samaras which ones I wanted to changed.


「With that……It would be 25 Silver coins」



Counting 25 Silver coins, I gave it to Samaras.


「Thank you very much. I will prepare them as soon as possible」

「I’m counting on you」


I said, and waited a little while.

The lottery ticket did not appear.

It has nothing to do with Samaras Merchant Company huh, if that’s the case then it should the price?

Once more, I told Samaras what I had thought of.


「I want paintings」

「Paintings, huh」

「Right, one that I’m going to place in the reception room. A painting with a frame. I don’t know that much about paintings, so give me something that is worth 300 coins」


If it is 300 coins it’s the same amount with Miu. It’s the price that probably made a lottery ticket appear.


「I understood」

「Then, here’s 300 coins」

「I have certainly accepted it. This one, we will need to take time to find a supply so……」

「I’ll entrust it to you」


It was an expensive shopping and the order is rough too, so that’s natural.

Rather than that, the lottery ticket was more important.

I searched inside of my pocket.


And then.


「There it is」


It was not there before, a new lottery ticket appeared.


Combined with the one with Miu, I have two pieces with this.

Then……I can get it by buying expensive things huh.

If that’s decided, there’s no more holding back.

Towards Samaras who was making a strange face when I was holding the lottery ticket (He can’t see the lottery ticket), I brought out all the remaining silver coins.


「There is about 1600 silver coins, what can I buy with this?」

「……A unique way of shopping, huh」


Samaras said with a half laugh.

I know, from his point of view, sure it is.

But, from my point of view.

It was like saying “Give me all the lottery tickets I can buy with money”.

The things I’m buying in reality, doesn’t matter.


「Please wait for a while」


Samaras went inside once, and brought out something on a tray.

Golden Bracelets, and they’re fitted with jewelry.


「This is?」

「This is right now, popular between the men of a higher stature. They make their harem’s girls wear it, as if to declare that “This is my possession”」


「This would be the sample. It would mean that you are declaring them as your possession so we can arrange it to match the customer’s tastes. Golden Bracelets with jewelry in it, this is the basic form」


That looks interesting.

An item that declares a harem’s possession, huh.

I have no use of it for now, but I’ll buy it.


「Then that, enough for 1600 coins」

「There would be four pieces with that, are you really sure」



I gave him the cloth bag together with the remaining silver coins.

Samaras would count that.


「I have certainly received it」


The instance that Samaras said that, lottery tickets appeared in my pockets again.


This time, it’s five pieces!!











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13 thoughts on “Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 17

    • its hard to earn money since 1 mountain cow cost 100 silver coin and it’s hard to defeat by yourself not to mention not everyone could get cheat skill thus i guess it’s pretty understandable for that price.


      • no it’s not… because he should have 777 times thirst and hunger of a normal person, he should have 777 times the testosterone of an average man and 797 times the testosterone of an average woman, which should lead to him become as hairy as a forest (literally),as heavy as a mountain… sex drive,mood should be 777 times of a normal man and feelings of depression should be 777 times less of a normal man


  1. Ah the one thing I dislike that our hero did in this story, that is give them the idea of the evil of FIAT currency! Please don’t end up like Weimar Germany little kingdom.


    • You forgot the part wherein only royalty could generate the bills. Oh well, other than sibling rivalry, only a royal could counterfeit bills. Unless it’s DNA specific. Americans destrtoyed the value of Yen in the Philippines during WW2 by paradropping Mickey Mouse money across the country lol.


  2. So just like that the princess decides to be his, no thought whatsoever put into what being a princess is, amd she just casually tells him she’ll go to him later and she somehow decided to make him her partner for ? Reasons.

    God dammit I hate myself for still finding this trash so funny its entertaining lol.


    • I’m guessing it’s more like she saw that he would become someone great in the future. Her sister iris did say something like “she has a good eye” or something cuz she just gave away her royal fan in the very first meeting.


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